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Must Read: Love Triangle… Episode 15

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and
:. 07011818220 and 09038676998
♦Episode 15
Chorus and Ola sat down on Ola’s bed
facing each other, they’re gisting, chatting
and joking, they both had on their hands
their phone, Shortly, Chorus phone rang
loudly, he checked the caller and it was
Benita calling, he’s confused and
“Who’s calling?” Ola asked warily.
“Benita.” Chorus replied sadly.
“Pick her call na.” Ola advised and Chorus
sluggishly picked up the call and the
following conversation ensured.
“Hello.” Benita greeted.
“Hi.” Chorus replied not that audible.
“How are you doing?” Benita asked.
“I’m good and you?” Chorus replied.
“I’m fine.” Benita replied.
“This one that I see your call tonight, hope
there’s no problem?” Chorus teased and
“Not at all, I just decided to call and say ‘hi’
since you don’t call me anymore” Benita
“I have no reason to call you dear; I’m tired
of wasting my call card fruitlessly.” Chorus
“What do you mean?” Benita asked.
“I mean nothing Benita, it’s been over a year
now that I’ve been trying my luck on you but
it seems, seems? It’s obvious you don’t
want me so I’ve moved on and get over
everything.” Chorus replied.
“I’m very sorry Chorus, you should
understand that I was in a relationship with
Frank then, but now I’m as free as water
and I’m ready to accept you as my
boyfriend.” Benita replied smiling. Chorus
checked the caller and he confirmed that
it’s Benita, he put the phone on speaker and
placed the phone on his left ear.
“Benita, please come again.” Chorus said
“I said I’m as free as water now and I’m
ready to accept you as my boyfriend.”
Benita re-stated.
“I think I’ll call you back.” Chorus concluded
and ended the call.
“You heard her, right?” Chorus asked
directing his statement to Ola.
“Sure, I do.” Ola replied smiling.
“I think this girl is insane, why is it now?”
Chorus commented angrily.
“Do you still love her?” Ola asked.
“No and I can never love her again.” Chorus
replied furiously.
“Then move on with your girlfriend-to-be;
Becky.” Ola advised.
“I hope so.” Chorus concluded and he laid
his back on the bed.
TIME: 8:19PM
“Who’s there?” Becky asked.
“It’s me, Nikky.” Nikky replied from outside.
Becky hurried to the door and she unlocked
the door for her friend, she slammed the
door loudly and locked it.
“Where have you been?” Becky asked
“Library.” Nikky replied.
“I tried your number but it was switched off
all through.” Becky said.
“I’m sorry babe I slept off in the Library,
that’s the reason I’m late.” Nikky replied.
“Hope everything is alright sha?” Becky
asked suspiciously.
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“Probably, on my way back from the library,
I saw some idiots trying to rape a girl in a
shallow bush, I thought of a way to save
that innocent girl, after a while of thinking, I
picked up a stone from the ground and I
threw the stone at them, those determine-
rappers took to their heels and I rescued the
lady, I have to run for my dear life because I
afraid they are trailing me.” Nikky narrated
and she heaved a heavy sigh of relief.
“Brave you also coward you.” Becky
commented laughing.
“Silly you.” Nikky riposted.
“I have to take my shower now.” Nikky
“What are we having for dinner?” Nikky
“Fried Eggs and dodo.” Becky replied and
Nikky jumped up happily.
“Oh! My favorite.” Nikky exclaimed and she
ran to the bathroom.
Nikky and Becky sat down facing each
other, they were having their dinner of fried
eggs and dodo, beside Nikky sat comfortably
a 5 Alive apple juice.
“Pour me a glass please.” Becky begged
directing her statement to Nikky, Nikky
picked up an empty wine glass cup from the
well-tiled floor and she pour a cupful of the
5 Alive juice inside the glass cup, she
handed over the juice to Becky and she
collected it delightfully. Nikky also pour
herself a cupful of the fruit juice but she
devoured it within just a glimmer of an eyes.
“Ehn ehn Becky, how does it go in Chorus
place?” Nikky asked.
“Well, everything works out well and fine.”
Becky replied smiling.
“Gist me na.” Nikky said and she adjusted
herself on the bed.
“Well, nothing much happened there, Chorus
asked me out.” Becky announced smiling.
“I knew it, well I’m not surprised; so what
was your response?” Nikky asked.
“What will I say? I told him I’ll think about
it.” Becky replied.
“So…” Nikky paused helplessly.
“I know you’ll reply him negatively, I trust
you dear.” Nikky said smiling.
“Unfortunately Ms., I will reply him
positively, I think I love him.” Becky replied
“Are you serious?” Nikky asked
“Of course, I do.” Becky replied with her
alluring smile all over her face.
“Less I forget, Chorus’s roommate; Ola,
confessed he likes you and would like to
meet you.” Becky announced happily but
Nikky’s mood changed on hearing that, her
always inviting face changed to pale, the
annoyance on her face glowed, she
massaged her hair gently but unwillingly,
she hissed and rose on her feet irritatingly.
“I think I have to wash the dirty dishes.” She
volunteered, she packed the plates inside a
tray and she carried the tray to the kitchen.
“What’s wrong with her?” Becky asked
confusingly but rhetorically.
“Nikky! Nikky!!” Becky called repeatedly as
she ran after her to the kitchen.
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