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Must Read: Love Triangle. {Season 2}… Episode 4

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and Chorusman
:.07011818220 and 09038676998
Season 2
Chapter 4
“Chorus…” Benita drew helplessly, she raised her
head and looked eyes in eyes with Chorus, she
tried to hold the tears in her eyes but she just
couldn’t, she wept silently and she later uttered ‘I
love you’. Chorus on the other hand was
confused and bemused, he felt betrayed, he
blamed his heart for loving someone else, he
was equally helpless but he tried to be a man, he
drew Benita closer and hugged her passionately,
he caressed her gently, the touches demanding
his attention, after a while Chorus whispered into
Benita’s ear ‘I’m in love…’ . Suddenly, from
nowhere, Becky appeared and caught them in
the act…
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Students could be found here and there
grumbling and complaining about the unfriendly
and aloof examination schedule. The examination
time table is out, the examination plans doesn’t
favor the final year students at all, the six
governing examination committees which
included the School Vice Chancellor, the school
Head Registrar, the President of the Student
Union Government (SUG), the Public Relation
Officer of the SUG, the School PRO and the Pro-
Chancellor of the school. Minority of the
committees included all Head of Department, all
lecturers, all departmental scholars and all
securities, their planned was to jumble all the
final year students together, though, students
with different course and from different
department, and without any borrowing course.
What an incoming exam.
Becky lied down in bed with a handout in her
hand, she was really engrossed in what she was
reading but the beep of her phone distracted her,
she checked the screen of the phone and it was
an E-mail message from the school website, she
opened the message and there tabulated her
examination time table, she went through the
page, after a while, she screenshot the timetable
and she went back to her reading.
“I don’t want to love again; I won’t let any
meaningless love to distract me academically
and destroy my life.” Becky vowed to herself, she
returned to her reading and she read wordlessly,
she opened the next page of the book and she
found a passport photograph of beautiful Nikky,
she picked the passport from the book and
caressed the inanimate passport gently, she
admired the beautiful face in the passport
photograph, she tried to fight back the tears in
her eyes but she just couldn’t, she wept silently
as she flashbacked her lovely moments with her
dear Nikky. Shortly, a text message entered her
phone, she checked the message and it’s a
message from Nikky, she eagerly opened the
message and she read loudly and thus;
‘Have you gone for the Pregnancy Test?’ Nikky
asked and ended the message. Becky replied
thus; ‘I haven’t, still waiting for our
reconciliation.’ Becky sent and barely two
minutes Nikky replied; ‘Reconciliation? Are we
fighting?’ And Becky replied; ‘Hmmm, can you
come over to my hostel?’ and Nikky replied; ‘No,
I can’t, I’m battling with one assignment.’ And
Becky replied; ‘what about Garden of Eden?’
Shortly, Nikky replied affirmatively and they fixed
the time for 4pm, the time’s just few minutes to
11. Becky hurried to the kitchen to prepare
something for herself and Nikky, she dished well-
fried Dodo and plentiful egg sauce as that’s
Nikky’s favorite, few minutes after she was done
with the cooking, she returned to the bedroom to
resume her reading but she heard a knock at the
“Who’s there?” Becky asked alarmingly from
inside but there wasn’t any response, Becky
jumped down from the bed and hurried to the
“Who’s there?” Becky asked again this time more
loudly, but still there wasn’t any response, rather,
the incessant knocking at the door, Becky
opened the door and she found Marcus standing
at her doorstep, she tried to shut the door but
Marcus restrained and pushed her into the room,
he followed her and he shut the door…

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