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Must Read: The Careless Lover… Episode 63

No this is not true”, i blurted out almost in
“Of course is true Cynthia, i told you that i
will do everything in my power to make sure
Dave forget about you and now it is
done”,Linda replied.
“You bloody prostitute how dare you try to
take my boyfriend away from me”,i replied.
“You can call me whatever you want Cynthia
but i have achieved something you thrown
away and that is plus one for me”.
“Dave please don’t listen to her, i am the
one you truly love and you know it,Dave
please remember our first night together, we
made a promise to end up with each other
no matter what”,I said in tears.
“Did you think about that promise before
giving yourself to Tony, do you think about
that promise before pushing me away from
your life and treated me like rag, Cynthia all
what i have done ever since i met you has
been for you, i tought you were going to
change and come back to me but you still
go on with your wedding with Tony and now
you dare to tell me to remember the same
promise you thrown away a long time ago”.
“Dave please i promise you that i am going
to change,i won’t think about myself
anymore but you, please just give me
another chance,please i am begging you, my
life will be nothing if you leave me please”,i
replied in tears.
“Is too late now Cynthia, you can go ahead
and marry your Tony in jail”,he replied and
they started walking away but i ran after
them and knelt down.
“Dave please don’t leave me please i am
begging you, i will do anything you want but
please don’t just leave me please”,i said in
“I am sorry Cynthia but you are a little too
late,”he replied,removed my hands from his
trouser and walked away.
I tried to go after them but Tracy and my
mother stopped me.
“Is enough Cynthia,just let him go for
now,maybe when he has calm down he will
come back to you”,Tracy replied.
“No ,he won’t come back for me,i pushed
him away”.
“My daughter you have to calm down and
rest,all is not lost and he might come back
for you”,my mom said.
“No mom he won’t come back, he has left
me for good and i don’t think i can live
without him anymore”,i replied.
“Cynthia you can live without him,you just
have to accept the fact that he is no longer
yours”,Tracy replied.
“No i can’t accept that fact Tracy, i can’t
lose Dave”
“My child please stop crying,you have to
stop crying OK,let’s go home for now”,my
mom replied.
“I don’t want to go home, i want to stay
“Big sist you have to go home
please”,Favour replied and they tried to help
me get up but i fell back to the floor and
everywhere became blank,i woke up few
hours later and found myself at the hospital
with mom sitting by my side.

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“Cynthia, thank God you are awake”,she said
as soon as i opened my eyes.
“What happened mom,i mean why am i
“You fainted at the church dear”,she replied.
“Yea after David left with Linda”,i replied.
“You have got to stop thinking about that
boy my child, your own man will come at
the right time”she replied.
“So what about Dad, is he not yet back from
the station”.
“He left here few minutes ago with your
sister to get you some food and your brother
will be coming tomorrow”.
“Wow so Michael will be coming tomorrow
and what about Jane?”
“She won’t be able to make it but you
should be happy that your brother is
“Yes mom i can’t wait to see him,but what
about Tracy?”
“She left about an hour ago but she
promised to come see you at home later”.
“What about Dave,did he knew that i
“No i don’t think he knew and i don’t want
him to know because his coming here might
“Might worsen my situation,isn’t that what
you want to say”.
“Cynthia i know that part of what you are
going trough now is my fault because your
dad and i falsed you to marry Tony”.
“No mom,you and dad only give me a choice
and i could have said no and fight for Dave
but instead i decided to go for Tony”.
“Is OK my child,you will be fine”.
“Speaking of Tony,how is he?”.
“Your dad said that he has confessed
everything and he might be jail for life
because he has killed some people through
the process of selling his drugs and the fact
that he has admitted everything make it
“I feel so sorry for him and the fact that i
am still married to him”.
“Don’t worry the traditional marriage can be
terminated, your father and his people will
just returned the bride price to them”.
“Thank you very much mom”.
“You are welcome my child but there is a
“A problem,what happened mom”.
“While you were asleep the doctor run some
tests on you and he confirmed you five
weeks pregnant”.
“What,no this is not true”.
“It is true my child,this is the letter,” she
said and gave it to me, i looked at it and it
was written that i am five weeks pregnant”.
“Oh mom,i missed my period last month but
i didn’t took it seriously because of all what
I have been going trough”.
“And the thing is you can’t be pregnant for
Tony because you haven’t known him up to
a month and”.
“I know mom,this pregnancy is not for
Tony,but for Dave”.

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Updated: December 18, 2018 — 6:17 am
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