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Must Read: Love Triangle. {Season 2}… Episode 8

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and Chorusman
:.07011818220 and 09038676998
Season 2
Chapter 8
“Hello! Hello!! I can’t hear you o…” Chorus yelled
at the dead phone call.
“What’s it?” Ola asked suspiciously.
“Someone kidnapped Becky and Nikky.” Chorus
“What?” Ola exclaimed in disbelief.
“How’s that possible?” Ola asked to probably no
one though panicked.
“Let me have the number that just called you
about their being kidnapped.” Ola volunteered as
he fetched for his phone on his mattress.
“It’s a private number.” Chorus replied
“Gosh!” Ola sighed.
“What are we going to do now?” Ola asked
“We have to wait till they call, or are you thinking
of an idea?” Chorus suggested and asked
“We can’t just sit down and wait for their call,
who knows if they are not going to call again, we
can’t just sit down idled.” Ola said gapping.
“Don’t worry, I know what to do.” Ola concluded,
he looked at Chorus and he shook his hand
agreeably. Shortly, Chorus’s phone rang loudly,
he eagerly searched for the phone in his
nightgown pocket, he reached for the phone in
his pocket and he brought it out, he checked the
caller and it was Benita calling, he hissed loudly
and ignored the call.
“Who’s that?” Ola asked.
“Benita.” Chorus replied uninterestingly.
“You ought to have picked the call, who knows…”
Ola suggested but Chorus interrupted.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t think deeply to that
extent.” Chorus replied, he dialed Benita’s
number, it rang continuously but it wasn’t picked,
he tried it again but all effort to reach Benita
wasn’t fruitful.

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“She’s not picking my calls.” Chorus told Ola.
Shortly, Ola’s phone rang, he checked the caller
and it’s Nikky, he picked the call eagerly.
“Hello.” He began.
“Lover boy, your girl is in my custody.” A male
voice echoed through the phone though with
Nikky’s number.
“Hello, please what’s there offence, please
forgive them…” Ola begged but he was shut by
the caller.
“Shut up!” The caller yelled.
“Don’t you know you’re indirectly responsible for
the girls kidnapping? Ola, Capon invited you to
join our group but you refuse bluntly. Now let see
who wins, we’re giving you two days ultimatum
to present yourself in front of the Bravura
Demolisher and become an initiated member,
else consider Becky and Nikky dead.” The caller
explained and ended the call, Ola withdrew the
phone from his left ear, he looked the Chorus
who looked tense and confused.
“You heard everything, right?” Ola asked directing
his statement to puzzled Chorus. Chorus nodded
“What are you going to do?” Chorus asked
“Don’t worry Ope.” Ola assured.
“Hope you successfully tracked Nikky’s phone
number?” Ola continued.
“Yes, take a look.” Chorus presented to Ola his
mini laptop, displaying the tracker app showing
Nikky’s number details and its present location.
“Bravo brother.” Ola commented and shook hand
with Chorus with brief smile on his face.
“Don’t plan to go there and attack them o.”
Chorus warned.
“Don’t worry, I won’t go there, but I think it’s
high time we ended this long adventure.” Ola
concluded as he munched a mouthful of well
garnished and steamed Jollof rice prepared by
“Won’t you eat?” Ola asked Chorus.
“He’s such a carefree guy, I always respect his
decision.” Chorus thought and smiled.
“Where’s my share of the rice?” Chorus asked as
he rose on his feet.
“It’s here on my head.” Ola riposted jokingly.
“Silly you.” Chorus remarked as he left the room
for their so called kitchen.

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