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Must Read: Love Triangle… Episode 10

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and
:. 07011818220 and 09038676998
♦ Episode 10
“But what’s wrong with this guy for
goodness sake? Is it a sin that he loves you,
he loves you with all his might, yet you’re
not contented. Benita, my prayer to you is
that you won’t regret at last.” Becky
elucidated angrily.
“I don’t love him and I can never love him,
final!” Benita riposted angrily and she angrily
left Becky’s hostel.
“Silly idiot.” Becky sighed as she left the
room for the kitchen.
She dishes well garnished fried rice, fried
chicken, a 5 alive fruit juice, a chocolate
cake as dessert, she packed all these inside
a BAGCO bag.
“I think I’m good to go.” She said to herself.
She left her hostel for the hospital, on
getting to the bus-stop; she met the guy she
slapped earlier the day, she ran to him and
knee down before him.
“I’m very sorry brother for what I did earlier,
I was not myself then but I’ve realized my
mistake.” Becky apologized kneeling before
the guy.
“Please stand up sister, it is embarrassing
kneeling down before me, I’m the fool that
suppose to be sorry for what I did, actually I
was drunk then so I’m in the other word.”
The guy apologized helping Becky up.
“Okay, thank you for accepting my apology
I’ll have to leave now, I’m in hurry.” Becky
excused smiling.
“Please can we swap numbers?” The guy
“Okay no problem… 080…” Becky gave the
guy her number and the guy did same and
Becky left for the hospital.
Becky slammed the door quietly, she
greeted the people in the ward and she
headed to Chorus’s bed.
“Chorus, how are you feeling now?” Becky
asked smiling.
“I’m getting better.” Chorus replied as he
tried to sit on the bed.
“I dished something for you to eat.” Becky
stated further.
“Oh, thanks so much Becky.” Chorus
appreciated. Becky served the well-
garnished and spicy fried rice, she added
two pieces of fried chicken and she added
the inviting stew she cooked, she handed
over the food to Chorus who was looking
tensed and surprised.
“Have it.” Becky offered and Chorus
sluggishly collected the food from Becky’s
“Sister, how I wish my wife is like you, but
unfortunate she’s wholly an opposite of you,
what if I tell you she sent me here?” A man
on his sickbed said totally moved to tears.
“Your wife sent you here? As in I don’t
understand.” Becky said confusingly.
“It happened that I came back from work
few days ago, on getting home, our new
female manager at office called me to
inform me that there’s meeting early the
next day, I was receiving the call when she
came into the room, she frown her face but
I ignored her.” The man paused.
“I ended the call and I climbed on the bed
to have a peaceful night. ‘Who called you?’
my wife asked suspiciously and I replied it’s
my new female…, ‘Female?’ she sighed
impatiently not allowing me to come down
with my statement, she angrily left the
bedroom for the kitchen, she came back
with an empty bottle of 7up and out of
annoyance she broke the bottle on my head,
and I collapsed immediately.” The man
narrated with tears in his eyes.
“Awwnn… 7up bottle, sir, you’re strong o.”
Becky commented jokingly.
“All the same your wife suppose to
understand and trust you, trust is love.”
Becky uttered furthering.
“Anyway, I’m sorry about that.” Becky
“Sister, please can I have a plate of your
well garnished and spicy rice, the aroma is
too strong to be ignored.” The man
requested and Becky and Chorus burst into
laughter, Becky served the man and the
man appreciated happily.
“Brother, is she a wife, fiancée or girlfriend?”
The man asked loudly, Chorus looked at
Becky and Becky shyly looked away.
“She’s still a girlfriend.” Chorus replied with
smile all over his face.
“Girlfriend?” Becky sighed shockingly.
“Don’t worry I’ll promote you to my fiancée
sooner.” Chorus teased jokingly and Becky
burst into laughter.
“Brother, you’re very lucky to have such a
unique woman in your custody, I pray you
don’t lose her, she’s in your custody now,
just jail her forever with love, cares,
affections and I pray for riches for you
guys.” The man advised and praying smiling
as he laid his back on the bed. Chorus and
Becky stared at each for a while; they are
both speechless and dumbstruck. Just then,
a nurse entered the ward interrupting Becky
and Chorus.
“Aunty, the doctor asked me to summon you
to her office.” The nurse announced
directing her statement a lady sitting beside
her patient.
Few days later, Chorus was discharged from
the hospital, Becky conveyed him back to
school, none of his relatives ask after him,
since they are unaware that he’s not alright.
It was few minutes after ten at night, the
whole vicinity was calm and cool, only the
chirping of birds and the snoring of Chorus’s
roommate; Ola that’s disturbing the
calmness of the vicinity. Chorus sat at the
edge of his mattress looking tense and
confuse. He was in deep thought.
‘Brother, you’re very lucky to have such a
unique woman in your custody, I pray you
don’t lose her, she’s in your custody now,
just jail her forever with love, cares,
affections and I pray for riches for you
guys.’ The sick man’s word keeps echoing
in his ear.
“What am I going to do?” Chorus asked
himself serenely.

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