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My High School Crush… Episode 1

My High School Crush
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
Chapter 1
(It was a very sunny afternoon in Mr Edochi’s bungalow at Ibadan state. He was very excited to see his only daughter and only child Ifeoma, finally entering into High School. Moving into a boarding school is the best option he had. The many school fees he had payed for all this years,has landed him with earliness bald head. He had married his wife, Chioma for the past thirty five years. Yes they married young,but they had to wait for fifteen years before God could bless them with their angel, Ifeoma. Ifeoma was a very beautiful dark skinned young girl of twenty years. She was tall and slim,had the most smoothest skin, back when she was in Junior High School, her friends always referred to her as, ” our beauty queen ”. Ifeoma had beautiful pointed nose, her eyebrows was naturally polished, and her lips beautifully attached under her nose. She was dark,but proved to be much more beautiful than most fair girls,with or without make up. She had completed her Junior High School exams with flying colours and got admitted to the Saint Paul Senior High School. Leaving home was absolutely difficult for her,but she had to obey her father’s commandments and please him. She was leaving her parents for the first time in her life. They were middle class people in society. Not very rich, and not very poor. Mr Edochi brought the provisions he could afford for his dear daughter and rained almost all the advice in the world into her ears. Madam Chioma wouldn’t be able to accompany her daughter to her fist day at school as she was late for her roasted plantain business. She prayed for her and landed a motherly love kiss on her cheek as she waved at her and entered the keke(taxi) with her father and the driver speeds off. Just in some few hours later,they arrived in the school. Ifeoma quickly stepped out from the car with her father. The driver helped in removing all her bad and chop box out from the bout. He later entered the car,waiting to take Mr Edochi back home. As Ifeoma was trying to carry her own load, some teacher and stuff workers quickly walked towards them in a haste).
Phyllis: (one of the principal) Hello Me Edochi. (she smiles and stretch her hands for a shake)
Mr Edochi: (returns a smile and shakes her hand) Hello Madam principal.
Phyllis: (laughs silently) Please, Me Edochi, it is Phyllis.
Mr Edochi: (scoffs) Oh, I am sorry madam. You know, old age matters.(rubbing his bold head with his hand)
Phyllis: Oh,it’s okay. We thank God,for bringing you and your daughter here safely…. You are welcome again. (turns to Ifeoma). Ife, you are welcome to the school.
Ifeoma: (greets in the local African manner). Thank you very much ma.
Madam Okoro: (headmistress). You’re all welcome here. I can see that you have read the prospectus very well,you’re in our school uniform, perfectly ironed. We have to check your bag and chop box, so we can see whether you brought in any unprescribed equipment into the school.
Mr Edochi: Madam, I assure you, that there is no unprescribed equipment here.
Madam Okoro: This are the rules here sir. (She orders the others to search in the bag).
(After they were done, Madam Okoro called out for some students to carry Ifeoma’s thing to one of the girl’s dormitories (House 2, a.k.a The Anacondas. It was now time to say goodbye to his beloved daughter, Mr Edochi forced himself not to let out tears,as that may cause Ifeoma to also cry).
Mr Edochi: It’s now time,my dear.
Ifeoma: (sobbing without tears) Oh dad, I will miss you.
Mr Edochi: My dear princess, you know you’re the apple of my eye. I want only the best for you. I know you can make it. I believe in you.
Ifeoma: Thank you daddy. I will never disappoint you and mum. I know how you have suffered. Trust in me.
Mr Edochi: (nodding with a smile) Okay. Be a good gil, I wouldn’t want to be called from school with a complaint about you.
Ifeoma: God forbid! That will never happened!
Mr Edochi: Good. Always read your Bible, and use the anointing oil in your bath water before bathing and on your body before sleeping.
Ifeoma: I will remember that dad.
(She hugs him tightly, not wanting to let him go).
Madam Okoro: It is time please. She has to settle in,they will be going to class tomorrow.
(Mr Edochi separates from his daughter and entered the taxi,he lowered the window and waved at his daughter as the taxi drove off and disappeared from their sights).
Ifeoma: (tears fall out of her eyes).
Phyllis: (hold Ifeoma’s hand). Don’t cry dear. We all have to separate from our parents at some point in life. You’re growing up,you’ll get used to it.
Ifeoma: (nods)
Madam Okoro: Teacher Phyllis, please… take her to the dormitory, and find her a school mother.
Phyllis: Yes madam.
(Madam Okoro leaves with the stuff and Phyllis leads Ifeoma to the dormitory. Phyllis knocked at the gate,and a voice called out for them to come in)…….
To be continued!!!!

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