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Must Read: Love Triangle… Episode 16

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and
:. 07011818220 and 09038676998
Episode 16
“Less I forget, Chorus’s roommate; Ola,
confessed he likes you and would like to
meet you.” Becky announced happily but
Nikky’s mood changed on hearing that, her
always inviting face turned pale, the
annoyance on her face glowed, she
carrassed her hair gently but unwillingly, she
hissed and rose on her feet irritatingly.
“I think I have to wash the dirty dishes.” She
volunteered, she packed the plates inside a
tray and she carried the tray to the kitchen.
“What’s wrong with her?” Becky asked
confusingly but rhetorically.
“Nikky! Nikky!!” Becky called repeatedly as
she ran frantically after Nikky to the
“Nikky, what’s wrong with you…?” Becky
asked confusingly.
“Please Becky, just spare me this minute I
need to breath in fresh air.” Nikky replied
without looking at Becky.
“Nikky, this irrational behavior of your seems
suspicious, if I may ask do you know Ola
before?” Becky asked hypothesively. Nikky
turned swiftly facing Becky she looked into
her eyes and smile softly.
“I don’t know him my dear friend, don’t
worry, I’ll please you, I will try to meet him.”
Nikky replied smiling and she returned to her
“But why did you behave strange at first?”
Becky asked softly but with serious
impression on her face.
“Becky, I expect you to understand the fact
that I easily fall in love, and once I fall in
love I equally drown along it, you witness
what I went through in the hand of Daniel,
the pains and twinges Dave caused in me.
Becky, do I have to fall a love victim again?”
Nikky expressed sadly with tears in her
eyes, Becky moved closer to her and she
hugged her passionately.
“I understand your stands Nikky, don’t worry
my dear friend, everything is going to be
alright.” Becky paused.
“But please try this guy, he might be your
Prince charming, just give it a trial and I
think that guys is very serious.” Becky
riposted as she slowly disengaged herself
from Nikky.
“Don’t worry I’ll meet him I promise.” Nikky
replied softly.
“You’re always darling.” Becky concluded
(NEXT DAY) – 1:20PM
Nikky and Becky were walking diagonally
from their Becky’s Hostel to Garden of
Eden, they’re gisting, chatting and laughing
as they walks hand in hand, ‘beautiful’ is an
understatement to explain Nikky’s beauty,
she looks gorgeous in her pink gown that fit
her to toes, her face glowed like the
morning sunshine, her always alluring smile
is something to natter about as it exposed
her dimples and creates more beauty to her
face, her lips are so invited for kisses, she is
such a irresistible damsel, she is unique, she
is a gem, a rare gem of its kind.
“He told me he loves me.” Nikky narrated to
Becky and Becky burst into laughter. Frank
came out from nowhere and walk without
hesistation to Nikky and Becky.
“Hi Frank.” Nikky greeted uninterestingly.
“You’re looking geogeous Nikky.” Frank
commented smiling.
“Thank you Frank, let me excuse you guys.”
Nikky replied and she left the two for
“Becky…” Frank called softly but helplessly.
“Do I know you?” Becky rebutted.
“Do you know me? What does that suppose
to mean Becky?” Frank asked confusingly
but whispering.
“Please Frank, I don’t have your time today,
I have something reasonable and sensible to
attend to, please spare me this minute.”
Becky excused irritatingly.
“Becky, I love you and I always and do mean
it, I wasn’t myself then, I spoke out of
annoyance, I felt jealous, please try to
understand things Becky.” Frank riposted
“Please Frank, I have moved on and I have
gotten over everything, I can’t love you
again becuase my heart has been arrested
by someone worth arresting it.” Becky
announced softly.
“Becky…” Frank called helplessly and
“Anyway, I sent a letter to you via Nikky.”
Frank said smiling.
“A letter? Oh yes” Becky replied
“Have you read the letter?” Frank asked
“Yes, I do, any problem with that?” Becky
lied and asked suspiciously.
“And you understand what the letter
entails?” Frank asked and Becky nodded
“Re-read the letter and keep…” Frank paused
“And keep my unborn child safe, I’m coming
back for him or her very soon.” Frank
concluded, he wore his eyeglasses and he
walked away leaving Becky in shock.
“Keep my unborn child safe, I’m coming
back for him or her soon?” Becky asked
confusingly but rhetorically.
Nikky frantically ran to Becky after she saw
that Frank has left Becky, she was actually
expecting Becky to walk away but things
happened ironically.
“Becky, what’s wrong?” Nikky asked
“Frank told me to keep his unborn baby
safe, am I carrying his baby?” Becky
narrated softly as tears rolled down her
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“You don’t mean what you’re saying, just tell
me you’re kidding… wait o, are you
pregnant?” Nikky expressed shockingly and
questioned Becky at the concluding part of
her statement.
“What’re you even saying? How can I be
pregnant and I don’t know?” Becky replied
“Where is the letter Frank gave you to give
me?” Becky asked impatiently.
“I told you to pick the letter in my pink
handbag, I kept it there.” Nikky replied
“We have to go back to the hostel now.”
Becky announced.
“What about Ola and Ope, they are waiting
for us at the Garden of Eden.” Nikky
riposted softly.
“Call them and tell them we can’t make it
with them today.” Becky replied eagerly.
Becky ran frantically to the bag after she
succeeded unlocking the door, she searched
the bag thoroughly and after a while she
reached the letter in a brown envelope, she
tore the envelope apart and reached for the
letter, she unwrapped the letter and she read
“Oh my goodness, what’s this?” Becky
sighed softly but sorrowfully. She read the
letter thoroughly over and over again, she
dropped the letter and she broke down in
Guess what this so called letter entails.

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