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Must Read: Love Triangle… Episode 12

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and
:. 07011818220 and 09038676998
♦Episode 12
“Becky, what really happened is that I…”
Chorus uttered but he was restrained from
coming down with his statement by Ola;
who barged into the room without knocking.
“My guy, how far na.” Ola greeted and he
brought his hand forward for a handshake
but Chorus ignored him and eye-lashed him.
“I think I’ll just take my leave.” Becky
excused and she walked out of the room
“Becky! Becky!!” Chorus called repeatedly as
he ran after her.
“Becky, wait na.” Chorus begged from
behind and Becky turned swiftly.
“What’s it Ope, it’s about to rain; maybe we
should discuss what’s bothering you some
other time or on phone tonight.” Becky
“Becky, if I don’t tell you now, I may burst
before night.” Chorus said with serious
impression on his face.
“Okay, I’m all ears.” Becky replied as she
smiled seductively.
“Hmm…” Chorus stammered.
“Chorus, hurry up.” Becky riposted.
“Chorus, I can’t find it where did you keep
it?” Ola asked from behind interrupting
Becky and Chorus again.
“Chorus, I think we should rather discuss
what you want to tell me on phone.” Becky
“Good bye.” Becky concluded as she took
her leave.
“Aunty, you can’t even bid me goodbye,
anyway you’re looking stunning.” Ola
commented loudly, Becky turned back and
gave Ola a grieved look and she left without
uttering a word.
“What’s wrong with her?” Ola whispered into
Chorus ears and Chorus out of annoyance
landed a thunderous slap on Ola’s cheek.
“Chorus, you slapped me?” Ola uttered
weakly almost moved to tears.
“Ola, I don’t know your foolishness has
graduated this much, you entered the hostel
without knocking; that’s foolishness and lack
of manners, I thought you’ll understand I
wanted to woo that girl, rather you
complicate issues, you caused troubles and
you scared my courageous mind. Ola, I’m
highly disappointed in you.” Chorus
elucidated and he angrily left for the hostel.
TIME: 8:27PM
Chorus walks up and down the room
restlessly, he looked tensed and disturbed,
Ola on the other hand laid his back on his
mattress, he’s operating his phone happily,
he at times look at restless Chorus but he
just ignored him and focus on his phone.
“Goal.” Ola screamed joyfully, he jubilated
happily; Chorus hissed and also ignored him.
“Why is she not picking my calls?” Chorus
asked rhetorically.
“How is that my problem?” Ola interrupted.
“Ola, you’ve started again, I’m talking to
you.” Chorus replied angrily.
“Then who are you talking to? Are we more
than two in this room?” Ola rebutted
“Ola, please I’m not in for all this childish
behaviors of yours, do yours and let me do
mine.” Chorus revoked frustratingly.
“Gosh!” Chorus sighed nauseatingly, he
tossed his phone at the bed and he angrily
went to bed.
TIME: 9:46PM
“Anita, where are you going at the hour of
the day?” Benita questioned.
“Benita, club na.” Anita replied.
“Club again? I thought you said you’ve gave
up on clubbing.” Benita said.
“Yes I said so but you know I can’t do
without clubbing, you should understand.”
Anita exempted.
“Oh, I see.” Benita exclaimed.
“Ehn, it’s been long time I see Chorus, how
far about him?” Anita asked while using her
make-up kits.
“I don’t know o, it has been a while I see
him.” Benita replied.
“He is not calling you as he used to do?”
Anita asked.
“Call? He doesn’t call me any longer.” Benita
replied unhappily.
“That’s a relief, at least he’s no more a hook
on your neck.” Anita stated.
“Unfortunately, I’m beginning to develop
feelings for Chorus, I’m falling for him.”
Benita announced.
“What?” Anita screamed shockingly.
Marcus sluggishly picked up his phone that’s
ringing continuously, he checked the caller
and it was Capon calling, he wiped his face
in fear and he hurrily picked up his call.
“Hello Marcus.” The Capon greeted.
“Boss!” Marcus hailed.
“We’ve a mission tonight, 12pm we’re
leaving the campus, am I making myself
clear?” The Capon explained and asked.
“Yes boss.” Marcus replied and he ended
the call.

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