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Love Against Obedience. {Season 2}… Episode 2

Season 2
Episode 2
Written by Morayomi
Produced by Chorusman

Daddy where is chorus? ” I asked looking at the kitchen direction.
He went out this morning, and he only told me that he will be back soon” my dad replied
Ok dad, I need to go to my room and rest I am so so tired right now” I said and I stand up sluggishly leaving that guy called Sola alone.
Yes who is that? ” I stood up, looked at the time
Oh my God, so I didn’t even eat dinner yesterday? Oh I slept off” the door opened and Ekaette our mysterious cook walked in with her bad spoken English.
Maram, (using d’ for r’) groom money ma” she greeted
Good morning Ekaette” I replied smiling coz of her grammar.
Dem say make I cum and tell u say that your foodu Ron ready” she said and I burst into laughter waving my hand for her to go downstairs.

Good morning dad” I greeted
Good morning baby” he answered
How far Sola” I touched him and he smiled, I sat down to enjoy the delicious food made by lecturer Ekaette. We heard a knock on the door and some policemen and a doctor walked in.
Good day sir” they greeted and my dad shook hand with them
Good day, how may I help you? ” my dad ask and they introduce themselves
A fatal accident happened near the bush yesterday night and we saw this ID card and this T shirt.” The 1st policeman explained
Dad, this is chorus ID card and favourite T shirt” I said with a shaking voice, I grab the ID card and the T shirt from the policeman, looked at it closely and I grab one of the policeman.
Where is chorus? How is chorus?” I asked screaming
Erm.. Erm.. Well ma’am chorus is dead and the most surprising thing is that we can’t find his body. ” the doctor said
Chorus is what? ” I collapsed.

I opened my eyes looking at the rolling ceiling fan.
Where am I? ” i asked trying to stand up but a bad headache forced me to sleep back, the door opened and my dad walked in with Sola beside him.
Ah funmi? Thank God you are alive. “My dad hugged me.
Dad, where is chorus? Where is my love? “I asked trying to get up
Your love? Are u okay? You are calling a mere houseboy your love?” My dad asked
Yes dad, I love cho” he cut me off with a hot slap.
You better get this into your head, you are getting married to Sola whether u like it or not ” he fired angrily and walked out. I cried bitterly even though I am aware of my condition.

I got discharged the next day, Sola came to pick me and we drove home silently, we got home, get down of the car and I met my dad in the sitting room reading the magazines I guess.
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Good afternoon dad” I greeted
How are you? Go into your room and freshen up and I don’t want to see you outside today” he said with a straight face.
What is my dad trying to do? Whatever it is, I think he is going to be disappointed this time around. I went to my room, opened my wardrobe, bring out the pictures I snapped with chorus, kissed it and started crying.
Are you dead? Where are u chorus? Why did u decided to leave me alone without any notice?” I asked myself rhetorical questions
I know you are not dead but pls let me see you for once” I said, fall on my bed and I slept off.

Funmi! Funmi! Funmi! Wait for me now, okay am sorry I kept u waiting” chorus said running after me
Chorus leave me alone, why are u this cruel, u left me alone without saying a word and u are here begging me after making my life miserable ” I said angrily
Am sorry funmi, it wasn’t my fault, I had a problem so I went out to solve the problem, am sorry my one and only” he said
Promise you will not leave me again?” I said but he kept mute
Chorus I said u should promise me” he didn’t say anything
Chorus pls say something” he took my hands, kissed it.
I am sorry funmilayo” he said and he disappeared
Chorus wait”


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