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Must Read: Love Triangle… Episode 9

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and
:. 07011818220 and 09038676998
♦ Episode 9
“What a miracle!” A Surgeon cried out
“Pass that box to me.” The specialist
commanded a nurse and she handed the
box to the specialist.
A surgeon came out of the theatre
charmingly, she wore cheerful face; Becky
was deep in thought, the surgeon called her
repeatedly but she couldn’t notice the
presence of the Surgeon.
“Madam! Madam!!” The surgeon called
“Madam!” The surgeon called loudly and
Becky shivered and came back to herself.
“I’m very sorry ma.” Becky begged and she
rose on her feet standing infront of the
“Madam, please take things easy o, what’re
you thinking that you don’t even notice my
presence?” The Surgeon asked.
“Nothing much Madam, please how is he?”
Becky asked impatiently.
“He’s alright madam, he miraculously
survived.” The surgeon replied smiling.
“What a relief! Can I see him now?” Becky
asked smiling.
“Not now, he hasn’t be warded.” The
surgeon replied.
“Thank you very much ma.” Becky
appreciated smiling.
“It’s my work and my pleasure.” The
surgeon concluded and she walked away
Chorus sat at the edge of the bed looking
surprised and stunned, he fixed his gaze at
Becky who was smiling cheerfully.
“I’m very happy you are okay now.” Becky
commented happily.
“Becky…” Chorus called speechlessly.
“What will you like to eat?” Becky asked.
“Anything.” Chorus said involuntarily.
“Okay, I will dish something for you to eat;
I’ll be back very soon.” Becky said smiling,
she rose up from the plastic chair she sat,
she pecked Chorus and she walked out of
the ward.
“Brother, you girlfriend is very beautiful o,
above all she is caring.” A man commented
and Chorus smiled in reply and he gently laid
his back on the bed.
Becky unlocked the door to her V.I.P hostel,
she hurried into the self contain, she tossed
her purse on the bed and she hurried to the
kitchen. Shortly, she heard the beep of her
phone from afar, she left the onion she’s
slicing and hurried to the room.
“Hope it isn’t this nuisance.” Becky
murmured, she picked up her phone and it
was Benita calling. Becky hissed and she
picked up her call with scorn face.
“Hello.” She greeted gapping.
“Becky, where have you been?” Benita asked
“Where have I been? How is that your
problem?” Becky rebutted angrily.
“Becky, it is Benita speaking.” Benita said in
“I know.” Becky riposted immediately.
“Where are you?” Benita asked surprisingly.
“I’m in my hostel.” Becky answered
“Okay, I will be there in a jiffy.” Benita
replied and Becky ended the call eagerly,
she hissed.
“Wicked soul.” Becky commented and she
went back to the kitchen.
“Who’s there?” Becky asked from inside.
“It’s me Benita.” Benita responded.
“Come in the door is open.” Becky approved
and Benita entered with scorn face.
“Becky, what’s coming on you, you sounded
on phone as if we are fighting.” Benita
“Benita, I don’t have anything to discuss
with you, I don’t even know why I allow you
into my hostel in first place, please can you
just leave?” Becky replied irritatingly.
“Becky…” Benita called helplessly.
“Becky, I don’t understand you, what causes
this sudden fight of yours against me?”
Benita asked confusingly.
“Benita, he risked his life on behalf of you,
you witness he was brutally shot to the
extent that he almost lose his life, you’re
there when he was rushed to the hospital,
you heard he was operated in coma, Benita,
you didn’t even ask after him, even if you
can’t follow the crowd to the hospital you
ought to have check on him personally. I’m
very disappointed in you; I don’t know you’re
such an ingrate.” Becky lamented angrily.
“So it’s because of Chorus that you picked
up a fight with me? That’s so silly of you
babe.” Benita paused.
“But what’s wrong with this guy for
goodness sake? Is it a sin that he loves you,
he loves you with all his might, yet you’re
not contented. Benita, my prayer to you is
that you won’t regret at last.” Becky
elucidated angrily.
“I don’t love him and I can never love him.”
Benita riposted angrily and she angrily left
Becky’s hostel.

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