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King Of My Heart… Episode 23

Episode 23
(4hrs later)
Mystic’s p.o.v
After Priscilla left to see Ragina I went to meet my family, i try to talk to mom and Maddie about i and Priscilla’s togetherness, well mom was calm about it but Maddie was still upset, she said I easily forgave her for all she did, well I can’t blame Maddie she’s only angry…
After some time my family are Willing to forgive and accept Priscilla back, I was so happy but right now I’ve been waiting for her to come back but she’s not here yet she said she will be back in 2hrs but it’s already 4hrs am worried what’s going on?
I’ve sent Alex to go check on raginas house if Priscilla is there but he hasn’t returned yet.
“Mystic you should calm down, maybe she’s even on her way” dad said….
Am still in my family house if your wondering….
“Mystic you should call her again maybe her phone is on silence” maddie said….
But why will she put her phone on silence, Priscilla doesn’t do such…
“Mystic just Dail her number again” mom said and I did just then Alex walked in…
“Any news Alex? I quickly rushed him.
“No sir the Ragina girl said she’s been expecting Priscilla but has not seen her “Alex said….
“So that mean she didn’t go there in the first place” Mom said…
“We need to call the police” dad said.
“Dad what if she is somewhere safe are we just Going to stress the police for no reason?? Maddie asked
“Mystic I think you should try her number again” Mom said…..
Priscilla’s p.o.v
I was blindfolded, but i feel that am in a dark room, my legs has been tied and my hands to the back of the chair, there’s also a piece of cloth covering my mouth….
Just then I heard footsteps coming towards me but who could it be….
Am so scared and I feel like am going to die what did I do, I didn’t offend anyone so who is behind this??
God Mystic I hope your already looking for me someone has kidnap me, i hope you find me…please God,.I don’t want to die like this, I just got back with Mystic, I’ve not even lived my life yet am just 23 am not even married yet no children at that, Please let me not end up this way please God…..
“Wow here is the Queen of the hensmith kingdom” a familiar voice said… I knew that voice am very sure I know that voice it sounds so much like Patra, Oh my God Patra kidnap me, oh my god ,I should have known she will come back for me…
“Thanks so much Patra you did a good job.. I’ve been targeting Mystic for a long time but then his Queen got into the car instead of him.., at Least with the Queen here, we will be able to get the king” another voice said, it’s another but it’s not familiar is Patra working for someone who is the person??
Suddenly my phone started ringing, oh my am sure it’s Mystic but am not with it….
“Hmmm the king called again his so worried about his Queen” the unfamiliar voice mocked and they both laughed….
“Hello Mystic hensmith” the unfamiliar voice answered….
Mystic’s p.o.v
As I called it rang and it was picked up.
“Priscilla where are you?” I asked worriedly.
“Hello Mystic hensmith” a woman said into the phone…. I got confused, who is this and why is she answering Priscilla’s phone…
“Who are you and why are you answering my girlfriend’s phone? I asked .
“Oops, so you don’t recognize my voice at all well your beauty queen is doing well she’s right here enjoying her self “……
The lady reply…
I heard another woman laughed at the background. Wait a second, I know that voice, that’s patras voice, what’s she doing with Priscilla??
“Patra? I asked into the phone .
My family were looking at me worriedly.
“Oh no your mistaken me sweet heart, but well Patra is here but don’t you remember me? The woman said….
“I do not know who the fuck you are and you have to give Priscilla her phone now” I said angrily…. She laughed…
“Oh Mystic.. okay how about I tell you who I a, it’s been long tho but am sure you can’t forget me” she said and I remained quite.
“does the name Vanessa Clark’s ring a bell?
Fuck it’s Vanessa??
“VANESSA”. I said with a hard tone
She laughed Evily… “Am back”
Vanessa took Priscilla and Patra is among what’s going on?
How come? does Patra know Vanessa???what connection do they have? what’s going on. “Vanessa, I seriously don’t understand why your keeping Priscilla with you but don’t try to hurt her cause I will get
you” I said angrily in the phone….
“Mystic your the one am supposed to have here but then your sweetheart got into the car at least i have no choice but to take her trust me, you would want to hear her voice
to know if she’s still alive right? Vanessa asked…..
I clinched my fist so hard, God why is this happening now when I and prissy has solved our differences, my dad walked to me looking at me he indicated that I put it on speaker and I quickly did…
“Vanessa do not try to harm Priscilla…
I swear if you lay a finger on her you will regret it” I said angrily….
She laughed.
“Mystic don’t worry, it’s you I want not Priscilla maybe you should talk to your queen” Vanessa said …..
We all waited to hear Priscilla’s voice .
“You idiot speak to him” I had patras voice in the background….
“Mystic please help me ” Priscilla was crying her voice was Shaking…..
“Baby don’t worry I promise i will get you out” I said worriedly into the phone…..
“LET GO OF ME “Priscilla shouted.
“You better shut your trap before I teach you a lesson” Vanessa spat..
“Don’t you dare threaten her” I angrily said .
“Mystic if you still want to see your lover alive then you must come to the address am about to text you and you better don’t bring the police only you should come if
anyone else comes, then you will be sorry ” she said and hanged up…..
“We are calling the police.”my dad said bringing out his phone .
“But dad she will do something crazy if we get the police involved in this, you heard her “I said..
My dad gave me an angry look.
“Mystic don’t be a fool do you really think if you go alone everything will be fine? of course she’s just tricking you once you go alone she might even do something unexpected” dad said…..
“Mystic I support dad, I don’t even trust a word that Vanessa said’ maddie said.
They might be right, she had tricked me before but that won’t happen again am getting the police involved…..
“Hello inspector John” dad said into the phone. “There’s a problem, could you please come to my building with your men, yes there’s a kidnapping case my son’s
girlfriend has been kidnapped, okay sure….. Alright we are waiting” dad cut the call…
“Timmy what did inspector John say?
Mom asked .
“Don’t worry he says his on his way with his men they will be here in no time” he said
Mom walked to me “Mystic nothing will happen to her she will be safe” mom said..
“Mystic please calm down a bit…
I understand what you must be going through right now but Priscilla will be fine
just have faith” maddie said and I nodded..
As we wait for the inspector and his men to arrive….
Priscilla’s p.o.v
Right now am no longer blindfolded but my legs and hands are still tied to the hand of the chair.
Vanessa is sitting right Infront of me, with a drink in one of her hand and a cigarette in the other….. Patra too stood and balanced on the wall smoking she was smirking the smoke started making me to cough are they planning to kill me, am so surprised Patra and Vanessa are working together…..
“You know Priscilla….I wasn’t planning to kidnap you sincerely, it just happened that luck wasn’t on your side ….
I mean Mystic was the target then you came into the picture how nice at least i will be able to complete my work”
Vanessa said.
I looked at her angrily while Patra smirked.
“Read my lips Vanessa you both will regret this by the time Mystic deals with you whores you will regret ever doing this”
I shouted…
“Shut up you bitch, I wonder what Mystic even sees in you to make him tag on you like a magnet he actually seem like a livestick puppy….
“Patra said and they both chuckle….
“At least he loves me but you two are losers you didn’t get him so that’s why your threaten him with me but listen Vanessa no matter what you and Patra does Mystic will
always choose me” I spat
Vanessa smile varnished and she looked at me angrily then suddenly she smiled.
“Oh Priscilla of course I will make sure you and Mystic ends up together in heaven……I just want him to get here and let the game begin and let’s see who will say goodbye” Vanessa said….
Then it clicked in my head.
She want only Mystic to come so she could kill us both… She wants to kill Mystic and me…
No … this can’t happen.
“YOU WON’T DARE ” I shouted.
“I already did Priscilla and he will be here soon cause I’ve texted him the address or poor Mystic he doesn’t even know what’s waiting for him, his so much inlove that he
doesn’t even know whats in front of him…… he doesn’t” she said….
And she and Patra laughed…
I need to safe Mystic…. Vanessa is planning to kill him but how do I do this?? Oh god…
To be continued
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