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Debbie’s Diary… Episode 1

Debbie’s Diary
«Episode 1«
Debbie’s POV
” Debbie common get down here now” mom yelled from downstairs.
” just some few minutes mom, it’s just 6:45 it’s too early for delivery ” I said loud enough for her to hear.
” You are even late, come down here now or else I’ll come up and you wouldn’t like that” she yelled again.
” fine I’m coming now” I said coz I don’t want her to come upstairs to hit the hell outta me.
I got up from the bed, changed my clothes and walked downstairs sluggishly.
” here are the flowers, make sure you ride fast so you can deliver to our rich customers before anyone else ” she said showing me the bouquets of flowers.
I took the flowers, sat on my pink bicycle and headed to our customers.
I delivered the flowers to all our customers, they paid and some even gave me tips.
It was left with a bouquet of flower and it’s for the Watson’s house so I headed there.
I pressed the Bell’s button and Mrs Watson came out.
” these are your morning flowers ma’am” I said and she smiled taking it and paying me.
I turned to go but I bumped into someone so hard that I fell flat on the floor.
“do you walk with your eyes closed” the person yelled.
I stood up to take a look at the person and OMG he was a hottie cuttie.
His lips are red, cat eyes, pointed nose, black hair and talk more of his manly body oh kill me.
” you are not just blind but deaf too” he asked bringing me out of thinking world.
” I’m I’m sorry I didn’t see you coming please forgive me” I stuttered.
” yes you are, who even let you in here, yuck! you are so dirty” he said in an irritating manner.
I looked at myself head to toe to see but it’s not true coz I’m clean.
” but I’m not sir” I said in a low tone.
” who cares, people like you are not welcomed here so get the hell outta here and never show your face here again” he yanked and went in the house.
What an attitude. But since he’s cute it’s okay with me.
I sat on my bicycle and rode home.
I opened the door to see Liam eating at the dinning. Liam’s my little brother, he’s 14 and I’m 18, pretty long gap huh?
I dropped out of school bcoz there’s no money to further but Liam’s still schooling, at least we can afford that.
“hey where’s mom” I asked him.
” how would I know, I woke up but I didn’t see her, she just left me a note telling g me to eat breakfast ” he yanked. ” she didn’t tell you where she went” I asked him again.
He turned to face me, ” I said I don’t know” he yelled glaring at me.
” OK OK OK, no need to yell, I got it” I said and head upstairs. I forgot to tell you guys that Liam’s super rude.
I got to my room and took a quick shower, dressed up and went downstairs to look for part time job.
Liam’s now watching TV, oh why did today have to be Saturday, I hate Liam being at home coz he’s such a nerd.
” I’m off” I said and he didn’t even turned to look at me nor answer me.
Ding dong! The door bell rang.
I opened the door to find Stacey.
” Tada!” she said smiling.
We hugged each other happily coz its been a while we saw each other.
“how have you been” she asked pinching my cheek lightly. ” been good, u” . ” I’ve been great” she replied jumping. ” hi Liam” she waved him.
Liam glared at her and continued watching his movie.
” nah Liam that’s not a way to greet my friend ” I said and walked over to him and squeezed his ear lightly.
” ouch! You are hurting me” he cried out and I immediately let go of him.
I went back to Stacey.
” well you know the guy I’ve been telling you about” she asked showing me all her white teeth.
” you mean your crush ” I asked back.
” well we are finally dating” she blurted out happily.
“seriously, I’m so happy for you ” I said touching her smooth cheeks.
“thank you ” she said holding my hands.
” well where is he, I want to see him to know why my friend is so crazy about him” I teased and she smiled. ” he’s over there” she said pointing at a
She took my hands and pulled me to the car.
The car had tinted glasses so I couldn’t see the person inside.
” come out sweetie, come meet my friend ” Stacey said and the car door opened and a guy came out.
“you” we both yelled.
T. B. C
By Jennifer Owens
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Updated: February 25, 2019 — 5:25 am

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