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Must Read: Love Triangle. {Season 2}… Episode 9

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and Chorusman
:.07011818220 and 09038676998
Season 2
Chapter 9
“Don’t worry, I won’t go there, but I think it’s
high time we ended this long adventure.” Ola
concluded as he munched a mouthful of well
garnished and steamed Jollof rice prepared by
“Won’t you eat?” Ola asked Chorus.
“He’s such a carefree guy, I always respect his
decision.” Chorus thought and smiled.
“Where’s my share of the rice?” Chorus asked as
he rose on his feet.
“It’s here on my head.” Ola riposted jokingly.
“Silly you.” Chorus remarked as he left the room
for their so called kitchen.
To cut the long story short, Ola volunteered to
join the cult group for the sake of Becky and
Nikky, though he has planned with Chorus and
some of three best friends to come to his aid on
the initiation day. Faster than lightning, the day
clocked; the day Ola and some other new faces
will be recruited into the group.
“Now, kneel down.” The Capon commanded with
some kind of husky voice, he sat on his so-called
pearls chair. The group arena was located inside
the deepest bush in the whole campus, very dark
and dusky, the initiated members formed a circle,
they all wore black shirt and trouser with red
beret, customized on shirt is boldly inscribed
‘The Bravura Demolisher’. In the middle of the
circle formed by the members of the group is
the burning firewood, flaring at high temperature.
“Tonight, this group is going to increase in
population.” The capon paused.
“We’re going to add two new faces it to the
Bravura Demolisher.” The Capon concluded and
laughed hysterically.
“What’s your name?” The Capon asked pointing
his index finger at a sorrowful looking guy
kneeling beside Ola.
“I’m Martins.” The guy replied with his head
bowed in dismay. “What’s your name?” “You?”
The Capon asked pointing at Ola.
“I’m Ola.” Ola replied and the Capon smiled
“Look at these faces standing in front, beside
and behind you guys; do you know anyone
among them?” The Capon asked, Ola and the
other guy looked behind looking at the faces and
they nodded negatively.
“Bravo!” The Capon commented.
“Collect their blood and let the initiation begin.”
The Capon commanded his Marcus; his fly man
and Marcus winked at three other guys and they
left the premises.
“I think we’re almost there, the tracker displays
it.” Chorus announced whispering as he walks
behind two other guys.
“They are there.” Chorus said as he notice the
flames of burning firewood, they paused a little
to confirm if it’s truly their destination.
“What’s the tracker saying?” Rhap asked from
“Same.” Chorus answered.
“I trust Ola, he’s such an intelligent dude.”
Chorus praised and smiled.
“Let set these things.” Rhap suggested as he
unpack some arsenal inside his backpack.
“You take this…” Rhap distributed.
“Collect his blood into the calabash and let him
taste his flesh.” The Capon commanded and
Marcus; the capon fly man moved closer to the
“It seems I’ve seen this face before.” Ola
thought. In just a twinkle of an eye, a teargas
was thrown in the midst of the group, the smoke
covered everywhere and voom, Chorus and three
other guys appeared with mask on their faces,
they shot all the initiated members with
poisonous darts, they beat them hand down and
they all dropped dead instantly, Marcus was one
of those unfortunate but before his demise…
Chorus unmasked himself in front of Ola, he
hugged him tightly.
“Thank you very much.” Ola appreciated and
“Thank you sir, they forced me here but thank
God you came here on time to rescue me, thank
you very much sir, I so much appreciate.” The
other guy appreciated, and he rose on his feet
“Let get going Ola, they would have killed us if
we don’t do the needful.” Chorus commented
and Ola nodded affirmatively.
“Chorus, help me to tell Becky that I love her
and I’ll forever do even after my demise.” Marcus
spoke from behind though gapping and after his
utterance, he dropped dead.

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