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Forever Love. {Season 2}… Episode 1

Season 2
by Japhy
Livvy was still seated in tears she kept wondering who might have done that to her daughter, while Milton paced up and down in room.
where’s my Delphine,” Lee walked up to them in tears.
“i have never like the idea of her going to this camp, where’s Delphine? Lee asked while Livvy stood up and hug her.
“mom, Delphine is poison, she’s poison and she’s passing through a lot now,” Livvy cried.
“why would people be this wicked,” Lee cried.
“grandma, we just have to pray for Delphine, she needs our prayer but whosoever is behind this will pay,” said David while Lee wipe her tears then hug him.
Just then nurses all rushed to check on Delphine, this time she’s vomiting something whitish from her mouth, the doctors quickly ran in to check on her.
Clark hurriedly arrived home and meet his dad in his bedroom, with a bandage tied round his head.
“what happen dad? Clark asked in a cracking voice.
“i was nearly killed, i got attack by some men on my way home,” he said.
“who are they?
“i don’k know they wanted to kill me but thanks to the security men who helped me out, i ended hitting my head so hard on the wall but men were not caught. Clark was shocked to hear that and he thought for a while. “Nicole might be behind this,” he thought.
“why will things have to turn out this way, i was scared of loosing you, i don’t know what else i will do if i lose you dad, you’re all i have now, we need much security and guards in this house,” Clark said while Jason just looked at him.
“i think something is wrong somewhere, why are the against me,” he said.
“am just coming from the hospital Delphine is poison,”
“poison” Jason asked so surprise. “where did that happen? he asked.
Nicole plan it up, you need to be much careful dad she might end up harming you just to hurt me the way she did to Delphine,” Clark then then went to his room and freshen up, he paced up and down in his room, thinking about Delphine and also worried about the next plan Nicole has in mind…
The next day Delphine was rushed to operation room.
Livvy and David were still seated on a bench at the waiting area, Milton has gone home last night has hasn’t come back yet.
“Ma’m,” Clark called in a low tune as he walked to them.
“how is Delphine doing? he asked.
“she’s at the operation room, her condition is still getting critical i wonder what type of poison she took,” Livvy cried.
“am really sorry about this, but am sure Delphine will survived this,” Clark said then turn to David.
“David, your sister will be fine, Delphine is so strong, she will struggle to survived this for her family,” he said while David just kept mute.
A few minutes later, Livvy was surprise to see Morgan.
“where’s Delphine? he asked.
“Morgan can you just leave, i thought you’ve never care for any of us, not after what you did to me,” Livvy yelled at him.
“she’s still my daughter, i have been so quiet about this because am damn tired of everything, the children have chosen you over me, or rather you made them chose you over me,” Morgan said while Livvy landed a heavy slap on his face.
“i did non of this, and am capable of taking my own children myself, you’ve been an irresponsible father to them so leave,” she yelled.
“you’re just blinded by so call love you have for Jason, and you don’t who he is? Morgan yelled.
“don’t talk about my father that way,” Clark said to him as he stood.
“just get out of here because even Delphine won’t be happy if she sees you,” Livvy yelled as she called the security men to come over.
“just take him away, kick him out of here i don’t know this man again, he might end up hurting me and my children,” she yelled. Morgan just looked at her then left.
“damn it, Morgan will pay for this,” Livvy cried as she scratch my hair and sat back.
“mom, you don’t have to chase dad like that,” David said while she said nothing but cried.
“you know about me and your dad already? she asked Clark as she raise her head to look at him.
“sure, everything is over now that was all in the past and beside i have no right to meddle in this,” he said then looked away. “anything that has to do with Delphine or her family, i respect it so much, i just have to accept it the way it comes,” Clark said to himself.
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After the operation the doctor came out and told them Delphine’s condition which she’s in COMA.
“coma! doctor, i thought you’ll gonna do something, why is her condition getting tougher each day,” Livvy asked in tears.
“but doc, when will she regain back? will she be fine? David asked.
“probably,” he replied then left.
“why would Delphine have to pass through this,” Livvy cried. They went to her room to check on her, she was still lying unconscious with lots of wires connected to her. The room was very quiet and calm.
“Delphine, you need to wake up, you need to do this for me, your grandma and David, you need to be alive again for us,” Livvy said in tears. Clark was filled with so much anger and hatred for Nicole.
Maria and her friend Jamie were seated in the large sitting room, with a bottle of champagne on the tables.
“mom, glad i haven’t told Clark who you are,” she said to Jamie her mother.
“i just hope that girl won’t survived, Livvy has killed my own child but this time around i will be the one kill her children, the poison i gave you is too strong, very strong it can kill within ten minutes but i wonder why Delphine’s case will be different, haven’t she lose a lot of blood? Maria asked Nicole.
“she did, she rushed to the hospital immediately, but believe me whether she survived or not i will kill her again,” Nicole smiled.
“but i thought we were only against Livvy, you should have spare the little girl life. I only want to rid of Livvy so i can have Jason again and we can be rich,”
Jamie said while Nicole looked at her.
“mom, what connections do you have with Jason, why did you like him so much, i was planing to kill him that the only way i can get back at Clark for what he did to me, i felt so betrayed,” said Nicole.
“the only reason i have always want you to date Clark was because of the money his father had, i was the one that let go of Jason but then i knew he never love me. Livvy has always been on his mind that’s the reason i just want her out of the picture,” Jamie said as she stood up.
“what did you mean mother? Nicole asked.
“Clark is my son, Clark is your step brother and that the reason i want Jason back, if only Clark will forgive me then am sure Jason will accept me back and we can be fucking rich again,” Jamie laughed while Nicole was shocked to hear that.
“but.. but you’ve never mention any of this to me, Clark has been my brother all this while and you’ve never care to tell me? Nicole asked very shocked.
“you need to help your mom in this, once Clark is able to accept her am sure Jason will also accept her too if only that Livvy is out of the way. I hate Livvy so much,” said Maria in anger.
“who’s my dad then? Nicole asked Jamie so angry..
“i don’t know Nicole, i’ve told you this earlier your dad is just one of my costumers back then when i was a prostitute, the reason why i ended up not aborting you is because i couldn’t do that at that time, the doctor said aborting the baby simply means killing myself, it might risk my life,” Jamie explained.
“damn it mom, Clark can’t be my brother, i will make him pay for this with his dad, all my life i have live such a poor and miserable life with you while Clark enjoyed so much from his dad” Nicole yelled.
“no Nicole, Jason was poor back then and i never knew he could turn out to be this rich someday, Clark is just so lucky to have Jason as his father,” Jamie said while Nicole looked at her so angry.
“no mom, i will never allow that because i still love him,” she yelled as tears drop from her eyes she hurriedly ran outside and make sure her gun is kept safe in her jeans pocket.
“let see who will get hurt, i don’t fucking care if you’re my brother Clark,” she smile devilishly and hurried out…
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