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Must Read: Love War… Episode 7

Episode 7
Writer: cristiana crisella
It was already morning, Sylvia walked to
Becca’s room and found her sleeping with a book
wide open beside her.
“i guess it her diary,” she smile and sat at the
edge of her bed then glance through some pages
of the diary and smile.
“Mom,” Becca called in small voice, she rubbed
her eyes then sat up.
“mom, that’s my diary,” she quickly snatched it
away from her hand.
“come on Becca, well i just read something,” she
“what? she asked as she stretch her arms.
“who’s Clark, is he your boyfriend! don’t tell me
you have boyfriend already but you never tell me
“mom, don’t run into conclusion like that, he was
the one that save me at the beach. But you
dragged me home with you, you didn’t even allow
me thank me, you’re so annoying atimes,” she
said in low tone looking away.
“really! don’t tell me you’re still angry with me?
Sylvia asked.
“not really mom, but you should have let me
thank him, but you were too harsh at that time,”
she smile.
“uhmm.. i have never see you act like this
towards any guy, don’t tell me you like him
already? her mother asked.
“sure, he saved me, but you didn’t allow me to
thank him, you just ruin everything,”
“okay Becca i apologies am really sorry about
“okay mom apology accepted, don’t mind me i
guess i must be so crazy this morning, well am
runing late for school,” Becca smiled as she
quickly stood up and walked to the bathroom to
take her bath.
Sylvia said nothing but smile to herself.
“i wish you’ll gonna find true love someday, so
you can be more happier,” she said to herself still
“you did so well again today in class,” said Jenel
smiling as the walked to the park and sat under
a big tree. Jenel walked over and got some ice
cream for them.
“so when is your birthday? Jenel asked licking
her ice cream.
“in the next two days, you know am so happy
even thou am not gonna celebrate it in a grand
way, atleast i have my own family to celebrate
“wow! so what about your boyfriend? Jenel
“huh? boyfriend! you ask silly questions atimes, i
don’t have any and am not ready to have,”
“why? Jenel quickly asked.
“cos i might end up getting hurt, i just believe
any love aside from that of your family is
actually fake and not real, but i actually hope
someday am gonna find my prince charming,”
she smiled.
“so don’t you believe in true love? Jenel asked
“of course i do, and that’s what i want to have
when the right comes, true love cos true love
never fades away,” she said smiling.
“wow, Becca so you mean you’re gonna have
boyfriend till the right time comes? Jenel asked.
“not exactly, just stop asking stupid questions let
just forget about this please,” Becca suggested
then lick her ice cream.
“Clark,” Kate called out as she walked to his
room, he was lying down on the bed shivering
while Rose was seated close to him.
“what actually happen? Kate asked so worried.
“he’s already burning up due to fever, not only
that but strong headache glad you came on
time,” said Rose.
“he need to see the doctor,” Kate suggested.
“our family doctor just left, he even came alone
with some medicine, he also said too much
stress is involve in this,” Rose explained with a
pale face.
“too bad,” Kate sat next to him she put her hand
in his, she moved his hair backward and stared
at him.
“don’t worry ma’am, he will gonna be fine, Clark
is a very strong person he can handle this,” said
Kate with full assurance. “am gonna watch over
him and probably sleep over here tonight, am
sure my mom and dad will agree to that,” said
“thank you so much Kate, i really appreciates,”
said Rose.
“happy birthday my dear,” Sylvia and her husband
Andrew shouted aloud. Becca was still asleep as
she opened her eyes and sat up.
“happy birthday, today you’re actually twenty my
dear,” her mother smiled then sat down beside
“happy birthday Becca,” said Andrew.
“thanks dad, thanks mom, i really appreciates,”
she said smiling.
“we gonna celebrate this day so special Becca,”
said sylvia.
“yes, but that would be in the evening after
school,” her dad smile.
“wow, thank you much mummy,” she smiled as
she stood up and hugged then both smiling.
“happy birthday friend,” said Jenel as she
hand over a rose flower to her.
“thank you,” Becca collect it smiling.
“am gonna sponsored everything you need for
free today, they cab you will take and go back
home with, your bills at the cafeteria, or any
other thing,”
“my friend is such a good girl, thank you so
much Jenel,” she smiled.
Later in the evening, Becca was done in school
and was about to go when Mr. Smith one of her
lecturer called her to his office.
“my noble intelligent students,” he said smiling
while she smile back and wonder why he called
her she has always knew Mr. Smith as a good
“Becca i like your courage, despite the fact that
you’re from a poor family you still be yourself by
being a good person and also very intelligent,” he
” thank you so much sir, my mom really did well
in raising me, she has always told me obstacle
cannot stop me from achieving my dreams,” she
said smiling.
“so happy birthday,” he smiled back then brought
out a shopping back filled with new clothes and
shoes inside.
“this for you Becca, please don’t reject my gift, it
really from a pure heart, not only as a birthday
gift but because you’re one of the students i like
best in this school you’re actually doing well in
my course and not only that but all the courses,”
he smiled.
“i can’t accept this sir, this too much,” she said
but he…

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