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King Of My Heart… Episode 25

Episode 25
Mystic’s p.o.v
She was shut, Priscilla took the bullet.
Her grip on me tightened, as I looked into her eyes. “Put your gun down and your hand’s on your head any move I will shoot ” inspector John said as Vanessa put her gun down slowly
“Take them both” inspector John said and Vanessa and Patra were hand cuffed and taking away..
I was so shocked, i and Priscilla fell on the floor her body was weak but she wasn’t closing her eyes, she was just staring at
me with the tears rolling down her cheek…
“Priscilla what have you done, somebody help me ” I cried out…..
“mys-tic” she whispered
“Please Priscilla don’t do this to me…”
I sobbed
Dad saw what happened and I quickly lifted Priscilla in my arms as we rushed out of the building. Priscilla wasn’t closing her eyes, she was just looking at me…
“Mys-tic” she whispered again, her eyes still on me. “Love don’t close your eyes please, keep looking at me” I said as we got into the car…..
We quickly drove to the hospital.
“Mys…tic” she touched my cheek and i took her hand kissing it as my tears fell on her.
“I love you baby, please keep your eyes open for me” I pleaded.
” I….I…love you t_too” she whispered And her eyes finally closed….
I shouted for my driver to drive fast
I was sweating so hard. Soon the nurses rushed and brought the stroller and Priscilla
was put on it as they hurried into the emergency room,..
She said nothing throughout but just my name, I can’t control the tears that pulled out my eyes, I can’t loss Priscilla I might
just die too.
“Sorry sir but you can’t come in with us ” one of the nurses said .
“No , I want to be there, I can’t stay outside let me in ” I shouted struggling to go to my only one and the queen of my heart, she’s my only love, what will I do without her? They try to hold me back…
“Sorry sir, but we need privacy to do our work ” another nurse said and they left..
I fell to the ground, my dad bend in front of me.. “Calm down son, nothing will happen to Priscilla trust me she will be okay” my dad try to calm me but it wasn’t working..
“I can’t take it, I can’t ” I cried and just sat down outside the emergency room….
How could she take the bullet, how could she, oh God please help me…. I don’t want anything to happen to her….
“Mystic …..Mystic ” mom called running to me with Josephine and Maddie following her…
I couldn’t even talk, I was just staring at nothing only my silent cry could be heard..
My mom crushed on one knee Infront of me and took my face in her hand, I looked at her she was also in tears same goes to Maddie and Josephine also, It seems mom understood my condition,she just hugged me…..
“Am so sorry son, I promise you everything will be alright, she’s a fighter, nothing will happen to her” she whispered as she hugged me tight….
“Timmy tell me, I hope the girls are already taking? Mom asked…
“Yes there arrested already , Mystic was the actual their target I guess” dad said…
“Oh my God! My mom said and looked at me, I was so quiet. All in my brain right now is that if anything happens to Priscilla..i don’t know what will happen to me, I will end up committing suicide….
Just then the doctor came out after what seem like hours, I quickly got up.
“Dddd_doctor what happened, is she okay?
I asked .
“Yes tell me, how is my daughter doing?mom asked…
The doctor was quite, then he shook his head, I grab his collar…
“What are you trying to say “I shouted.
“Am sorry, we tried our best” he said.
“WHAT? I shouted and the rest gasp .
“Noooo..’ I pushed him out of the way and ran inside with my family following.
Priscilla’s eyes were close and she lay quietly on the bed, I rushed to her and grab her and started shaking her.
“Priscilla don’t do this to me, you can’t do this, you can’t leave please don’t die on me…” I kept shaking Her and shouting.
“I love you so much, i can’t loss you priscilla don’t do this, I can’t live without you, you can’t just die, please open your eyes prissy me, please” I hugged her tight as I cried….
Priscilla’s p.o.v
I really don’t know where I am, but it seems am between the Claude, I was standing alone, what am I doing here, why isn’t any one here what’s going on?
“Priscilla” someone called my name and I quickly turned to see a woman standing meter’s away from me, I couldn’t see her face well cause of the brightness i covered my face and try to look well….
“Priscilla” she called again, I know that voice once the light faded I could see her face clearly, It was my mom, she was smiling, i was so happy that I ran to
“Mom? I said happily wanting to hug her but she stopped me and shook her head, I became sad…
“Priscilla do you really just want to give up like that? She asked…
I was confused….”But mom am really happy that I saw you I’ve missed you so much, at least now am here, we could be together” I said….
“Priscilla am also happy that I saw you again but remember it’s not yet your time you still have people out there who wants you, your father, and most especially your
one true love don’t tell me you are ready to leave him your only one true love”
Mom said.
And I could hear someone crying and calling my name , that was Mystic’s voice, I faced my mom.
“No one is happy for us mom they just want to break us apart…” I said and cried.
Mom smiled and wiped my tears away.
“Have you ever seen a relationship that doesn’t pass through ups and down? lots of circumstances will be ahead, but love
conquers all, the love you and Mystic Share is much more powerful than any obstacles, things like this happens to make relationship stronger and better, if you give up now you’ve let them win, fight Priscilla for your undying love for Mystic, if you
leave him you have killed him” she said and i knew she was right .
“But am already here, how will I go back?”
I asked sadly she smiled.
“Priscilla you still have a long way to go, you haven’t even started life yet, you need to go back you belong there, it’s not your time yet go back for Mystic he will be nothing without you so you need to go back my child your the light of his world, you have to go and don’t worry how, just fight
Priscilla” She said…
“I will really miss you mom but I hope we see again” I said looking at my mom and I try to hug her but my hands passed through her I huged myself instead.
“Go Priscilla you will see me again when the time is right now isn’t time go my child your Destiny is Calling you, common just go go” She said and vanish…
I closed my eyes and let myself fall.
Someone was crying, I try to open my eyes but I couldn’t… “Priscilla please you mean so much to me, please come back, don’t leave me like this my life is useless without you, I need you in my life….. please…”
That was Mystic’s voice his crying, only if you know am trying to breath again, am trying to breath for you Mystic… I won’t
leave you am really trying to breath again.
Then I heard something beep…. I could breath again yes am breathing.
Mystic’s p.o.v
I was still crying and my family were crying too, just then we heard something beeped .
It was the heart monitor.. it’s reading,.. I looked shocked i quickly got up and press my ear to her chest to know if Priscilla is breathing, yes she’s breathing she’s not dead, she’s breathing.
“Mom. She’s breathing” I said happily.
“Really, Maddie quickly go call the doctor” mom said and Maddie ran out
I held priscilla’s hand in mine tightly, she’s breathing but her eyes isn’t opened yet but thank God she’s breathing.
The doctor rushed in and checked her heartbeat he smiled…
“Am so surprised, she’s actually alive…. congrats Mr hensmith she’s really a fighter” the doctor said I smiled happily.
Mom came to me “Am so happy she made it, I was so scared” she said and hugged me
My dad, Josephine and Maddie joined .
And we hugged….
Stay tuned..

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