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Must Read: Love Triangle. {Season 2}… Episode 1

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and Chorusman
:.07011818220 and 09038676998
Season 2
Chapter 1
“…Becky, love is not something one should fight
for, but at times one must fight for it, love base
on one’s decision, but at times, love lives
paradoxically, Becky, I vow with my life, if I can’t
have you then no one can, I vow with my blood.”
Marcus replied Becky’s message through phone,
Becky read loudly and she dropped her phone
after reading, Nikky opened her mouth wide in
agape, she’s speechless and dumbstruck, just
then the beep of Becky’s phone could be heard
again but this time it was a message from
Becky looked at Nikky’s gloomy face, she
reached for her phone but Nikky snatched the
phone from her, she unlocked the phone and she
read sensitively and inaudible, Nikky hissed after
reading the message and she deleted the
message, she tossed the phone at the bed and
she tried to walk away, Becky drew her back and
“What does the message says?” Becky asked
“I don’t know, but I’ve deleted the message.”
Nikky replied softly.
“You deleted what?” Becky asked irritatingly and
angrily she landed a thunderous and ear-
weakening slap on Nikky’s face.
“You slapped me?” Nikky expressed shockingly,
she retaliate the slap and Becky picked up a
fight with Nikky…
Chorus heaved a heavy sighed of relief though
disappointed, relief? Yes, because he’s been
learning by heart on how to approach and talk to
Becky. What a relief! Chorus shook his head like
an agama lizard, he looked at Ola and Ola winked
“What happened?” Ola asked suspiciously.
“They postponed our meeting.” Chorus replied
and Ola rose on his feet in a jiffy.
“What are you waiting for?” Ola asked smiling.
“Let go to the hostel.” Ola concluded and he
stretched his body as he led the way out of
‘Garden of Eden’.
Ola and Chorus walk along the busiest road in
the campus, students could be seen hanging
around engaging in one activities and the likes,
Ola and Chorus were chatting boringly. Shortly,
Chorus sighted Frank from afar, he could feel his
heartbeat, things gone worst for him when Frank
was walking towards his direction, he felt like the
ground should just open up and swallow him.
What a puny Chorus! Chorus tried to compose
himself but he just couldn’t, Ola notice Chorus
trembling but he ignored him at first; Ola gave
his decision a second thought and spoke softly.
“What’s wrong with you?” Ola asked ignorantly.
“Nothing, I’m fine.” Chorus replied gapping, he
reached for a handkerchief in his pocket and
wiped his sweaty face with the handkerchief.
“I hope so.” Ola concluded, though he sensed
something is wrong but he just ended the
conversation to avoid unnecessary talk.
Frank almost come within reach of Chorus and
Ola, Frank fetched for his sunglasses which he
hanged at the back of his well-ironed shirt, he
wore it and smile softly.
“Ola, please let take that route.” Chorus
suggested though unwillingly, he used his jaw to
point to a narrow path with shallow bush on both
side, the route alternatively lead to the school
hall and the school kitchen when the left route is
“And if I may ask, why should we take that
route? It doesn’t lead to our hostel.” Ola riposted
“Ehmmm… actually…” Chorus stammered
speechlessly, shortly, Frank approached Chorus
and Ola, he greeted Ola and shook hand with him
like a complete gentleman, and he removed his
sunglasses and gave Chorus an ill look, he
moved closer to Chorus and whispered into his
‘Please take good care of her; I’m coming for
her sooner than expected.’ He smiled softly after
his utterance and he walked away without
uttering another word. Chorus stool at the spot
speechless and motionless, reminiscing Frank’s
statement, many though ran into and across his
innocent mind; ‘should I let go of her.’ That was
the first thought that ran into his blameless
mind, without having a question to his rhetorical
question, he shambled slowly as he lead the way
to his hostel and happy-go-lucky Ola walked
behind him.
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Nikky hurried to the toilet, she cleaned her face
covered with blood and she hurried back of the
room, she gathered her scattered cloths, she
packed her little things inside her backpack, she
aimed leaving Becky’s hostel, Becky only sat on
the bed watching Nikky’s dramatic moves, she
sustained some bruises on her face, Becky
backed her backpack she looked at Becky
dejectedly and she tried moving out of the room
but Becky drew her back using her white velvet
cloth and she confronted her.
“Where are you going?” Becky asked alarmingly.
“And who is to answer your foolish question?”
Nikky retaliated angrily.
“Adenike, where are you going?” Becky re-
questioned but softly and calmly.
“I’m leaving you hostel and your life in good.”
Nikky responded alarmingly, her response
shocked Becky, she let go of her cloth, Nikky
hissed and she walked towards the door.
“And delete everything I have in connection with
you; my numbers, my picture and my social
network accounts not excluding our back then
lovely memories.” Nikky enunciated and she
hissed alarmingly.
“Good bye.” Nikky concluded as she slammed
the door behind herself.
©All right reserved. @Olamilekan Afolabi and
Chorusman 2018.

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