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Must Read: Love Triangle. {Season 2}… Episode 5

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and Chorusman
:.07011818220 and 09038676998
Season 2
Chapter 5
“Who’s there?” Becky asked alarmingly from
inside but there wasn’t any response, Becky
jumped down from the bed and hurried to the
“Who’s there?” Becky asked again this time more
loudly, but still there wasn’t any response, rather,
the incessant knocking at the door, Becky
opened the door and she was shocked, she found
Marcus standing at her doorstep, she tried to
shut the door before him but Marcus restrained
and pushed her into the room, he followed her
and he shut the door from behind.
“What are you doing?” Becky asked stammering,
the looks in her face shows obviously that she’s
afraid of Marcus, she had on herself a white
transparent singlet and a pink mini skirt, she
looks alluring in her home wear, very hard to
“Nothing… absolutely nothing.” Marcus replied
with his hands in air.
“Gosh! This babe is so captivating.” Marcus
thought smiling admiring the beautiful creature
standing in his front.
“Marcus…” Becky drew speechlessly, she’s
helpless and weak and supremely, she feared
being raped.
“You think I’ll rape you?” Marcus opened up and
he laughed hysterically, Becky was shocked by
Marcus’s utterance, she wasn’t expecting such,
her jaw dropped and face swollen in disgrace,
she lowered her head and she wept softly.
“I won’t and can’t rape you my dear Becky, I
want you as my girlfriend and maybe eventually
we may end up as couple. Becky, I love you, just
give me a chance to prove my love for you, it’s
real and unique, please, just a chance.” Marcus
continued with serious impression on his
innocent looking face.
“Marcus, I understand you, but…” Becky replied
after almost a minute of complete silence in the
“But what?” Marcus paused, he wiped his face
with his handkerchief and he continued.
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“Becky, I want you to think about it, I’ll come
back for the reply tomorrow and I hope your
reply favor me.” Marcus paused, he brought out
his sunglasses from his pocket, wore it and he
bid Becky ‘goodbye’.
“Bye for now.” Marcus concluded and he walked
out of the room. Becky heaved a heavy sighed of
relief. At least she wasn’t rape as thought, she
retired to her 7.5ft mattress and there she slept
off unknowingly.
Ola could be seen from afar sitting on a bench
underneath a fifty years old bamboo tree, he had
on his hand his phone with a plugged-in earpiece,
it seems like he’s enjoying the beautiful nature
of the sunny afternoon, it was just few minutes
past 2, he continued wiggling his head along the
song he was listening to from his phone through
his earpiece. Shortly, Ola sighed Nikky coming
out of the school dormitory, he at first thought of
not ignoring her but he gave his decision a
second thought, he rose on his feet and he
walked up to Nikky.
“What sup Nikky.” Ola greeted and he brought his
hand forth for a handshake, Nikky shook hand
with him and she smiled.
“Hi Ola.” Nikky responded earnestly.
“Hope you’re not in a hurry?” Ola asked
“Maybe yes.” Nikky replied uninterestingly.
“Hmmm…” Ola sighed while cracking his brain
for his starting lines.
“Nikky, I could vividly remember I once saw you
in the Garden of Eden with Becky.” Ola paused
smiling he cleared his throat and continued.
“I was actually reading unwillingly on that very
day when I saw you standing beside Becky; you
wore a white shirt and jean trouser.” He paused.
“I was like ‘oh, what a dazzling damsel’, you
appeared to me like the morning sunshine; very
beautiful and glittering, your smiles are so
tempting as it added to your beauty and that
made me fall for you crazily.” Ola paused after
he succeeded buying Nikky’s attention with his
sugar-coated mouth.
“Nikky, I like you at first sight, what am I even
saying? I love you at first sight, I have every
feelings for you, I can’t just say I love you just
like that, it sounds insane, but I think I’m madly
and crazily in love with you, your enthralling
beauty is fascinating and I really appreciate
God’s work on a creature like you, it’s obvious
God took his time to work on you. Nikky, please
be my girl.” Ola concluded and he looks into
Nikky’s eye and Nikky did same, he nor smile
neither frown, Nikky scrapped through her
artificial hair with her left hand, he lowered her
head and smile.
“Ola, I’ll think about it.” Nikky announced.
“At last, I made it to the semi-final.” Ola thought
and smiled.
“It’s okay Miss Nikky, but can I have your
contact?” Ola replied and requested.
“Sure.” Nikky replied and she exchanged contact
with Ola.
“Where are you heading to?” Ola asked smiling.
“To Becky’s hostel, we reconciled.” Nikky replied
with smile all over her face.
“Oh, you’re quarrelling?” Ola asked keenly though
“Not really, we’re only keeping malice.” Nikky
replied jovially and Ola laughed softly.
“I wish to keep your company today but maybe
that would be next time.” Ola said smiling.
“Okay, let me be going now.” Nikky excused.
“Okay, bye.” Ola concluded, he gave Nikky’s a
side hug and he bid her ’goodbye’. Ola turned
swiftly only to found three muscular men
standing behind him, they dressed in black and
their faces are not at all inviting, Ola at first
tired to ignore them by trying to walk away but
one of the men moved closer to Ola and
whispered into Ola’s left ear ‘Capon is waiting for
you, now move’.

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