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Must Read: The Careless Lover… Episode 62

“What do you mean by the wedding cannot
continue”,i blurted out in shock.
“What is the meaning of this rubbish”,Tony
“Cynthia i told you that i will be back”,Lind
“Would you guys just tell me why you are
trying to ruin my wedding”,I shouted very
“We are not trying to ruin your so call
wedding, this man here is the one ruining
it”,David said turning to Tony.
“What is wrong with you guys,you are
ruining my wedding and you dare say that i
am the one ruining it”,Tony replied very
“We are here today to stop this wedding
because this man is drug dealer,” David
replied and the whole church shouted.
“What did you just say”,the pastor said
turning to David.
“Yes pastor,this man is a drug dealer”.
“How dare you come in here to accused me
of something i knew nothing of”,Tony said.
“Don’t you dare try to deny it Mr Tony
because we have proof”,Linda said.
“Cynthia don’t believe them,they are lying to
us because they don’t want us to get
married, please let’s just go on with our
wedding”,he said to me.
“We will know who is lying very soon”,one of
the policeman said.
“How dare you walk in here and accused my
son of being a drug dealer”,Tony father said
walking up to the alter”.
“Listen David,just take this policemen and
get out of here”,i said to David angrily.
“No Cynthia, i am only doing this for you”,he
“I know why you are doing this Dave,you are
only doing this so that i can come back to
you but that will never happen so take this
policemen and get out of this place now so
my wedding can continue”,i said to him.
“You don’t move me anymore Cynthia, i am
not leaving this place until i am done with
what i came here to do,now officer arrest
“There is no way you are arresting my
son,you can’t just come here and arrest him
without proof”,Tony father shouted.
“My friend are you sure your son is not
involved in what they are saying”,my father
said turning to Tony father.
“No no no ,my son can never do a thing like
this”,he replied. “Not listen if any of you try
to take my son without producing an
evidence, i will deal with that person.
“Alright then,i want to wait till we get to
court before producing this evidence but i
think i have to produce it now”. David said.
“Yes Dave this is the perfect time to show
them who this so call Tony really is”, Linda
replied and brought out some pictures from
her bag and gave it to me,i looked at one of
the pictures and i saw Tony holding a
briefcase containing cocaine and tears fell
from my eyes,i looked at the second one
and i saw him exchanging the cocaine with
another guy and he is putting on different
clothes in the pictures, the pictures fell from
my hands and my father picked it up, all the
church members came out immediately to
look at the pictures,and everybody is very
shocked because nobody believed that Tony
is capable if such act.
“Cynthia please is not what you think”,he
said in tears.
“Don’t you dare call my name you fool,i
replied and gave him a dirty slap and
immediately Tracy and favour ran to hold
me, they handcuffed him immediately and
took him away.
“Is OK big sist,stop crying”,favour said trying
to console me.
“How can you tell me that it is OK when
everything is not OK,my wedding DAT has
been ruined,a say that is supposed to be my
happiest day has turned to my worst day”.
“Cynthia you are supposed to be happy that
you found out early,what if you have married
him before finding out about this or what if
you have already traveled out of the country
with him,wouldn’t that be worst”,Tracy said
to me.
“Tracy is right my daughter,you will find
another guy that is far better than him,he
don’t deserve your love so forget about
him”,my mother said to me and just then
Dave and Linda walked up to us.
“Dave thank you so much for doing this for
Cynthia”,Tracy said to him.
“Is OK Tracy, i just don’t want her to end up
with the wrong guy”,he replied.
“Dave thank you so much,you have indeed
prove your love for me,now i know who i
truly want,”I replied and tried to hugged him
but he refused. “Dave i know that i have
wronged you and i don’t deserve you
anymore but i want you to know that i acted
out of ignorance, please forgive me,i now
know that you are the one for me”.
“I am sorry Cynthia but is too late now”,he
“What do you mean by is too late Dave, we
can talk about this please forgive me”.
“Is too late Cynthia i have found someone
who has shown me another side of love,”he
quickly hold Linda hand.” Linda here has
shown me what love truly is and we are
getting married,” he said and they started

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Updated: December 18, 2018 — 6:12 am
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