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Must Read: Cinderella… Episode 10

Chapter 10
By # QueenMaeRee
Jacob’s Pov
I guess you guys don’t know me very well.
Tyson’s Mom and my Mom are siblings, so that makes me his cousin but am a year older than him though..
“Oh hi cousin” I say and see a confused face on Ella
“Cou cousin” Ella says
“Yes sweetheart, am his cousin and his don’t know why he’s holding you like that” I say and drag her back to myself..
“What are you doing in Mexico” Tyson asks fuming…
Ella’s Pov
“I came to visit my girlfriend”Jacob says smirking…
“Ex girlfriend” I said and release myself from…
“You guys dated??” Tyson asks surprised…
“Yes we did and we were the towns best couple” Jake says and I frown at him…
“Look am not in the mood for a morning drama , Jake come here” I said and pulled him away from the center of everyone leaving the girls heartbroken and making Tyson a little bit angry…
“I can’t believe this” I said looking at him disgustingly, this was the same guy that broke my heart, almost two weeks ago and I still have a little bit of feelings for him..
“Look Emmanuela have come to right my wrongs, I know I hurt you that day am so sorry” he said
“Did you come here just to say all this, look Jake I have moved on and I don’t want to have anything to do with you any more” I said getting upset..
“Emmanuel I…”
“Let’s pretend we don’t know each other at all” I said and walked out on him…
I saw Tyson still standing where I left him like a dejected cow. I walked up to him with an awkward feeling, a feeling I can’t explain…
“Hey how’s your arm” I asked but he didn’t reply
“Tyson am asking you a question” I said and he looked at me angrily, he grabbed my arm swiftly and I could see a pint of hurt in his eyes…
“Is he your boyfriend, do you like him, are you guys dating” he asked
“Tyson let go of me” I said as I struggled to break free from his tight grip..
“What’s going on” Quêën says as she walked in the drama…
“None of your business, answer my question Ella” He said looking at me again, now am getting upset..
“Who am I to answer your question,am I your property or are you my God, let go of me” I said and finally released myself and walked to class…
I got to class and met everyone snitching at me again, seriously this drama is getting too much for me…
The music teacher walked in alongside Quêën who was giving me daggers..
“I guess you all are prepared for the upcoming competition, after your exams y’all should come for your vocal training” she said..
“While the final year students are graduating, I’ll need some students who can volunteer to sing at the graduation” she said and everyone raised up their hands shouting
I didn’t bother to raise up my hands as I was busy killing Quêën with my eyes..
“Miss Da Ville” she called and I looked up to her.
“Are you not interested”she asked and I nodded the negative…
I can’t sing for that dummy called Tyson…
“Why you have the voice” she said
“Am not interested ma” I said angrily and bowed my Head on the table…
The bell for lunch break rang and I walked to the cafeteria, I bumped into Jake on my way but ignored him..
“Ella, you didn’t hit a stick you know” he said and I turned back slowly to see his disgusting face..
“I thought you graduated from high school like three or two years ago, what are you doing here” I said quietly as other students passed and looked at us…
“I came for you Emmanuela” he said
“Stop calling me that” I said pissed off
“Am sorry Ella” he said and Tyson walked pass us , he gave me a hurt look and sincerely, I was also hurt…
“I have to go” I said and walked to the cafeteria to eat my lunch….
The closing bell rang and I quickly walked out of the school gate but as usual..”
“Tyson” I said as he pulled up in front me
“Get in” he said in a rather commanding tone..
“Erm I’ll rather not” I said and walked up but stopped when I felt someone lifting me up the ground..
“Put me down” I said kicking my leg in every direction as Tyson carried me and dropped me in his car..
“Where you taking me to” I asked
“Somewhere” he said and drove off…
We got down at a serene area and he dragged me to God knows where…
“Wow” I said surprised at the beautiful scenery in front of me..
“It’s beautiful”I said smiling..
The ocean was really nice…
“You like it” he asked and my countenance changed immediately..
“Why did you bring me here” I asked
“To show you the beautiful side of life” he said and I scoffed…
“Am I your girlfriend or what, why did you bring me here” I asked again..
“Because I like you Da Ville” he said and boom..
My heart is racing, my heart is racing
“Wha what did you say” I asked like I didn’t hear him before..
“I know it sounds crazy Ella, I mean both of us are like cat and rats but the more we fight, the more I realise I have feelings for you” he said
“Tyson” I said not knowing what to say..
“Are you and my cousin in a relationship” he asked..
“Hmm, no no no” I said
“Then will you date me” he asked
“Ty Tyson…” I couldn’t complete my words before I felt his lips on mine, but this time I didn’t fight, I parted my lips a little and returned the kiss back , he pulls me closer and kisses me passionately like our future depended on it , I returned the gesture and wrapped my hands around his shoulders as I felt a new kind of sensation.. A type have never felt before..
Am I in love …. with TYSON
Aww he confessed his feeling for her..
I love Tyson so so much, how I wish I was Ella
But wait. .. Isn’t this part of the bet

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