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Must Read: Once A Lover {Season 2}… Episode 10

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi
:. 07011818220
Season 2
Episode 10
“I want to see the face behind the mask.” Daniel spoke softly and the man turned back, he looked at Daniel for a minute. Conclusively, he unmasked himself.
“Oh my goodness!” Daniel exclaimed surprisingly, just then he collapsed.
Daniel woke up, his hands were now loose and unshackled.
“Brother!” Daniel sighed smiling.
“Daniel, it’s been a long time.” The self-acclaimed assassin replied.
“We thought you are dead, but where have you been all this while?” Daniel paused confusingly.
“Henry, we miss you a lot, mother miss you more.” Daniel concluded with eyes soak with tears, he spread his arms and Henry hugged him passionately.
“I miss you guys more.” Henry riposted with tears in his eyes.
“Henry, hope there’s nothing wrong with Ola?” Daniel asked as he wiped away the tears in his eyes.
“He is fine, he has even woke up some minutes ago, though he is very weak and exhausted.” Henry replied.
“Oh… please where is this?” Daniel asked confusingly.
“Hmmm… I name this place ‘Demolisher Coven’, this is where I live.” Henry responded suspiciously.
“Hope there is no problem?” Henry continued.
“Not really, but I’m just surprise how I got here, the last thing I remember is that, I was shot by an enraged soldier and I fell from the crest of the mountain, and that is all I could remember.” Daniel responded confusingly.
“Don’t worry, everything will be alright…” Henry assured, he was about concluding his statement when they heard my footstep.
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“Ola, you’re awake.” Daniel began, he rose from the bed and he hugged me tightly.
“Daniel, thank God you’re alive… I though you’re going to die.” I voiced out as tears dropped from freely from my eyes, we disengaged and I faced Henry.
“Sir please, we’re weak, we know we can’t fight you, can you please allow us to leave here?” I begged weakly.
“Don’t worry, I will fight him and I’ll triumph.” Daniel whispered and he showed his fist.
“Daniel, you can’t fight him, he is very good at fighting… I guess he is an assassin.” I whispered into Daniel’s ear while looking at Henry.
“Don’t worry, I will fight him, he is too small for me, I will surely beat him.” Daniel assured and he laughed hysterically.
“Daniel, you’ve really change, only your look remain the same, though, you’re now mature and more sensible. I know father will be very proud of you.” Henry commented.
“Daniel, do you know him?” I asked whispering.
“Ola, meet my brother, Henry. Hmm… he ran away from home two years ago because mother threatened to beat him for not washing the dirty dishes, since then we have been looking for him, and thank goodness I found him today.” Daniel joked as Henry embraced him.
“Don’t mind him Ola, truly, I am his brother, elder brother to be precise… I was kidnapped two years ago and one thing lead to the other, I end up living here.” Henry rebutted and elucidated unhappily.
“Wow… quite pathetic sir. Nice meeting you.” I commented and I hugged Henry keenly. Shortly, we disengaged.
“I guess he is your best friend.” Henry uttered directing his statement to Daniel.
“No, he is more than a friend, he is my twin brother.” Daniel replied smiling. I couldn’t believe my ears that Daniel called me his twin, I feel on top of the world and I smile softly.
“Oh, I see.” Henry paused.
“What about mother? Hope she is fine?” Henry asked impatiently.
“Mother? They said mother is dead but I won’t believe she is dead, not until I use my two eyes to see her corpse.” Daniel replied with eyes soak with tears.
“What?” Henry screamed loudly. Just like flashback, I recall the scene at the red cap soldier’s territory, where Daniel’s mother was receiving the beating and torturing of her life. I looked at Daniel and Henry simultaneously; I don’t know when tears started dropping from my eyes.
“Ola what’s wrong with you? Why are you crying?” Henry asked suspiciously.
“Daniel, Henry… Mother is not dead…” I voiced out with tears in my eyes.
Chief Chris held a newspaper in his hand, he was really engrossed in what he was reading, beside him is a bottle and glass of wine, he placed his legs on the footmate lied on the gold coloured floor. Shortly, he heard a footstep behind him.
“Princess, what’s wrong with you? You look unhappy.” Chief Chris observed.
“Dad, I saw this inside a bag in my room.” Princess replied sadly.
“What’s written in the paper you’re holding?” Chief Chris asked suspiciously.
“It is a love letter written by me to someone bearing Ola…. Dad, do you know anyone bearing the name ‘Ola’?” Princess asked unhappily.
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Updated: January 19, 2019 — 4:31 am
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