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She’s mine… Episode 28

She’s mine
Chapter 28
Damon rolled off of me and laid flat on his back.
We both looked shocked at the person in front of us.
No way!
This man was holding a gun and looked completely insane. I couldn’t believe it was him.
He pointed the gun at Damon and then at me and then back and forth. His hand was shaking and his eyes were wide and red. I think I saw some blood on his white, messy shirt.
I quickly covered myself with some sheets and Damon looked totally pissed off.
“You! You! You!’ The man spat in Damon’s direction.
Damon slowly sat up and began to talk,
“Listen, Oliver. Put the gun down, and we can talk.”
“I DON’T WANT TO TALK WITH YOU! YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” Mr. Crazy-Ass-Nackelmore shouted making me flinch while Damon didn’t show any expression. But when he looked at me, he knew he messed up.
Damon slowly stood up with his hands up.
“Listen Oliver-”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DON’T MOVE!” He shouted pointing the gun forcefully at Damon.
Suddenly, Oliver’s voice softened as tears began to drop from his eyes.
“Don’t move or I’ll shoot you…I’ll shoot you like you shot her…” He said with pain in his voice.
It took me a while. My eyes drifted to Damon, with my mouth open . Damon shot somebody?
What does he mean?
Then, something weird happened. Damon’s face softened and he looked at me. I looked at him and I could see pain in his eyes. I looked at him confused. No, he wouldn’t… Do I really know him?
Oliver Nackelmore chuckled.
That chuckle made me shiver in fear. It was sinister.
We both snapped back to the insane man in front of us.
“You killed the only person I loved… THE ONLY PERSON THAT EVER
MEANT SOMETHING TO ME! You… you… you killed her with cold blood…. Just like I’m about to kill you.” Oliver spat as he rushed towards Damon and pointed the gun right at his heart making me grab the sheets around me in nervousness. My heart was about to jump out of my chest.
I wanted Damon to say something. To deny it, to say that it’s a misunderstanding… but he didn’t. He just stood there staring right into his eyes.
“Admit it.” Oliver whispered angrily while burning tears streamed down his face.
Damon sighed nervously.
“ADMIT IT!” Mr. Nackelmore shouted, spitting at Damon.
No, Damon, don’t. Please don’t say you did it, please don’t let this to be true…
“Fine. I did it.” Damon said coldly and harshly.
“I killed her.” He added, making tears stream down my cheeks.
There were a few moments of silence until Oliver burst out crying.
” Murderer.” Oliver whispered hatefully.
While Oliver wasn’t looking, I quietly grabbed my long white t-shirt and putted it on.
I tried to reach my trousers but instead I fall off the bed with a loud thump.
When I stood up Oliver put some distance between himself and Damon while he looked at me, pointing the gun at me.
He looked at me like he just won the lottery.
“You! The lady in red!” He shouted half laughing half crying. I could see the pain in his eyes. But also the rage.
My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was about to jump out of my chest.
He looked completely insane with that smirk on his face.
This guy’s a fucking psychopath!
Suddenly, Oliver’s face lit up like he just thought of the best idea ever.
I stood there paralyzed with the gun still pointed in my direction.
“No girl ever slept in Damon’s bed. You must be pretty special, aren’t you?” He said while moving slowly towards me.
I started panting with fear as he came closer and closer.
“Blood for blood.” He said and pointed the gun at my chest.
“OLIVER, NO!” Damon shouted and I could see him running towards us, jumping at Oliver and the last thing I heard was the gun being fired before everything went black…
||Damon’s POV||
“OLIVER, NO!” I shouted as I ran quickly towards Natalie and Oliver. I jumped at him as he was about to fire. Everything happened so quickly. The shot was fired towards Natalie and I watched as she dropped to the floor.
“NO!” I shouted as I ran up to her and noticed that on her white shirt the blood was spreading all over it. I held her up but she seemed completely unconscious. Dead. She seemed fucking dead.
No, no, no, no. This can’t happen. No, NO!
I breathed heavily while holding her unconscious body. I tried to stop the bleeding on her shoulder but the blood covered my hands.
“Blood… for blood. Lover… for lover.” Oliver said while sitting by the wall, crying. I placed Natalie carefully on the floor and headed towards him, anger pulsing through me like never before.
I took him by the neck and squeezed so hard I could hear bones crack. He tried to escape but I threw him onto the floor.
I started to hit him. Again and again.
How could he have done this. To my girl. To my sweet Natalie. This is all his fault. You hurt her. I’ll kill you. No one touches my girl.
I kept hitting him until he was unconscious and my hand felt completely numb. A tear escaped my eye and the hatred only grew inside me.
I didn’t stop until the police came and shoved me back.
I could hear the sirens and saw people carrying Natalie out quickly, shouting that she’s in a critical condition.
The anger only grew inside me. All I wanted to do was to rip Oliver’s throat out but when I tried to get back on him and finish him, 3 men stopped me midway.
“Let me go! I’ll kill him! I’ll rip his throat out!” I spat at them while they couldn’t keep me still so 2 more men came helping to calm me down.
“Get him out of here!” One officer shouted as the 5 men carried me away.
When Oliver-the-douchebag was out of my sight, there was only one thing on my mind…
Find Natalie.
She was shot
Good morning guys..

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