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My Personal Taste… Epilogue

My Personal Taste
Story by, Rejoice
*Rose’s point of view*
Im trying to arrange my kids room but they ain’t making it easy for me..
My five years old cute but troublesome twins, Michelle and May are getting their whole room all messed up in play toys..
May is throwing the toys up, and one almost hit her little sister…
Michelle is pulling off the duvet and bedspread to the floor,
And he’s making a hell of noise..
And my two years old daughter, Kimberly is pulling on Michelle’s clothe.
Oh my goodness!
“May, can you just stop throwing those toys up, you gonna hurt your sister!” I screamed at May.
“No mom.. I love to do this.. It’s fun.” She said, giggling and kept throwing.
“I’ll flog you if you don’t stop that this minute.” I warned.
“If you do, Im gonna tell dad when he comes home. Im sure he won’t wanna hear that you did.” she said.
This girl’s so stubborn!
“Michelle, get your hands off those bedspreads.” I yelled at that one.
But then Kim just pee on herself! and no where else but on the duvet on the floor.
Oh my God! how did I forgot to wear her a pampers!
“Now, you see Michelle? Your sister just urinated on that duvet. You kids ain’t making this work easy for me.” I said…
I was tired.
And Kim is crying now… Her cries could pull off the roof of a house..
I can’t really wait for Kelly to come back…
I know i need a maid..
Yeah… i do. I don’t wanna lie, Kelly told me to but i don’t like em.
Mom is coming this weekend and i can’t just wait!
Kelly and Amanda’s birthday is gonna be this weekend.
Kim was born the same month and date as Kelly..
We are preparing really big for it.
We always do…
Kelly can’t miss his birthday party for anything in the world.
I glared at the screaming kids now..
This kids are just too troublesome.
Now, May and Michelle are dragging a toy..
“Its mine!” May yelled.
“No way. Its mine!” Michelle yelled back.
“Mom tell him that the toy is mine! Say it now.” May said.
“It’s mine. Im gonna pull your hair off if you don’t let go of my toy.” Michelle yelled.
“I’ll punch you on the nose if you don’t let go of my toy now!” May yelled back.
Oh my goodness!
Im having Cephalalgia already! 😪
This kids makes me get alot of headache..
They turn down the whole house and i’do spend hours tidying it up again.
They go to school and come back looking so dirty.
They fight and make a hell of a complain each seconds…
And they seem to love their dad more because he doesn’t yell or scream at them like i do..
He pets them like some kinda golden egg.
But kids are to be punished when they do wrong..
And i don’t miss doing that.
But even at all this… Im so happy i got this lovely kids.
Im happy that i got such a beautiful and lovely family.
My husband, he’s the most caring and lovely man, i’ve ever seen.
My beautiful kids are really doing great in school and im proud of their intelligence. Even though they are way too troublesome.
They make me happy, i am happy.
I love them so much,…even though they are matching on the bedpillows now and i really hate that..😣
Oh, I almost have forgotten, Aunty Caro is also coming with her baby boy, Gabriel soonest…😃
I don’t wanna let my kids know yet, mostly, Michelle,
They will only get me me exausted with questions.
When are they gonna come?,
which day, ?
This weekend?
Next weekend?
what time, ?
What hour?
Are they on their way now?
Mom call them so we can know if they are waiting at the airport now..
So many questions!..
It will have to be a suprise to them..
I got no energy to answer unending questions..
Oh no! I think Kim wants to poo now!
I gotta rush!🏃
The END❤
Wowwww.. i can’t believe im done with this story…
It wasn’t dat easy tho but i thank God for the energy💪
My fingers almost bend finish. Chai..
And to my fans💖 Thank you all for making out time to read this story,..
Im sure you enjoyed it and learnt something even if it was just one thing.
Thanks for the people who liked and to those who kept commenting..
And for the ghost readers?? Lemme not talk..😣

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Updated: February 11, 2019 — 4:53 am

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Engr Jagua
Engr Jagua

Thanks a lot. U really did great. Am expecting more of your stories.

Orihe Chinenye Anastasia (Star Angel)
Orihe Chinenye Anastasia (Star Angel)

Wow! Such and interesting Story. More grease to your elbow writer. Love you


Story shouldn’t have ended these way. I still need to knw when anty Caro and her son will come. Don’t mind me, I too like gist. Great storyline. Didn’t want it to end tho. Thanks for these writeup i’ll have to read the next story.


You really tried, it’s well articulated and quite intriguing
Can’t wait for more of your stories


Thx for the story, is it okay to make a movie out of it?


Well done lady .What a nice story!


Beautiful and captivating story


Wow wot a nice story

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