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Must Read: Love Triangle… Episode 14

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and
:. 07011818220 and 09038676998
♦Episode 14
“Please have your sit.” Chorus proffered and
Becky sat inside a plastic chair beside
Chorus’s mattress comfortably.
“So what’s do you want to tell me?”Becky
asked scornfully.
“Very simple, he loves you.” Ola responded
and he came out from the bathroom with
towel tied round his waist.
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“What?” Becky sighed surprisingly.
“I must kill this idiot today.” Chorus said
serenely massaging his hair with his left
hand unwillingly.
“Chorus, you loves me?” Becky asked
“Very yes, he loves you. Becky, if you
witness how disturbed and restless he was
yesterday night; just because he’s unable to
connect with you on phone, this idiot
(pointing at Chorus) almost disturb my sleep
with his , ‘oh’ ‘ah’ gosh’ and the likes.” Ola
paused smiling.
“Becky, I understand that he once love your
friend; Benita, but loving someone who
doesn’t love one back is of no use, please
Becky give this idiot a trial to prove his love
for you and I’m very sure he won’t
disappoint you, please.” Ola stated further
“You guys planned this, right?” Becky asked
“No, not at all, I’m Chorus’s roommate and
part-time friend, because we don’t
understand ourselves most time, but I
understand the whole drama, I know he
once tried his luck on Benita, but things do
happen like this; he now loves you and I
know he will forever love you.” Ola answered
“Ola, you’re doing the talking, allow Ope to
talk na.” Becky riposted with smile all over
her face.
“Okay, Mr. Ope, your attention is needed.”
Ola said jokingly looking at shy Chorus.
“Ms. Becky, make I carry my cloths go dress
up inside bathroom, man wan go hustle.”
Ola concluded smiling, he brought out a
white T-Shirt and black Joggers Chinos
trouser from his ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag, he
winked at Chorus and Chorus smiled
“So?” Becky asked smiling.
“Becky, Ola has done almost all the talking,
I loves you and I really mean it, please give
me a chance to prove myself.” Chorus said
with serious impression on his innocent
“Chorus, you know I’m in a relationship with
Frank na.” Becky rebutted sadly.
“Stop kidding me dear, you told me when I
was in the hospital that Frank broke up with
you.” Chorus replied smiling and Becky burst
into laughter.
“Oh, I told you that?” Becky asked teasingly.
“Of course you do.” Chorus replied smiling.
“Okay, give me sometimes to think about it.”
Becky said smiling.
“Please, let your response favor me o.”
Chorus replied delightfully.
“That’s my decision not yours.” Becky
replied jovially.
“Okay o, as your lordship pleases ma.”
Chorus concluded in good spirit.
“I have to go now.” Becky said.
“You can’t go now o, Becky, there’s this
beautiful damsel I saw with you at Garden
of Eden yesterday evening.” Ola voiced out
alarmingly from the bathroom.
“Oh, you mean Nikky?” Becky replied.
“I don’t really know her name, but Becky; it
seems my heart is doing me somehow since
I saw that damsel.” Ola paused and he
came out of the bathroom fully dressed.
“Chorus, please borrow me that your ‘Nike’
shoe.” Ola requested directing his statement
to happy Chorus.
“Becky, I think I like that girl o.” Ola
announced whispering.
“You like Nikky?” Becky asked confusingly.
“Yes, I seriously like her, please how and
where can I see her?” Ola whispered.
“Hmmm… don’t worry, I will work this out for
you to the final stage, trust me.” Becky
replied smiling.
“No, I would like to talk to her myself; I
don’t want her to see me as a coward that
can’t approach, talk and woo girls.” Ola
“Okay, I understand, don’t worry I will get
back to you.” Becky replied smiling.
“Ola, here is the shoe.” Chorus said from
behind smiling.
“Chorus, I have to go now.” Becky
announced smiling.
“Okay, let me walk you up.” Chorus
volunteered and Becky bid Ola goodbye.
Chorus entered the hostel happily, he
checked his wrist-watch and it’s just few
minutes after 11.
“Ola! Ola!!” Chorus called repeatedly in an
alarming tone.
“Idiot, I’m at the backyard.” Ola replied
“What’re you doing?” Chorus asked.
“What does it look like I’m doing?” Ola
“Isn’t this indomie on fire?” Chorus asked
“No, na earthworms.” Ola replied and they
both burst into laughter.
“Ola, I don’t know nuisance like can be so
useful o.” Chorus commented.
“Nuisance at times does sensible things
than a complete sane person like you.” Ola
“Then I’m also a nuisance.” Chorus replied
and they burst into laughter.
“You’re not going out again?” Chorus asked
“No, I’m not going out before I just framed
that.” Ola replied smiling.
“Silly you.” Chorus commented.
“You go chop indomie?” Ola asked.
“Before nko.” Chorus replied and he walked
into the room happily.
TIME: 8:12PM
Chorus and Ola sat down on Ola’s bed
facing each other, they’re gisting, chatting
and joking, they both had on their hands
their phone, Shortly, Chorus phone rang
loudly, he checked the caller and it was
Benita calling…

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