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Must Read: Love Triangle… Episode 7

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and
:. 07011818220 and 09038676998
♦ Episode 7
“Miss Becky, congratulation, everything
worked out well as planned.” A nurse broke
the good news to Becky.
“Wow! Thank you Jesus.” Becky exclaimed
loudly and as she kneed down and praised
the Lord.
“Can I see them now?” Becky asked the
“No, you can’t, the Surgeons are still with
them, you have to wait a little, but they are
now okay.” The nurse replied as she re-
dressed her head-dress.
“Okay…” Becky concluded and the nurse
walked away without uttering another word.
The school was as busy as it always be, the
students could be found everywhere in the
premises engaging in one activity or the
other, the serious ones among the numerous
students were reading their handouts and
notebooks, many guys could be see wooing
girls and the likes. The nature was quite
friendly on that very afternoon, the sun was
shining to her glory; thou quite scorching,
the breeze was so cool and its gentleness
could be feel on body, the leaves on the
trees were dancing to the beat of the
breeze, everything seems perfect and lovely
not until gunshots was heard from afar,
students ran helter-skelter, the slay-queens
got themselves to be blame; they flung their
high hill shoes and ran for their dear life, the
big boys could be mistaken for Usain Bolt, if
you witness their pace ehn… I reserve my
comment. Students ran to their respective
hostels, the students who are not fortunate
to have a hostel have to beg the bush for
their hideouts, some claimed to be the
monkeys of the day as they climbed trees
professionally and perfectly.
In just a twinkle of an eye, they whole
campus was as silent as a graveyard, only
the sounds from the dancing leaves, the
chirping and singing of birds could be heard.
“Driver, it’s okay here.” Becky told the driver
and the Keke Napep driver matched the
brake professionally and he parked infront of
the gate. Becky came down from the Keke
and she helped Benita and Chorus down
simultaneously. Becky dipped her hand into
her pulse and she paid the Keke Napep
driver with a note of #500.
“Sister, I don’t have change o.” The Keke
Napep driver grumbled.
“Don’t worry, you can keep the change.”
Becky replied with smile all over her face.
“Thank you sister.” The Keke Napep driver
appreciated and he sped off.
Becky looked at Benita with scorn face,
she’s been moody after she regained
consciousness, maybe because she wasn’t
expecting Chorus to be the donor or
something likes.
“Benita, why are you doing this to yours…”
Becky was unable to come down with her
statement when a loud echo of gunshot was
Chorus was the first to take to his heel, he
praised the rabbit and in just a twinkle of an
eye, he was nowhere to be found, Benita
and Becky also ran in another direction. It is
obvious that the cultists in the school are in
war and they can do and undo, their
members are so deadly and students they
have mistakenly shot to death are
Shortly, two vans full of policemen drove
recklessly into the school compound, they
jumped down from the vans with guns in
their hands; they took their positions, some
ran to the shallow bush, some walked
behind the moving van with guns in their
“Over, over, Unit 4 leader, are you able to
trace the origin of the gunshots?” The
leader of the team asked loudly using the
cellphone in his hand.
“Okay, on my way there.” The Sergeant
replied and he ended the call.
“To the east.” The sergeant commanded
and the vans drove eastward, the police
officers walked behind the moving vans,
they were looking here and there, they were
truly at alert.
In short, it was really a bloodthirsty battle
between the two deadliest groups in the
school; Blood Sucker and Black Rangers,
two policemen were shot dead in their battle
with the cultists and four were brutally
injured; only a cultist was captured, the rest
fled. The police vans drove out of the bush
with a notable cultist; Ebola handcuffed. The
day was really funny and lovely, the slay-
queens came out from their hideouts, they
started taking pictures and uploading, the
big boys started bragging and the likes.
“Where is Chorus?” Benita asked
“Oh, let me try his number.” Becky replied,
she dipped her hand into her purse, he
brought out her phone and she dialed
Chorus number but it wasn’t going through.
“One of the students is found outside in his
own pool of blood.” A female student told
her friend who shook her head pitifully.
Without a second thought, Becky fled to the
main gate.
“Becky! Becky!!” Benita called repeatedly as
she ran after her.
“It was really unbelievable that chorus was
the student in taking, he was truly found in
his own pool of blood, he had been shot by
one of the cultists.
“I know him to be a decent student.” A
female student commented.
“No, he must be one of those cultists;
maybe a police officer shot him.” Another
“He’s in my department and he is very
brilliant, he is not a cultist and I’m very sure
of that.” A male student riposted.
“Cultist dey write am for head? Even na
cultist decent pass na.” An Igbo boy
rebutted in pidgin, just then Becky
desperately ran to the scene, she couldn’t
believe her eyes; she mewled as tears
dropped freely from her eyes.
“Chorus! Chorus!! Becky called repeatedly,
Chorus moved his left leg and wiggle his
head, some men ran to him and he was
rushed to the hospital.
“He has resurrected o.” A female student
said loudly
“He was shot three times in his stomach
and he was recently operated, and he must
be operated here so as to bring out those
bullets. Madam, he has 50 – 50 chance of
surviving, all he need now is your prayer.”
The doctor told Becky sadly and she burst
into tears.

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