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Must Read: Love Triangle… Episode 17

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and
:. 07011818220 and 09038676998
Episode 17
Becky ran frantically to the bag after she
succeeded unlocking the door, she searched
the bag thoroughly and after a while she
reached the letter in a brown envelope, she
tore the envelope apart and reached for the
letter, she unwrapped the letter and she read
“Oh my goodness, what’s this?” Becky
sighed softly but sorrowfully. She read the
letter thoroughly over and over again, she
dropped the letter and she broke down in
“Becky, what’s the tears all about?” Nikky
asked dumbfounded, she reached for the
letter on the floor and she read it loudly and
Have you ever seen beauty that cannot be
Have you ever loved someone so much,
Even though you are the one who ended
Have you ever loved that one girl,
Even though you are not still together?
Have you ever wondered why you gave up?
I wonder why love is like this
Even though I had the spears
That stabbed and left me in tears
I still think you are the one
Even though we fell apart
Like the tower of Siloam
I still think of you in my future
his treasure of love, these passion-flowers,
Dear as desire, are dearly bought:
The sweet unrest of not seeing you
For some too-happy hour or two,
Is paid by such a wealth of tears,
Such grief, such bitterness, such fears,
Such wild remorse, such weak regret,
Such tide of longing towards you set,
As poison all my other hours,
And murder every other thought.
Butterflies in my stomach every time we
have a conversation
I gave you a nickname
Tattooed your name on my heart
My pride makes it feel taboo
Every time I try to reach out
Blocked by an unbreakable wall
You made it easy for me to fall in love
Far apart but behaved like we are always
We were tight like gloves
Felt like two white doves flying in the blue
I saw forever when I looked into your eyes
Saw the love not the lies
Getting past that, you became humble again
I don’t want to be one of them but your only
I don’t want to be second best
That’s why I still chose you
Even on dark days your smile brought light
I love you but love is something I will not
fight for
You know where home is
You’ll come back when you are ready
When are you coming back?
Today or tomorrow,
I saw you walking toward his house,
Is he now your Prince charming?
It’s heartbreaking enough to see you with
I really felt betrayed,
Love sometimes lives paradoxically,
But yours is love in disguise,
Barely three weeks you’ve moved on,
Anyway, Frank is always coming back for
you my future,
But before then,
Keep my unborn baby safe and healthy,
I’ll come back for him/her very soon.
From Yours Lover; Frank’ Nikky read aloud
but at times gapping, she wore a sorrowful
face, eyes soaked with tears and heart
“Becky, I don’t seem to understand this
poem or should I call this a letter?” Nikky
lamented confusingly.
“But the verses of the poem sounds
sorrowful, right?” Becky asked mewling.
“Yes…” Nikky replied but unfinished.
“Hmmm… but i still don’t understand what
he mean by I should keep his unborn baby
safe and healthy, he’s coming back for him
or her very soon, I don’t just understand.”
Becky sighed softly.
“I hope Frank is not up to something crazy?”
Nikky said not that audible, she thought
“I hope so.” Becky replied and she sat on
her bed.
Chorus and Ola sat down waiting patiently
for Becky and Nikky respectively, Chorus
took a sip of the bottled Fanta in his hand,
and Ola munch the donot in his hand,
Chorus looked at his wrist watch and he
shook his head like an agama lizard.
“Ola, it’s getting late, they ought to be here
by now.” Chorus complained impatiently.
“I’m also getting fed up sitting here
fruitlessly.” Ola riposted.
“Let me try Becky’s number before we jump
into conclusion.” Chorus advised and Ola
nodded affirmatively, Chorus reach for his
phone in his pocket and dialed Becky’s
number, it rang and it was picked up.
“Hello Chorus.” Nikky answered the phone.
“Nikky is on the phone, right?” Chorus
“Yes, I’m sorry Becky can’t pick your call
now, I suggest we postpone our meeting,
bye.” Nikky replied and concluded, she
ended the call and she tossed the phone
against the bed.
“We are seeing the doctor tomorrow
whether you like it or not, who knows if
you’re carrying his baby?” Nikky riposted
“I said I’m not pregnant…” Becky rebutted
but the beep of her phone restrained her
from coming down with her statement, it
was a call, she checked the caller and it’s
Marcus, she hissed and ignored the call, the
phone rang again and it’s same Marcus but
this time Becky ended the call without
picking it. Shortly, a text message entered
Becky’s phone, she checked the message
and it was a message sent from Marcus,
she at first thought of ignoring the message
but she gave her decision a second thought
and she read the message softly.
“Why are this to me? You’re killing me
gradually, please pick my calls” Becky read
out softly, she hissed loudly and replied the
message thus:
‘Marcus, have told you times without number
that I’m in a relationship and I’m submissive
to my fiancee, please find your soulmate
elsewhere, I’ve found mine and I don’t and
can’t toy with it.” Becky replied and sent
the message but surprisingly, barely thirty
seconds Marcus replied the message thus:
“Becky, love is not something one can fight
for, it’s base on one’s decision, but
sometimes love happened paradoxically,
Becky, I vow with my life, if I can’t have you
no one can, I promise.” Marcus replied
Becky’s message through phone, Becky read
loudly and she dropped her phone after
reading, Nikky opened her mouth wide in
agape, she’s speechless and dumbstruck,
just then the beep of Becky’s phone could
be heard again but this time it was a
message from Frank.
I would have love to extent this season but
I’m traveling to work and I won’t be with my
writing and typing devices, to avoid keeping
you guys in suspense, and to avoid blames
and abuses I have to end the sseason one, I
hope you guys understand me better.
Thanking you in anticipation.,
Season Two Coming In Maybe A Week
Time and promise to update you guys
respectively without suspence.
#afolabi and Chorusman_carez

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