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Must Read: The Careless Lover… Episode 61

“Is OK Austin i will stay here because of my
children but let me make it clear to you that
there is nothing between us and i am only
staying here for my children”,David mother
“Thank you so much mom”,Dave and Rose
said at the same time and hugged her and
Esther made to leave the apartment but
David mother called her.
“Esther please don’t live,you are my life
today because without you i won’t have
been living,you gave me another chance to
live so i cannot repay you by sending you
away so please move in with us and we can
live together happily”,she said to her.
“No i can’t do that,i want to face my
punishment for all what i have done to you,i
can’t pay all the good you have done for me
by coming to live with you here and sharing
your husband with you, Austin is yours and i
have realized that but please take care of
my daughter for me,take care of her like
your own daughter and please don’t
punished her for my sins, i know she will
come back soon and i don’t want her to
meet me here,just tell her that i will be
coming to see her from time to time,i just
want her to be with her family,” Esther said
in tears and walked away and David mom
started crying.
“Mom please stop crying, is better she
left”,Rose said and they all hugged happily
including their father, i made to walk out of
the apartment but David stopped me.
“Cynthia thank you so much for revealing
this secret to us,i am very grateful for
this”,David said to me.
“Yes sister Cynthia we are really happy for
what you did because without you we
wouldn’t have been able to find out about all
this”,Rose said and hugged me.
“Is OK Rose,i just want you guys to be
happy”,i replied.
“Cynthia i know that i have wronged you by
trying to separate you from my son”,his
mother walked up to me and said.
“Is OK ma,i hold nothing against you”.
“I really hope you can forgive and get back
together with my son,that will make me
happier than ever”.
“Madam i have forgiven you but getting back
together with your son is a totally different
situation because my wedding and
traditional marriage has been fixed with
someone else,Dave i really hope you can
forgive me for this”,i replied turning to
“Cynthia please now you know very well that
i have nothing to do with Sonia, she is my
sister and you have seen things for
yourselves,please let’s get married and put
everything behind us”,Dave said kneeling
“Sister Cynthia please forgive my brother,
you are the source of his happiness, please
forgive him and marry him”,Rose said.
“I am sorry Dave but i can’t disappoint
Tony,a date has already been fixed for our
wedding,please find it in your heart to
forgive me”,i said brought out his ring from
my purse and dropped it on the table and
walked out of the apartment in tears.

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“I didn’t hear from Dave after that day,one
week time David and his family came and
my traditional pride price was paid,there
were enough food and drinks for everyone
and i was surprised to see Tracy because i
haven’t heard from her after we had issues,
she walked up to me after the marriage and
wished me luck with Tony,the following day
she called me and informed me that she has
accepted to be my chief bridesmaid, i was
so happy and we all planned the wedding
together although i sensed that she is not
happy that i am marrying Tony but she just
want to do it for me as her friend but who
cares,i am marrying Tony and there is
nothing she can do about it
The day we have all been waiting for finally
came and i am very happy that everything
has been set, Tracy was the first to wake
me up that morning because she slept in my
“Cynthia are you sure you want to do this,I
mean you can still call off the wedding if
you want and David might still accept you
back”,she said to me.
“Tracy you are my best friend and i know
you want the best for me but believe me i
am happy doing this and i know that i will
be happy with Tony, i also hope that David
is happy anywhere he is”.
“Why don’t you go talk to him,i mean he
might do something bad to himself
considering the amount of love he feel for
you, i think you should talk to him and make
him understand your reasons for marrying
“There is no need for that Tracy, he might
made me change my mind”.
“That means you still love him”,she replied
and just then Tony call came in.
“Hello my lady,hope you have started getting
ready”,he said to me after answering.
“Yes we are almost ready and you”.
“We are ready but i just want to make sure
everything is OK with you and let you know
how much i love you before leaving home”.
“I love you too Tony,see you there OK”.
“I love you more my lady,see you there”,he
replied and hung up and just then my mom
and favour came into my room and we all
went to get ready,few minutes later we all
left to the church after my parents have
advised me,we got to the Church and Tony
and i took our vows,after taking our vows
the Pastor ask if there is anybody who don’t
want the union to hold but nobody came out
but just as we were about to start
exchanging rings, David and Linda and some
police men walk into the church and
announced that the wedding cannot

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