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Must Read: Once A Lover {Season 2}… Episode 19 & 20

:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi
:. 07011818220
Season 2
Episode 19 & 20
“Wow… good to hear that.” The man expressed happily.
“But, his legs are damaged and they have to be amputated.” The doctor announced.
“Sir?” The man exclaimed shockingly.
“But I thought he had just a slight accident.” The man expressed.
“Sir, there is nothing we can do because if those legs are not cut off, it will surely damage some systems in his body, beside, he can’t walk with his legs anymore, they are now of no use.” The doctor explained.
“Ah! When are you amputating his legs?” The man questioned.
“Sir, the sum of 1.5 million is needed to carry out the operation…” The doctor announced but was restrained from coming down with his statement.
“1.5 what?” The man asked loudly.
“Take it easy sir.” The doctor consoled.
“Ehmnn Doctor, please can you do me a favour?” The man requested.
“Maybe.” The doctor riposted.
“Please, when that man, I mean my brother, when he woke up, please don’t tell him I came here to see him sir, I don’t really know him, I just remember he was once my brother and I think our brotherly stuffs has ended here.” The man said whispering.
“But Sir…” The doctor tried to speak.
“Doctor, I think I have to go now.” The man riposted and he hurrily left the Doctor’s office.
“You can go.” Henry approved directing his statement to the blind soldier, he walked away dejectedly, he untied his mother from the tree and he conveyed her into the coven.
“Oh my God! Henry what happened to her? Why is she like this?” Daniel asked impatiently with eyes soak with tears.
“She was sprayed with bullets but those fools.” Henry paused.
“But don’t worry, nothing will happen to her.” Henry continued.
“Ola, please make some fire, I have to remove the bullets first.” Henry concluded and I hurrily fetch some fire woods. Successfully, Henry removed twelve bullets from her body, he make use of red hot irons, some assassinating arsenals, some chemicals and boiled water.
“Don’t worry she will be alright.” Henry assured.
“But she is unconscious Henry, mother must not die.” Daniel voiced out cowardly.
“She will be like this for probably a day or two.” Henry announced.
“What?” Daniel and I exclaimed in chorus.
“Thank God you’re fine.” Daniel later voiced out.
“Guys, let get something to eat, I’m hungry and exhausted.” Henry announced and he walked into a room to change.
“Mother, it’s very nice to see you again, even if I die now, I won’t regret it.” Daniel whispered into his mother’s ear.
“Daniel let go.” I dragged.
Mr. Martins sat on his bed, he was deep in thought, in front of him is his mini laptop, a sheet of a4 paper and a red pen, the fan blew the paper and that alerted him that the Nepa has brought the light.
“The evils that man do.” He exclaimed.
“I swear with my life, I will do anything possibly to save those innocent boys and to shed light on the matter on ground.” He vowed.
“I don’t mind getting involve.” He paused.
“This is just the beginning of the end.” He concluded as he angrily rose on his feet.
“I said who sent you to assassinate Mr. Anume?” A police asked loudly.
“Are you deaf? How many times have I told you that nobody sent us to him, we just fell like killing him.” One of the assassin nicknamed as Scorpion riposted instantaneously.
“You guys are proving to be stubborn, right? I’ll surely do that thing to you.” The police announced angrily. Just then a police officer barged into the welfare.
“Sir.” The interrogating police with sergeant rank saluted.
“They haven’t confessed, right?” The inspector asked suspiciously.
“Sir, I have tried almost every torture on them but they haven’t confessed, they must be hardened criminals.” The sergeant replied looking tiresome.
“Hmmm, excuse us for some minutes.” The inspector commanded the sergeant
“Sir, what about the bag in your hand, you know…” The sergeant tried to speak but the inspector barged into his statement.
“Will you leave this place now or I get you sack.” The inspector threatened.
“I’m sorry sir.” The sergeant begged, he saluted and he left the walfare.
“Ehn Ehn, any problem?” Scorpion asked looking eye in eye with the inspector.
“I’m Inspector Felix by name…” He paused.
“So?” Another assassin nicknamed Plezor asked impatiently.
“Guys, you know what…” He tried to compose himself but Scorpion barged into his statement.
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“We don’t know anything, say what you want to say and leave, or you want to continue from where he stopped?” Blood, another assassin asked angrily.
“No o, few minutes ago someone came here, to my office to be precise, he said he is one Mr… I have forgotten his name, he said someone sent him to come and see me…” He paused.
“In short please.” Scorpion rebutted.
“Guy, let take it easy with him, you know policemen, I guess she has bribed him.” Olic uttered guessingly.
“Wow… you see what I’m saying, I’m just putting on uniform this black uniform but I’m working for money, after money na money na my guys. In short, the man said he was sent to me by one Mrs… Ah! What’s that her name again?” Inspector Felix explained and asked directing his question to foolish Olic.
“Mrs. Benita.” Olic corrected.
“Yes… Mrs. Benita, he gave me the sum of two hundred thousand naira for your release.” Inspector Felix announced.
“I said it, I know I won’t sleep here tonight. Ah! Madam Benita I swear you sure pass anybody.” Scorpion happily hailed.
“So can we go now?” Scorpion asked happily.
“That’s why I’m here… the other police officers must not know about this, we have to do things secretly, this must be between you guys and I, and I will make arrangement and preparation on how you guys are going to escape tonight so you don’t have to worry yourself.” Inspector Felix explained with smile all over his face.
“Okay oga police, we don here, but this place dry o, I feel like drinking ‘Ogogoro’ (Local Gin).” Plezor announced.
“As if I know you guys must be thirsty of those stuffs, I brought you some alcoholic drinks and here are some Local Gins.” Inspector Felix announced, he brought out two bottles of Vodka, two bottles of Goldberg and a bottle of Trophy from the polythene bag he was handing, he also brought out some sachets of Local gins from his pockets and he handed over everything to those criminal.
“You guys have to drink fast, the interrogating officers must not caught you in this act o.” Inspector Felix vocalized.
“Oga officer you no dey drink?” Plezor asked smiling.
“I’m in uniform and I am not permitted to drink alcohol while I’m in uniform.” Inspector Felix paused.
“Just drink, celebrate your ‘in advance’ escapement.” Inspector Felix uttered.
Few minutes later, empty bottles of beers could be found lying on the ground, empty sachets of local gins could also be visibly seen on the ground, the criminals were all drunk to stupor.
“Felix, here is your chance.” Inspector Felix thought.
“Hope you enjoy yourself?” Inspector Felix began.
“Yes…” The replied in chorus but drunk.
“Hmmm… who is that Mrs. Benita? Where do you know her and how many times have you worked for her?” Inspector Felix asked directing his question to all.
“Ehmmm…” Olic tried to answer but Scorpion barged into his statement.
“Fool do you know her, officer let me answer you jare.” Scorpion replied as he staggered rose on his feet.
“Okay, Scorpion where is she living?” Inspector Felix asked.
“Officer, I don’t really know her house but I know she is the Vice Principal of C.H.S.” Scorpion answered.
“Wow… you answered brilliantly, clap for him.” Inspector Felix commented and the other idiots clapped their hands for Scorpion.
“How many times have you guys worked for her?” Inspector Felix asked.
“One time but we failed her.” Olic answered.
“Hmmm… so how do you met her?” Inspector Felix asked smiling.
“We met her the way you met your wife.” Scorpion joked and they all burst out laughing.
“It’s okay, you guys will surely escape tonight.” Inspector Felix teased
“Officer, I need a bottle of Goldberg.” Scorpion requested.
“Don’t worry, you will drink that in jail.” Inspector Felix concluded and he slammed the door behind himself.

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Updated: January 21, 2019 — 5:19 am
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