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King Of My Heart… Episode 1

Is about this two love birds “Priscilla and AdamSmith” I bet you will love their story..
Episode 1
Mystic’s p.o.v
I rushed down from my room, as I got ready for school ,I walked into the kitchen to see my dad Methuselah already making breakfast. I kissed his cheek.
“Morning dad”….I greeted .
He smiled at me .
Angel, your set for school already…?
He asked .
“Yeah ..” I smiled….
Well my name is Priscilla Methuselah am 17 years old about to graduate from high school….My dad Adama Methuselah
just like I’ve said Earlier, i know you must be wondering where my mom is…
My mom died when I was barely five, yeah I know it’s a sad story, I still wish i was opportune to see her but i guess that’s how
God wants it .
Now my dad is the only one taking care of me ,well we aint that rich okay we are just in the middle with little apartment which me and dad stay in..
Well I just hope someday I will be able to take good care of my dad .
“You should eat before you go angel”
My dad said.
“Dad I don’t want to keep Mystic waiting” I said I’m so eager to go to school.
Yeah mystic is my boyfriend okay …his a son to a multi billionaire.
I’ve known Mystic since I was a baby we went to the same
school and even now it happened we are also in the same high school.
We love each other so much, and so many girls in the school envy me, well Mystic is a very handsome guy.. just like his father Mr Adams Henry and surly his mother’s loving heart Mrs Margret Adams .
They are the best family ever and I love them so much ,they also love me alot and they know about i and Mystic dating.
Just then my phone beeped, I quickly took it out and press the botton, it was a text from my handsome boyfriend Mystic..
*Baby am waiting*
I smiled reading it .
“Was that mystic? Dad asked .
“Yes dad.. I gotta go Mystic is Waiting for me” I said .
“Have breakfast first “dad said.
“Sorry dad…I will just take a bite ” I quickly ate little of the toast bread and rushed out of the house..
“Becarful angel ” dad yelled .
“Promise dad” I yelled ” and don’t forget to order the pizza “I
shouted again…
“Okay ” he yelled and I hurried off to school.
Am so happy cause we will soon….
Be graduating from high school isn’t that wonderful?.
I rushed into the school and bumped into someone “Are you blind? Vanessa roared .
I rolled my eyes ,well Vanessa Clark is the school bully ,she’s so envious of me cause she liked Mystic but Mystic is dating me .
“Whatever” I said .
“Don’t try to act smart Priscilla…just because you’re Mystic’s girlfriend doesn’t mean I can’t teach you a lesson ,and besides he will soon dumb you,” she said angrily. I looked at her furiously and she scoffed and walked away.
This Vanessa girl is a problem, she keeps saying nasty things about my Mystic well it’s her business.
I walked into the class quickly cause I cant wait to see Mystic . When I got there he wasn’t there, I became sad where could he
be . I sat down on my locker and brought out my phone from my bag just as I was about to call him someone pulled my phone
from my hand .
“What the h……” I stopped when I saw Mystic smirking down at me.
I quickly jumped up and hugged him so tightly.
“I miss you baby ” he said
“When I got here and didn’t see you ..
I was really sad but its good your here now “I said sadly.
“Sorry love…. am here now common lets seat before Mrs Kelly comes into the class .
“Ok” i said and we took our seat .
Mystic seats behind me.
Soon Mrs Kelly our physics teacher came into the class and started teaching us .
From time to time Mystic will be talking to me and Making me
laugh, when ever Mrs Kelly turned to glare at us we will remain calm.
Soon Mystic slipped a paper into my hand and left the class.
Well he can leave the class and mrs Kelly can’t say a word cause if Mystic report her to his dad well …she will loss her
job, people of this school respect him so much and that’s because he could ruin you if you try mess around with him .
Power of money…..
I opened the paper and it says .
*Meet me at the basketball field on break I will be waiting…love you*
As I read it I smiled .
Gosh I can’t wait for break to come…
Mystic’s p.o.v
Am Adams Henry aka Mystic the son to Adams and Margret…..
Adamsmith well am 18 years old and I come from a multi billionaire family .
Both my parents are wealthy, I have a younger sister she’s Josephine Selphina well she’s 13 years old and she going the same school with me…
My sister Josephine is very beautiful like
my mom they both have the same skin colour hair and body nature, while am just like my dad .
Well Priscilla is my girlfriend, the girl that stole my heart at first sight , I’ve known her ever since we were kid and God brought
us together again into the same high school, I’ve been dating her for 4months now and our relationship is awesome I love
her so much and I will never hurt her.
Although she’s from a poor background but that doesn’t bother me, I love her and she loves me .
Almost everyone in school is so jealous of me dating her especially those sluts and who eals…Vanessa Clark’s well she’s just wasting her time cause Priscilla will only be the girl i will ever love .
I love her so much and I won’t want to hurt her just like my dad’s story about how him and mom were hating and later fell inlove .
I won’t hurt Nesa…she means alot to me .
Well I can’t wait to see her at the field I just want to hold her in my arms .
I miss her so much
To be continued
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