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Must Read: The Careless Lover… Episode 64

“I know mom,this pregnancy is not for
Tony,but for Dave”.
“What, Cynthia how dare you do this to me”.
“Mom I am sorry,i didn’t know”.
“You didn’t know,what if you have married
Tony,is this how you would have brought us
shame and disgrace”.
“Mom i didn’t mean to do this”.
“I don’t care about what you think but you
are getting rid of this pregnancy whether
you like it or not”,she said and walked out
I woke up from sleep in the evening and saw
Michael sitting beside me. “Micheal what
are you doing here?”
“Aren’t you happy to see me?”.
“Of course i am happy,mom told me that
you will be coming tomorrow”.
“Yea but i decided to surprise you”.
“Oh i am really surprise, so how is Jane and
the pregnancy?”
“Oh Jane is fine and the pregnancy is
kicking very well”.
“Is a shame she couldn’t make it”.
“Yea but she promised to come with me the
next time i am visiting”.
“I can’t wait to see her”.
“Look at you now Cynthia, you have grown
so big and beautiful”.
“Don’t start now big bro,you and i know that
you are the handsome one and with
everything that i have gone true, I don’t
think that i will still be beautiful”.
“Mom and dad told me everything, i am so
“So if my wedding have hold you wouldn’t
have make it?”.
“I am so sorry sister, I promised to make it
up to you”.
“Is ok,i have forgiven you”.
“So what do you plan to do about the
“Mom want me to get rid of it”
“But is that really what you want”.
“I don’t know Micheal, i feel like this
pregnancy can bring Dave and i back
“But how can you think such a thing”.
“Because if he finds out that i am pregnant,
he may dump Linda at the alter and marry
“Don’t tell me that you planned to disrupt
his wedding”.
“But that is what he and Linda did to me”.
“They only did that to help you Cynthia”.
“By announcing to me that they are getting
“Listen Cynthia i know that you love Dave
but you can’t get him back violently,you
have to calm down”.
“I have heard you”.
“So promise me that you won’t do anything
that you will regret later”.
“Alright i won’t”.
“And about the pregnancy anything you
decide about it is fine by me and remember
that you still have one more semester to
complete In school OK”.
“Ok big Bro, i have heard you”.
“Let me go talk to the doctor so you can be
discharged today”.
“Alright i will be waiting”,i replied and he
left,he came back some few minutes later
and we went home together.
“So Cynthia tell me what do you plan to do
about the pregnancy, I mean is been one
week now and you you have not decided on
what to do,remember that school will
resumed three weeks from now”, Tracy ask
me on our way to her apartment.
“Don’t worry Tracy, i have my own plans
concerning that pregnancy”.
“I hope you are not planning to do
something bad because i remembered that
you promised your brother before he left
that you won’t do anything you will regret”.
“Not all promises are kept Tracy”.
“Cynthia i am beginning to suspect you oh”.
“You can suspect me all you want,i don’t
“If you had listen to my advice,David would
have been yours now and the both of you
would have been living happily but now he is
getting married to Linda now”.
“I really f—-d up Tracy but i am ready to do
anything to get Dave back”.
“So what do you plan to do?” She asked and
just then a call came into her phone,she
answered it and they spoke for some few
“So who was that?”,i asked after she ended
the call.
“Oh Cynthia, i don’t know how to tell you
this,everything is happening so fast”.
“What is happening so fast,talk to me
“Is Linda, she called to tell me that she and
David has fixed a date for their wedding and
it is just two weeks from now”.
“What,I can’t believe this”,i replied and ran
off,she tried to call me back but i didn’t
I can’t let this happen,i have to do
something to stop their wedding but what
am i going to do,i kept on questioning
myself and just then an idea came into my
head, the wedding day finally came and i
left for the church,they were very shock
when they saw me but they said nothing,i
took my seat and just as they want to start
taking their vows i came out from my seat
“This wedding cannot hold”,i blurted out.
“What do you mean by this wedding cannot
hold”,both of them said at the same time.
“This wedding cannot hold because i am
pregnant for the groom”,i replied.
“What,”the whole congregation screamed
including Dave family.
“What are you talking about”, Dave replied.
“So you don’t know right, i am two months
pregnant for you Dave and here is the
proof”,i replied and gave him the paper”.
“And you didn’t tell me about it”,he replied
after reading it.
“I just found out about it Dave so you have
to call off this wedding”.
“I am sorry Cynthia but i can’t call off my
wedding, i promised to be a good father to
my child the best way i can and i will take
good care of him or her but i can’t call off
my wedding, i am marrying Linda and not
“Dave you can’t marry Linda, you have to
marry me so we can become a family”.
“Dave Austin,this is your choice,i will give
you one hour to decide on one to do”,the
pastor said and tried to live but Dave
stopped him.
“No pastor,i have made my decision, i am
marrying Linda and nothing can stop
me”,Dave said and turned to Linda.
I quickly deeped my hand into my bag and
brought out a gun,i quickly pointed the gun
at Linda , “Dave i never think that the point
will come when i will use this but you have
given no choice by insisting on marrying this
woman and i will rather kill her because i
can’t allow that”.
“Cynthia what are you trying to do please
put that gun down”,he said and try to come
close to me.
“Don’t you dare come close to me”,i said
and point the gun at him.
“Very well then,go ahead and kill me
Cynthia,i rather die than get married to you,
Linda is the one i love and i will marry her
no matter what so go ahead and kill
me,what are you waiting for kill me”,Dave
said very seriously.
“Please don’t kill my son, i will do anything
you ask but please don’t kill my son”,his
mother said kneeling down.

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Updated: December 18, 2018 — 6:22 am
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