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Must Read: Love Triangle. {Season 2}… Episode 7

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and Chorusman
:.07011818220 and 09038676998
Season 2
Chapter 7
“We’re sorry.” Becky and Nikky apologized in
chorus and they burst into laughter.
“Silly you… so how had life been with you for the
past few days we’re not ourselves?” Nikky asked
“Adenike, life’s not friendly with me at all…”
Becky narrated with tears; Nikky almost moved
to tears moved closer to her friend consoled her
and showered her with some words of
Becky and Nikky sat down patiently in the
reception, they’re waiting for Becky’s pregnancy
test result, Nikky fixed her gaze at the TV series
‘the 100’ showing from the decoder, she was
really engrossed in the movie, Becky on the
other hand sat down deep in thought, she feared
the outcome of the test is positive, she blamed
herself for having premarital sex. Shortly, the
female doctor appeared from afar, she looks
gorgeous in her lab coat, Becky ran to her.
“Ma, we have been waiting for you.” Becky spoke
“Calm down miss, I was actually coming back
from the lab.” The Doctor replied.
“Ma, was it positive or negative?” Becky asked
“Miss, meet me in my office.” The Doctor
excused and she walked away. Becky ran after
her to the office she slammed the door behind
herself and yelled.
“Ma, Am I pregnant?” Becky asked alarmingly.
“No…” The Doctor replied but unfinished.
“Thank you Jesus.” Becky sighed happily, she ran
out of the office to update Nikky.
“Nikky, I’m not pregnant.” Becky whispered into
Nikky’s ear, Nikky smiled happily and embraced
In short, Becky and Nikky left the hospital for
Becky’s hostel after paying all the necessary
bills, on their way to the hostel.
“Let take this route.” Becky suggested and Nikky
complied, they took the route of a shallow bush
which alternatively leads to the V.I.P hostels. On
their way to the hostel; they bumped into the
Marcus and two other guys standing behind him.
“Hi Marcus.” Becky greeted smiling though
“Becky, you dare take me for fool, I called you
throughout yesterday you ignored my calls, you’re
doomed today.” Marcus retaliated and
“Marcus…” Becky tried to defend.
“Shut up!” Marcus yelled alarmingly, he laughed
hysterically and…
Chorus lied down in bed moodily, he hasn’t be
himself since the day Becky saw him and Benita
together, he had tried times without number to
explain things to Becky through phone but Becky
keep on ignoring his calls and the one she
answered she threatened Chorus on
assassinating when next he call. Ola came into
the room with some candles in his hand; he
lighted the candle and placed in on a tin.
“Chorus!” Ola called but he was left with no
“Chorus!!” Ola called again.
“What’s it?” Chorus yelled angrily.
“I saw Nikky three days ago, I proposed dating to
her…” Ola narrated but he was shut by angry
“How is that my problem?” Chorus yelled angrily.
“Chorus…” Ola uttered but Chorus’s phone rang
loudly restraining him from coming down with a
sentence. Ola checked the caller and it’s a call
from an unregistered and hidden number, he
sluggishly picked the call and thus.
“Hello.” The caller greeted with some kind of
husky voice.
“Hi, please who’s speaking?” Chorus asked
“You don’t need that, your girlfriend; Becky and
her friend Nikky are here in my custody.” The
caller explained and hanged the call.
“Hello! Hello!! I can’t hear you…” Chorus
screamed to the dead phone call.
“What’s it?” Ola asked suspiciously.
“Someone kidnapped Becky and Nikky.” Chorus
“What?” Ola exclaimed in disbelief…
a very big thank you to every blessed person that
wishes me a very happy birthday.
I really appreciate and my joy knew no bound
thanks a lot

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