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Must Read: Love Triangle. {Season 2}… Episode 3

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and Chorusman
:.07011818220 and 09038676998
Season 2
Oh! What a happy day, a new month, a month to
the novel character’s final examination except
Ola whose course is proposed five years;
agriculture. The sun beamed happily, smiling to
the nature and its gentleness, the breeze was so
cool and calm, teasing the sun to maintain its
stands, the leaves on the trees danced
melodiously to the beat of the breeze, what an
afternoon it should be called. Benita could be
seen sitting down beneath a Bamboo tree, she’d
on her hand a hand-out, she dressed gorgeously,
and she looked like and African queen; a Nigeria
queen to be precise, she waved at a female
course-mate who greeted her from afar, she
opened the hand-out in her hand ready to read
but she was distracted by a scene created by
some female students.
“What could be going on there?” She asked
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“I have to see things by myself.” Benita
concluded and she rose on her feet, she adjusted
her mini pink grown, she walked majestically to
the scene. On getting there, the story changed,
the six female students faced her suspiciously,
they all wore frown faces and the looks on their
faces can tell they are something else. Benita
looked tensed and shocked, one of the scene-
creator moved closer to Benita and whispered
into her left ear ‘you belonged to the pink angel?’
Benita opened her eyes wide in shook, her jaw
dropped, she nodded disapprovingly, and a lady
landed a thunderous and deafening slap on her
face from behind, she held her cheek helplessly,
she staggered a bit but she regained her stands
after a while.
“I’m very sorry…” Benita begged stammering
almost in tears.
“Are you sent?” One of the ladies asked with
some kind of husky voice though alarmingly, the
lady sagged her crazy three-quarter jeans,
exposing her boxer, she totally dressed
“Sent? No, I wasn’t sent…” Benita replied but
“You’ve entered our trap today; I doubt you can
come out of it.” Another counterpart stated and
she burst into laughter after her utterance.
“What’s her offence? Please spare her on my
behalf.” A voice came from behind and here
came Chorus standing with his hands in his
pocket, he had on his body a well-ironed sky-blue
shirt with black jeans-like trouser, he wore a very
nice and alluring white Nike shoe.
“Who is this idiot?” A rugged lady blasted Chorus
“He’s Sharon’s best friend.” Another whispered
into the rugged lady’s ear.
“Oh, you must be Chorus, right?” One of the
ladies whom the narrator guessed to be the
leader of the gang asked and Chorus nodded
“We’ll leave this girl on your behalf, but… let go
girls.” The lady submitted and concluded as she
leaded the way, they headed to a bush and they
later went out of sight. Chorus looked at Benita
from head to toe, he winked at her and he tried
walking away but Benita held him by his hand.
“Thank you for saving me.” Benita appreciated
with her head down in shame.
“It’s my pleasure.” Chorus riposted and he again
tried to walk away but Benita would just let go
of him.
“Chorus…” Benita drew helplessly, she raised her
head up and looked eyes in eyes with Chorus,
she tried to hold the tears in her eyes but she
just couldn’t, she wept silently and she later
uttered ‘I love you’. Chorus on the other hand
was confused and bemused, he felt betrayed, he
blamed his heart for loving someone else, he
was equally helpless but he tried to be a man, he
drew Benita closer and hugged her passionately,
he caressed her gently, the touches demanding
his attention, after a while Chorus whispered into
Benita’s ear ‘I’m in love…’ . Suddenly, from
nowhere, Becky appeared and caught them in
the act.

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