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Forever Love. {Season 2}… Episode 18

Season 2
by Japhy
Clark’s POV
Tears slide down my eyes, as i sat on the sofa. Why would Sarah do this to me and why did i ended up falling for her pranks, she looks so innocent and calm. Why would Sarah betrayed her friend. And i never knew someone was behind the message and it wasn’t Delphine that sent me that message. I picked up our school magazine and glance at those pictures i and Delphine took at Singapore, i remembered our last night at Singapore, when we won the competition and celebrate it in our own little way. I played the guitar and sang for her until she fall asleep on my shoulder. My eyes were still teary as i still remember those days. Just then Sarah walked in looking so happy.
“hey babe,” she said moving closer to me.
“stop it their Sarah! i yelled at her then stood up.
“how could you be this shameless. Haven’t i tried enough to be with you, to love you and provide all that you needed, Sarah why would you betrayed me, why will you have to side with that beast called Milton,” I yelled at her.
“Clark, what did you mean? Sarah asked.
“Don’t ask me that question,” I yelled which make Sarah startled.
“it better you leave, you’re out of my life for good and forever. How could you do that to your own friend, how could you do that to Delphine. I thought she’s your friend,” I yelled as i dragged Sarah out of the house and threw her so hard to the ground just the way she did to Delphine, she deserve more than this.
“please Clark, don’t do this to me,” she cried but i didn’t listen to any of what she said, i called the security guard to threw her out.
Delphine’s POV
I arrived to Amy’s house and she warmly welcomed me, i told her what happen and she was shocked by Sarah attitude i also couldn’t believe Sarah could do that to me her best friend, it was always the three of us but i now guess it just the two of us, only me and Amy.
We had a knock on the door and i went to checked on the person at the door and was surprise to find Sarah in tears, her eyes were swollen and her cheeks were red.
“Sarah! you? Amy said so angry as she walked to the door.
“please forgive me Delphine, am so sorry for what i did to you,” she said in tears which made tears flow down my cheeks.
“Sarah, were you siding with Milton, how could you? i asked in tears.
“i was so desperate Delphine, so desperate to have Clark because i have always love him. Please forgive me cos i was the one that ask Milton to use your phone and send Clark that hurtful message but i didn’t mean any harm to you, i didn’t mean to hurt you,” Sarah cried.
“just leave Sarah, get out of here,” Amy yelled at her then pushed her out and closed the door.
“Amy, you shouldn’t have done that, Sarah is still our friend,” i said but Amy didn’t say anything, i could tell her eyes were filled with tears.
“Amy, she’s has now realise her mistakes” i said.
“enough Delphine. If Sarah could do that to someone close to her then she’s a real devil, she’s evil. I couldn’t believe Sarah could be this desperate you know. You’ve suffered a lot just go and rest,” Amy said then walked to her room. I wipe away my tears and went outside to enjoyed the fresh air. I sat down staring at the stars and wonder how Clark is doing, he must be heart broken but so i am. He wasn’t the only one hurt cos i was also hurt, i also wonder who is that Celyn and what does she want from me, she’s just like a monitoring spirit.
The next day, i woke up late with a very strong headache and quickly took my drugs, i really thank God the fall has not done any damage in my brain.
I and Amy were done with breakfast when Celyn walked in, i was surprise by how she knows where i lived. I guess i need to report her to the police, why is she so disturbing, was she sent by Milton or anyone else.
“Delphine, i just want to help you, i want to show you something,” she said.
“something like what? Amy asked her.
“someone very important to her, am not a bad pesron am only trying to help her out,” She while i looked at her, she looks so innocent but i don’t believe her cos i don’t want to be hurt by anyone again.
“am not following anywhere,” i yelled at her while she smiled and just left, i wonder who she is.
“did you know her? Amy asked me.
“no Amy, but she has been pestering my life around,” i said.
“you need to be much careful, who knows if Sarah might be the one that sent her,” she said while i just rolled her eyes. I still can’t believe Sarah could turn out to be that way. I refuse to believe that even now.
Clark’s POV
I was still at the sitting room, am glad daddy will come today maybe he will help me talk to Delphine. I had a sleepless night yesterday thinking about her.
“you again!,” i said when Jamie walked in tears.
“Clark, i need to tell you something my son,” she said moving closer to me. Jeez.. am just thinking of Delphine and this woman is adding much to my thinking.
“what did you want? i yelled at her.
“please Clark forgive me for everything, Nicole is also your sister, your step sister,” she said in tears while i froze i have always been looking for the way to see Nicole and i promise myself to sent her to jail forever.
“where’s Ni..cole? i stammered.
“she’s at home, please Clark forgive your mother,” she said in tears then hug me so tight but i didn’t hug her back. For once i felt the love of a mother, i felt so good in my heart, and i felt she is truly sorry for everything but i was still in shocked to know that Nicole is my sister too. Too bad, tears slide down my tears as i hug her back.
“mom.. i said while she was surprise to hear me call her mom. She smiled then wipe away her tears.
“mom,” i called again then hug her passionately.
“whoever who she is am ready to accept her as my mother and i hope dad will also do when he arrived. Just then my phone rang and i received the shocked new of my life, i felt like i was stab with a sharp knife on my chest. I can’t believe what i was told as i rushed to the hospital with my mom only to see my dad who was already dead.
“father.. no dad you can’t leave me! not now,” i cried.
“Jason.. Jason, i was thinking our family will be whole again because i have truly changed for you and our son,” she said to him, but now dad isn’t hearing her cos his eyes were closed.
“dad..not now. Please dad,” i yelled in tears.
“he was assassinated, but we are still investigating,” a police officer said.
Celyn’s POV
Let see how today’s event will gonna unfold. Terry has plan to take Maria to Corby park, while i asked Nicole and Milton to wait for me at the same venue cos i will bring David to them, i could say Milton was so happy with me, because he thought he would be able to kill David again.
Delphine’s POV
I was so shocked when i heard about Jason’s death all over the news, i felt like dying, why will such a good man have to be murdered, who could have kill him,” i cried out my eyes, i know Clark must be in great pains. I quickly took a quick shower and dressed up, putting on a black jeans trouser and a black top, with my black boot and a black scarf tied around my neck. Today they’ll know the real me. Milton has earlier texted me to meet him at the Corby park, he said he found my brother David alive and i was shocked by that, i just hope he’s saying the truth, could that means David is still alive. OMG i will be the happiest person if any one in my family is still alive i said then wipe away my tears.. But then Milton might have plan this, well am ready to kill him myself today.
AT CORBY PARK* =========
Maria and Terry her new husband were at the park.
Delphine arrived to the parked and just hope Milton was telling her the right thing, she was so eager to see her brother but then she was surprise to see Milton with Nicole. Nicole was pointing a gun at Clark and she wonder how Clark get to go their.
“drop your gun Nicole, this the end of the road for you,” Delphine said then removed out a gun from her jean pocket and point at Nicole. Milton was shocked seeing that.
“Am gonna blow off this your empty head off,” Delphine yelled at her.
“oh Delphine, you now have guts right? huh? Nicole said then laughed still pointing the gun at Clark.
“if you still want your Clark alive then drop your gun and moved backward,” said Nicole.
“no Nicole, you will gonna pay for this,”
“Maria, how could you betrayed me just the way you’ve betrayed your friend Livvy,” Jamie walked in and moved straight to Maria while Maria was pointed a gun at her.
“don’t move close or else i shoot you Jamie, you’re now trying to be a saint, huh?” Maria said then laughed.
“no Maria, you’re so selfish. I know you killed Jason and you’ll pay for this,” Jamie yelled.
“you killed my father? Clark asked very surprise as he turn to look at Maria.
“and you Nicole you’re his brother why did you want to harm him? Jamie shouted at her.
“shut up mom, i will kill Clark and that’s final, i hate seeing him alive, because you’re choosing him over me, he’s now your favorite,” Nicole yelled.
“yes Nicole killed him, because he took away Delphine away from me. Clark has so much committed many crimes and deserves to die” Milton yelled. While Clark looked at Delphine.
“gosh! where’s Celyn and i haven’t seen David yet, she’s such a bitch she can’t lie to us,” Milton said so angry.
“David!, were you behind his death,” Delphine asked.
Milton quickly left the place to look for Celyn.
“just drop your gun Nicole, you and Milton will regret this,” said Delphine.
A car walked in and Morgan came out of it.
“welldone Morgan, you can now arrest this woman and have everything that belong to you,” said Terry while Maria was shocked to hear that and at the same time shocked to see Morgan.
“Te..rry, what did you mean? Maria asked.
“yes Maria. Morgan survived the plane crash therefore you’ll rot in jail,” Terry yelled at her. Everyone their was shocked to see Morgan, Delphine was also short of words and she thought it could be one of her imaginations.
“yes Maria, i thought you’re for real, you just came into my life and destroyed my family, you betrayed me and hurt my children, now tell me how it feels to be betrayed,” Morgan shouted at her in anger.
“oh Terry you will gonna pay for this, you fool” Maria yelled at him, then point her gun at him.
“don’t try to hurt him, the police are already here. And you’ll also pay for killing my wife Livvy,” Morgan blurted out.
“I thought you’re my friend Maria. Now tell me how it also feels to be betrayed by a person close to you,” a familiar voice said as everyone turn to look at the person speaking.
“mom..,” Delphine stammered, and nearly slump to the ground.
“yes Maria, the Livvy you once plan to kill is still alive. And am here to have my revenge, am not a ghost but flesh and blood. This time no mercy for such bitches like you,” Livvy scoffed as she removed her glasses then pulled the trigger..
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