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She’s mine… Episode 1

She’s mine
Chapter 1
||Natalie’s POV||
I shivered as the night’s cold air hit me. It looked like it was about to rain. Heavily.
I zipped my blouse and started walking. It was quite peaceful and dark, I started getting lost in my own thoughts. I remembered the times when I was small; they were so cheerful and seemed like pure happiness. After my mother passed away when I was 15, leaving me with my stepfather, they became torture. I still remember how he used to beat me, get drunk and do it all over. For 3 years I lived with this monster. When I finally turned 18, barely a month ago, I ran away. My mother left me money before she left and luckily he never got his dirty hands on them. They were just enough to buy a ticket far, far away, where he would never find me.
I found a job at a Café where I serve and work my ass off 12 hours a day just to afford enough not to be kicked out of my small apartment. Luckily, my job is barely half a mile away from my apartment so I don’t need to waste my money on taxis which makes me really happy. It isn’t easy, but I’m managing.
As expected, it began to rain. As I breathed the cold air I felt free. I wasn’t locked in my room anymore. I was walking home from work like a normal person. Like a free person. I felt satisfaction. I started to think to myself.
He thought I wouldn’t make it without him, that I would end up on the streets. And here I am with a job and a home. Home…
I quickly snapped out of my thoughts as I heard people laughing and joking around. Possibly drunk.
Probably drunk.
Definitely drunk.
There were about 4 men drunk as hell walking my direction. They were tall and strongly built, their laughter loud and their voices deep. I held my hands in my pockets from the cold. I shiver went down my spine as the big one noticed me. He kept staring. And not like he just saw the most precious thing in the world, but like a lion at its prey. I still kept walking, I mean come on, they won’t do anything. Right? He kept his gaze and when I tried to walk past them, they wouldn’t move. It was just me and them, there was no one else around. I felt anxious.
“Damn girl, you look hot af,” one of them pointed out.
“Why won’t you take it off?” The big one said as he grabbed my blouse.
My heart began to race. I tried to get out of his grip but even though he was drunk off his ass, he was still pretty strong. My palms began to sweat as they eyed me up and down, pushing me deeper into the dark alley. Soon I hit the wall.
“What do they call you, cupcake?”
I felt anger rising in my blood.
“How about a nutcracker?” I said. They looked confused and I took my chance and hit the guy where the sun doesn’t shine. In the nuts.
I ran for it.
But I made the mistake and saw that they were running after me.
After a few minutes I could barely hear them and their sickening laughter.
I stopped.
I tried to calm my breathing but that didn’t work out well. Great. I thought as I saw my blouse was ripped in several places.
Great. Just amazing. I have no idea where I am, these bastards are probably still following me and I am panting like a dog ’cause apart from serving at that sh*ty Café I never move my ass…
I was snapped out of my thoughts as I saw one of those men pointing a finger at me and screaming “There she is! Get her!” My heart stopped.
I ran again.
I was scared.
I was feeling defenseless.
The tears started to drop from my eyes uncontrollably. My vision was blurry and I was panting so hard my throat became as dry as the Sahara desert.
I felt weak.
Suddenly I bumped into a wall and stumbled a few steps back.
…Wait, this isn’t a wall!
I was going to fall down as I couldn’t keep my balance on my feet.
But I felt strong arms around my waist that helped me regain balance. His arms were holding me firmly, as if making sure I don’t run away.
“Excuse me? Are you okay?” a deep voice said towards me. It was sharp and cold. Not showing any concern.
“Please I-” I tried to say something but the laughter interrupted me. They were here. They found me. Now everything depends on this stranger whose arms are still wrapped around me.
As they got closer, one of them began to speak.
“Okay listen big guy! Just give us the girl and maybe we won’t kick your ass.” They looked as if they already had me.
I felt disgusted and scared as I knew even if the stranger decided to stick up for me, there were 4 of them and 2 of us and I was so weak that if I tried to run again, I would just faint. I hate feeling so weak.
Then, something unexpected happened. The stranger, chuckled.
“You kick my ass? I would really like to see that, maybe after I’ll rip your eyes out and feed them to my piranhas.” He threatened them with a lot of confidence. His voice was deep and strong, even a little intimidating and very cold. Then, he continued, “I will give you 2 choices. You either leave this lady alone and never bother her or anyone ever again, or I will break all of your 206 bones, making sure you hear each crack.” He stated coldly and harshly, I even began to be afraid of his threats.
The men burst out laughing. And from what I can tell this very muscular stranger didn’t liked to be laughed at. He loosened his grip on me making sure I can stand for the next 45 seconds while he literally beat the crap out of them breaking at least 3 bones in each of them. I noticed how tall he was but his face wasn’t so clear anymore.
Everything started to spin around and I could hear my fast heart beat. The stranger looked at me and as if he read my thoughts came to pick me up before I was swallowed into the darkness….
I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I made sure my hair were fine as I entered the room. He didn’t like it when I looked like a mess unless he made me into one. I grabbed the wine and walked towards the table. He was sitting there, eating the dinner I cooked for him. I did not dare to look at him for too long. I walked up to him and poured some wine into his glass.
“More.” He said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. I poured him some more but my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. Damn it. I felt the wine spill onto his lap and to the floor. I was petrified.
I saw his face reddened with anger. Pure anger.
“I-I-I’m sorr-”
He stood up and I dared not to move a muscle. He grabbed the bottle of wine and threw it to the wall. I shivered. I was afraid.
The bottle crashed into a million pieces and I knew I was going to be punished.
I tried to step away but he grabbed my hair and hit my head on the table. Once. Twice. He threw me to the ground as I heard shouts and screams over how useless I am. He shouted that having a dog would be better. But it didn’t hurt as much as the punch I received with his favorite baseball bat. After a while, I finally drifted off into the darkness….
So how was it..

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