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Love Against Obedience. {Season 2}… Episode 1

Season 2
Episode 1
Written by Moreyomi
Produced by Chorusman
The door opened and Sola the gov son walked in clapping and smiling wickedly.
Bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!!! I know something is between the both of you” he said and I act as if nothing happened.
What is it? What do you want?” I asked fearlessly
Your dad is calling you” he said and walked out, I looked at chorus and we laughed, I adjusted my dress and walked out.
Am so sorry dad, I went to pick what I forgot in my room” I lied walking to the dinning room
Where is chorus?
Isn’t he here? Oh! He told me he wants to do something upstairs, he would soon join us” lied for the second time and I wink at Sola who is looking at me with “see this brutal liar eye’, chorus came, sat beside me.
What are you doing upstairs chorus?” Dad asked
It a boys stuff sir” he replied laughing and we all discussed and play that day.

Peen! Peen!! Peen!!!
That was the horn of my car, I don’t know why my dad sent me to a far place early in the morning, the gateman opened the gate ND I drove in, I met my dad at the car park.
Welcome my dear” he hugged me ND I greeted him, I went in ND I met Sola in the sitting room watching TV.
Welcome my love” he said
Who is your love? Can u pls stop calling me your love?” I yelled
Funmi, I know no matter what I do, u won’t love me, so am leaving u ND chorus. I will be leaving for America tmrw morning” he said
Like I cares” I said and I went to sit beside him, my dad entered ND he sat opposite me.
Daddy where is chorus?? I haven’t seen him since morning????


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Updated: January 23, 2019 — 6:25 pm

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