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Must Read: Love Triangle… Episode 13

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and
:. 07011818220 and 09038676998
♦Episode 13
TIME: 7:02AM
Becky woke up earlier than usual, she
yawned loudly and that woke up Nikky.
“Haba, you want to swallow me?” Nikky
asked hazily but jokingly.
“You’ve started this morning abi.” Becky
replied smiling.
“Your phone rang over and over again
yesterday night, I checked the caller and it
was Chorus so I silent the phone.” Nikky
said proudly.
“You shouldn’t have silent the phone, you
should have wake me.” Becky riposted.
“I’m sorry, maybe you should call him or
what do you think?” Nikky replied
“No, I won’t call him; I sense he wanted to
toast me.” Becky replied shyly.
“Toast you? That guy must be insane, what
about Benita?” Nikky commented shockingly.
“I don’t know o.” Becky replied.
Becky undressed herself leaving only pant
and bra on her; she tied a towel round her
“I have a lecture this morning.” Becky told
Nikky and left for the bathroom.
Becky was walking alongside her course
mate to the Library, they had on the hands
textbooks and notebooks, they’re gisting and
chatting, shortly, Marcus came out from
nowhere and he approached Becky with
smile all over his face.
“Good morning Becky.” Marcus greeted
wearing cheerful face.
“Morning Marcus.” Becky responded
“Becky, let me excuse you.” Becky’s course-
mate excused and she walked a mile away
from there and she waited under a tree.
“Becky, you refused to pick my calls, what
have I done wrong?” Marcus asked
“Marcus, I’m sorry I’ve been very busy.”
Becky lied.
“Okay, I understand.” Marcus replied.
“So what about our discussion, I haven’t
heard from you since then.” Marcus said.
“Marcus, I have told you times without
number that I’m in a relationship.” Becky
whispered serenely.
“Becky, I really love you and I mean it, I
swear with my life I’m madly in love with
you, please give me a chance to prove
myself, just a chance please.” Marcus
begged with serious impression on his face.
“Marcus, I’m very sorry, I don’t double date,
I truly love my fiancée and I can’t cheat on
him.” Becky riposted.
“But…” Marcus tried to defend but he was
shut up by Becky.
“Marcus, let remain as friends, I don’t and
can’t cheat on my fiancée, I’m truly sorry I
can’t date you. Please excuse me.” Becky
replied and concluded and she walked away
leaving Marcus standing at a spot
“Hmmm… Becky, if I can’t have you then no
one can.” Marcus vowed to himself, he wore
his sunglasses and left for his hostel.
Becky knocked at her hostel door, Nikky
approved and she entered the hostel.
“Hi babe.” Becky greeted.
“Hope today’s lecture was lovely.” Nikky
asked smiling.
“Very tedious and irritating.” Becky
“I expect you to be in your hostel by now.”
Becky said smiling.
“Are you chasing me out of your hostel?”
Nikky asked suspiciously.
“No, I won’t and I can’t, I’m very happy
you’re here, it won’t be boring as usual.”
Becky replied smiling.
“Better.” Nikky commented with smile all
over her face.
“I jammed into that nuisance today; Marcus
or what does he call himself.” Becky began.
“So what happened?” Nikky asked keenly.
“He asked me out as usual.” Becky replied
and Nikky burst into laughter.
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“What’s funny?” Becky asked confusingly,
just then Becky’s phone rang loudly, she
checked the caller and it was Chorus, she
scorned her face and Nikky noticed.
“Who’s calling?” Nikky asked smiling.
“Chorus.” Becky replied placidly.
“Pick his call na.” Nikky whispered smiling
and Becky sluggishly picked up the call and
placed the phone on her left ear and the
following conversation ensured.
“Hello.” Chorus greeted.
“Hi.” Becky replied.
“I called your number yesterday but you
refused to pick your call, what have I done
wrong?” Chorus asked sadly.
“I’m very sorry, I slept off and my phone
was in silent.” Becky replied but lied.
“Okay, I understand, please where can we
meet, I’m still secretive on what’s bothering
my mind and I’m ready to expose my secret
to you.” Chorus begged.
“I’ll come to your place in an hour time.”
Becky replied.
“Like seriously?” Chorus asked surprisingly.
“Yes, I promise.” Becky replied.
“Okay I will be waiting for you patiently.”
Chorus concluded and ended the call.
“You’re going to Chorus’s hostel?” Nikky
asked confusingly.
“Yes, actually I wanted to get some stuffs in
the school kiosk, since it’s very close to his
hostel I’ll just branch and hear from him.”
Becky replied smiling.
“Okay, I have hear you, but I advice you
wear trouser to his place o.” Nikky advice
jokingly and Becky burst into laughter.
“Silly you.” Becky commented and ended
the conversation.
“Who’s there?” A voice asked alarmingly
from inside.
“It’s me, Becky.” Becky replied from
“Oh! Becky.” Chorus sighed and hurried to
unlock the door.
“Please come in.” Chorus offered and Becky
walked in majestically.
“Please have your sit.” Chorus proffered and
Becky sat inside a plastic chair beside
Chorus’s mattress.
“So what’s do you want to tell me?”Becky
asked scornfully.
“Very simple, he loves you.” Ola responded
and he came out from the bathroom with
towel tied round his waist.
“What!” Becky sighed surprisingly.
“I must kill this idiot today.” Chorus sighed
serenely massaging his hair with his left
hand unwillingly.

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