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Must Read: Love Triangle… Episode 11

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and
:. 07011818220 and 09038676998
♦Episode 11
Nikky and Becky walked majestically to
Garden of Eden (as it is usually called); a
garden well decorated with flowers and
ornamental shrubs, the grasses is well-
mowed and green, Garden of Eden is the
best place for a guy to woo a girl, the
coolest place for serious students to study,
the breeze of Garden of Eden is quite
different, trees surrounded the garden
providing shade from scorching sun, Nikky;
Becky best friend and Becky located a sit,
they sat down quietly and Nikky brought out
three handout from her mini bag.
“Have yours.” Nikky offered and Becky
collected the book from Nikky’s hand. Few
minutes later, Becky phone rang loudly,
Becky checked the caller, she hissed and
she ended the call without picking it.
“Becky, why don’t you pick your call?” Nikky
asked suspiciously.
“Don’t mind that idiot; I don’t know why he’s
disturbing me.” Becky said angrily.
“And who is that idiot?” Nikky asked in
“You think it is Frank? Oh no babe, Frank is
now on his own; I have nothing to do with
Frank again.” Becky said smiling.
“You have nothing to do with Frank again?
Then who is that idiot that you referring to
as an idiot?” Nikky asked skeptically.
“It’s one guy named Marcus, I out of
annoyance slapped him the day Frank told
me he’s done with me, though, he did
something silly and that called for the slap.
Later that day, I saw him at the main gate, I
ran to him and begged him, he accepted my
apology and he requested for my number, I
gave him without hesitating because…”
Becky narrated but unfinished.
“Because what? What are you expecting
from the guy you gave your number without
wavering? To be just a friend forever? Girl,
you must be kidding me.” Nikky riposted
“I don’t like him and I can never do.” Becky
uttered fixing her gaze at the book in her
“Na you sabi.” Nikky commented.
“Less I forget, Frank asked me to give you a
letter.” Nikky uttered.
“A letter? Where did you see him? Where is
the letter? What does the letter entails?”
Becky asked skeptically.
“Which one should I answer first?” Nikky
asked and Becky looked at her gloomily.
“Anyway, I left the letter inside my bag, I
have to get some things in the store and I
may be back late so you should check the
letter there.” Nikky replied and she rose on
her feet.
“Okay, I have to check on Chorus now.”
Becky replied and she rose on her feet.
“You and this Chorus of a guy, hope you’re
not falling for him, remember he trying to
get your friend; Benita.” Nikky said smiling.
“Benita is your own enemy, right?” Becky
asked skeptically.
“I don’t know o, but I don’t like her at
times.” Nikky replied and Becky burst into
“Let go, it’s getting late.” Becky concluded
as she led the way out of the Garden of
“Who’s there?” Chorus asked from inside.
“It’s me, Becky.” Becky replied from
“Oh Becky, please come in, the door is
open.” Chorus approved with smile all over
his face.
(Becky entered)
“Opeyemi, how are you?” Becky asked
“So you know my real name?” Chorus asked
“Why won’t I.” Becky replied softly.
“Thank you for everything Becky; you’re
indeed a unique woman.” Chorus
“Stop flattering me, I’m only doing my own
for God so you don’t need to thank me.”
Becky returned smiling.
“All the same, I have to thank you because
if not for you I doubt I’ll be standing and
speaking here infront of you.” Chorus
riposted and smiled.
“Okay o, hope you’re feeling better now?”
Becky asked delightfully.
“Sure, you ought to have notice that I’m fine
and strong now.” Chorus replied and the two
burst into laugh.
“I think I will leave now, I have to get some
things in my hostel and it’s getting late.”
Becky uttered.
“Becky, can I have little out of your time?”
Chorus requested.
“Sure, what happened?” Becky asked.
“Actually, I want to tell you something that’s
bothering my mind since yesterday.” Chorus
“Okay, what’s that? I’m all ears.” Becky
replied suspiciously.
“Ehmm, Becky…” Chorus stammered.
“What’s it Chorus, say what you want to say,
I’m running out of time.” Becky uttered
softly with her angelic voice.
“Becky, what really happened is that I…”
Chorus uttered but he was restrained from
coming down with his statement by Ola;
who barged into the room without knocking.
“My guy, how far na.” Ola greeted and he
brought his hand forward for a handshake
but Chorus ignored him and eye-lashed him.
“I think I’ll just take my leave.” Becky
excused and she walked out of the room

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