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Must Read: Love Triangle. {Season 2}… Episode 2

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and Chorusman
:. 07011818220 and 09038676998
Season 2
Chapter 2
“And delete everything I have in connection with
you; my numbers, my picture and my social
network accounts not excluding our back then
lovely memories.” Nikky enunciated and she
hissed alarmingly.
“Good bye.” Nikky concluded as she slammed
the door behind herself.
“Oh! What have I done? She’s my best friend.”
Becky sighed as she burst into tears.
TIME: 7:34PM
Chorus lied in bed but in deep thought, he just
couldn’t get off Frank’s statement from his mind,
he keep on reminiscing the words and how it
became a sentence, he flashbacked how he and
Frank became sworn enemy, though the
adventures is only between him and Frank, Ola’s
presence wasn’t even noticed by Chorus, he was
really carried away by his thought, Ola calmly sat
on his mattress to avoid the plateful of rice in
his hand from falling, he looked at Chorus but he
ignored him; he only mind his well garnished
jollof rice.
“Chorus, won’t you eat?” Ola asked.
“I’m not hungry.” Chorus replied whispering.
“Thank you; may I eat your rice?” Ola requested
“Maybe not.” Chorus responded irritatingly.
“Hmmm… okay o.” Ola concluded saddened.
“He’s too carefree, I sporadically hate his guts.”
Chorus thought.
“Fool! He’s thinking about a fellow man
statement, I hate him probably all time.” Ola
thought as he returned to his food.
“Glutton! For food only, he love food more than
himself, I guess that’s the reason he’s an
agriculturist.” Chorus thought furthered.
“Ope; have you heard about what’s treading?” Ola
tried to bring up a discussion but Chorus
overlooked him.
“I heard Ronaldo signed for Juventus, that’s quite
shocking, right?” Ola stated furthermore.
“I just hope…” Ola tried to continue but he was
shut by Chorus.
“Radio, please keep quiet, I’m not interested.”
Chorus commented crossly.
“So I’m now a radio, right?” Ola sighed smiling.
“Don’t worry, you’ll still ask for my help one day.”
Ola concluded as he direct his attentions to his
inviting and mouth-watering rice.
“Love is a game. Love is a shame. Who owns the
blame? Love owns the blame. Love is a matter
of the heart, love hurt each and every time, love
is remorseful, love terrorize every breathing
things, love itself is a terrorist, love creates
turmoil, chaos, mayhem and commotion, love is
like another world; many are battling to be
atypical from other, those succeeded atypical
are not ready to mingle with we common. They
are now different; they are now from another
planet. ‘The young shall grow’ though love grow
but grown wide. love is good and bad, love is
dimensional, love lives like a talking drum; how it
face you might be different from how it face me,
love is the enemy of itself, love is insane, love is
wise, love is callous, love is nice, love is brave,
love is coward, love is its pros and cons of itself,
love is hatred, love breeds hatred, love is just
the opposite of itself, love always and do scatter
things that is well organized. Well, love is life,
one can’t live without love, one who is not love
is like a walking dead. ‘Love’ suppose to have its
own planet, because we are all from its planet.
Anyway, my advice is don’t fall in love and fall in
love, only the wise would understand.” –
Olamilekan Afolabi
Oh! What a happy day, a new month, a month to
the novel character’s final examination except
Ola whose course is proposed five years;
agriculture. The sun beamed happily, smiling to
the nature and its gentleness, the breeze was so
cool and calm, teasing the sun to maintain its
stands, the leaves on the trees danced along the
beat of the breeze, what an afternoon it should
be called. Benita could be seen sitting down
beneath a Bamboo tree, she’d on her hand a
hand-out, she dressed gorgeously, and she looks
like and African queen, a Nigeria queen to be
precise, she waved at a female course-mate who
greeted her from behind, she opened the hand-
out in her hand ready to read but she was
distracted by what she saw.
©All right reserved. Olamilekan Afolabi and
Chorusman 2018

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