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Must Read: The Careless Lover… Episode 60

“Yes she has the same right as all of you
because she is your sister, your father flesh
and blood”,she replied turning to dave and
Rose and we all turned to look at Dave
“Dad what is she talking about”,Dave said
looking at his father.
“Mom please tell me that this is not
true”,Sonia said turning to her mother.
“I am sorry my children but it is true”,Dave
father said almost in tears .
“Austin so you have the guts to do this to
me”,Dave mother said.
“I am sorry honey but it is not my fault”,his
father replied.
“It is not your fault that you cheated on me
or it is not your fault that you dare to bring
your mistress into my matrimonial home or
it is not your fault that you dare to cheat on
me with my best friend and even had a child
with her”
“I am sorry please forgive me”,his father
“Now to you Esther so you have the guts to
try to steal my husband from me after
everything i have done for you”,she said
turning to Sonia mother.
“She didn’t try to steal me away from
you”,Dave father cuts in. “I wasn’t married
to you then when i met her”.
“What are you talking about Dad,are you
trying to tell us that Sonia is your eldest
daughter”,Rose cuts in.
“Few months after you left and i lost my
mother,things became hard for me and my
father so i decided to go live with my uncle
in Abuja who promised to trained me to
school but when i got here my uncle wife
started treating me like a slave and i ran
away one day at midnight only for me to run
into the hands of rapist but Austin save me
from them that night and that was how we
met, after beating the boys we both ran
away from the spot and he offered to take
me home but he was shocked when i told
him that i don’t have a home, i narrated
everything that has happened to him and he
took pity on me and took me to his
apartment, we started living together as
friends but our friendship graduated into
love and we started having sex,two months
later i discovered that i was pregnant and
was very happy,i tought he will be very
happy about my pregnancy but that was the
opposite,when i told him about my
pregnancy he became furious at me,two
days later he called me and gave me 50000
naira to get rid of the pregnancy but i
refused and he added another fifty thousand
naira which is 100000 naira but i refused
because i am scared of losing my life in the
process, that day Austin left very angry and
i tought he was going to come back but he
didn’t come back,after two months the
landlady throw me out of the two room self
contain apartment because the rent Austin
paid has expired and i rented a one room
apartment and started Hawking with the
little money i have left, i gave birth to a
bouncing baby few month later and Sonia is
that girl”,Esther narrated in tears.

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“If you knew that Sonia and David are the
same blood then why did you ask me to
make sure David get married to Sonia at the
hospital years back?”, Dave mother asked.
“I didn’t know that he was your husband and
the father of David at that time,i only met
him two years back when you introduced me
to him and i couldn’t bring myself to tell
you”,Esther replied.
“And you decided to pay me back by
sleeping with him behind my back”.
“I am sorry,immediately i saw him the love
came back and after he apologized and
promised to look after Sonia i couldn’t help
but forgave him,i know that i betrayed you
but i didn’t planned to take him away from
you, i knew that he is yours but still i
couldn’t resist him”.
“My daughter please forgive me,please my
children”,David father said and knelt down.
“Don’t you dare call me your daughter, you
don’t have the right to call me your daughter
after all you did to me and my mother, you
abandoned her and ran away, what if she
have died”,Sonia said in a very harsh toon.
“No my daughter please you have to forgive
him because he is your father and you can’t
changed that”,her mother said.
“No mom i will never forgive him,this man is
so wicked and mom why do you have to
keep this away from me for a very long time
and why do you have to betray your best
friend like this”,Sonia replied in tears.
“Please my daughter, please forgive me,i
didn’t mean to hurt you”,her mother replied.
“No mom i will never forgive you for
this”,Sonia said and ran out.
“My children go and pack your things,we are
living this place right away”,Dave mother
said to Dave and Rose.
“Please my children don’t do this to me,
honey please don’t live me like this”,his
father replied.
“Mom please you have to forgive him,he is
our father and we can’t leave him like this
mom”,Rose said to her mother.
“Yes mom,you have to forgive dad,i know
that he made a very big mistake but you
have to understand that marriage is for
better for worst”,Dave said as well.
“Mom please look at us,we are your children
please if you can’t forgive him because of
everything please forgive him because of us
mom please”Rose said in tears.
“I know you hate me now but I am only
going to ask you one thing and that is for
you to forgive your husband, i was the one
that seduced him because of lust, please
forgive him and i promised to take my
daughter and go away from your lives for
good but please just forgive your husband
because it is not his fault”,Esther said in

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Updated: December 17, 2018 — 4:31 am
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