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Must Read: Isabella. (Season 2)… Episode 22

¤season 2 (Consequences of Love)
¤written by….
¤Etz sky prince
pisode 22
When the tough get going it is onlythe toughest
that will keep on going.the battle has became
completely fierced for Castros as her powers
were been sucked from her body by the hit from
luciana and her subjects.her strength kept
decreasing in every single seconds that passed
by and it could be seen in her lightening as the
bright light from her tale reduces it brighteness
slowly.hades was no where to be seen around
either and she ran with curiosity and anxiety
wondering what might have took her queen but
she never give up on the race as it could be
seen in her sacrifices and determination that she
is fully ready to protect Isabella even if it cause
her existence and also to maintain the legacy
which Hades left behind.luciana conjured all her
anger into power and she started firing red
lightening and flames at the shield, just like
Castros every single lightening and flame bolt
she made from her strength decreases her
strength cos of the anger which ventured out
from every part of her body to her power and
force.keeping hades legacy and determination
keep Castros focus even when it was contrary to
the continues use of her strength.tracy smiled as
she stood transfixed at the same spot with her
tail dangling in the river as she saw Luciana
strength getting weaker and her light decreasing
also while the shield wave was still far from
being permanent neither was it getting ready to
be destroy.she summon her power from her mind
unknown to Luciana and she started feeding
Castros with her strength slowly a offer that
gladden castros heart and she increased her race
sporadically and Luciana face became bemused
with shock but she never stopped even for a
single moment.
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“Give her all you got!!…. Summon all your power
break it down!!”.she shouted on the top of her
voice and the chanted in chorus increasing their
power bolt just like Luciana.
“you can do it queen mother,i believe in you,i
trust in you greatest of All queens in different
claves.there are queen and there are queens but
you are the head of all queens. Show them how
it is done am here for you”.tracy said in the
communication and filling castros mind using her
strength which she connected to Castros while
Luciana stood her ground fully determine to bring
the shield down than viewing the happening at
her back which stood as an advantage to
Castros and Tracy.
Meanwhile,pastor Ben stand his ground in the
fierce battle immediately wisdom finished upup
with the praises and he opened up the moment
of prayer.Pastor Ben has been a very good friend
to us for a long time now,he is the pastor of
incharge of our province here in mbaise.he is
completely right in all he had said earlier but I
still find It difficult to believe Isabella will use her
power to pass me out just to Return back to the
“oh God of heaven, a God that answered by fire
we call on you this moment to take control and
maintain the decision and choice of your
daughter. You said in your holy book that
whatsoever we bound on earth shall be bound in
heaven and whatsoever we loose on earth shall
be loosed in heaven father take control of this
moment liberate your daughter from her past and
fill her with your power,love and are
the God of possibility, the God of Abraham,God
of Isaac and the God of Jacob the omnipotent
God……. “.the praying section continue for many
minutes and yet isabella never made a single
move.pastor ben pull off his coat and brought
out his anointing oil and right there in our
present while we were all praying he opened the
anointing oil and poured it on Isabella head and
she started rolling on the floor restless.immedi
etely the oil touched her body a thunder strike
out from Isabella body and some shining particle
which I quickly recognised to be the mirror I saw
at Isabella’s room.though they were in pieces but
I still recognised them as our attentions were
fully directed at the mirrors that appeared out of
no where and we started counciling and rebuking
them. The thunder striked once again and
Isabella started vomiting out thick black blood
right there in our presence to our utter
amazement and the blood swipe forward like a
spring to where the mirrors appeared merging
with the mirror and dark smoke covered the spot
instantly while we stood in bilwerdement viewing
all the mysteries happening right there in our
presence.isabella suddenly became still on the
floor with her legs and hands stretched erect on
the floor after vomiting the Dark blood out of her
body.we never stopped praying as our voices
increased drastically shaking the foundation of
the who I know is never a
religious man was on his kneel with his hands
raised above his head even when the Thunder
striked from Isabella body none of them they
never stood up likewise my friends, it was a
fierce moment of prayer as we were fully
determined to call on the lord to liberate Isabella
completely.i know my friends have so many
things to ask I and Isabella coupled with the
mysterious things happening around inside the
sitting room.the dark smoke wiped out
completely and we saw something that made us
to stop our prayer abruptly as everyone started
moving away from the spot only pastor ben was
able to stand her ground while speaking in
tongues.right on the floor lies a gigantic big dark
sword with two pearls at the back and the dark
light was shining brightly from the blade. We
watched the sword at a far distance behind
pastor Ben as he entered another round of
prayer section, this time alone as we suddenly
became extremely shocked seeing a mighty
sword that suddenly appeared from the merging
of Isabella blood with pieces of mirror a sword
emanating dark flames with two gold and silver
pearls hanging at it back. Pastor ben move
slowly with caution with the rest of the anointing
oilv opened in his hand and he made to pour it
on the sword when we heard a voice at our back.
“if I were you I won’t think of doing that”.a
beautiful Voice said at our back and we ran
away from the spot immedietly only to turn back
and see the most shocking view ever seen on
earth,we saw…….
To be continued

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