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Forever Love. {Season 2}… Episode 20

Season 2
by Japhy
I can’t explain how happy i am.
Today has been the great day of
my life cos i have finally graduate, i
and Amy. I could say Amy was so
glad to know about my family. I
also wish Sarah was here with us,
Well all that matters to me is my
family even thou dad and mom are
not getting alone, i wish mom
would forgive dad and our family
will be whole again.
Later in the evening was such a
great one and i gave dad a good
idea on how to win mom’s love
again, i really don’t know if she still
want daddy in her life again,
but she have to do that for our
Everyone settle at the large dining
table, including Celyn and her
family, it such a great evening for
me, am more than happy and felt
so complete. Mom has invited
Clark to come over but he didn’t
show up.
Two men walked in, the first man
was holding a bouqet of beautiful
flowers and a note inside while the
other one was holding a large cake
and on it is written: *I
“this for you Ma’m,” they said while
mom was surprise.
“for me? who actually want me
back,” she asked looking around, i
just smiled back at her, and looked
at the door, dad came in looking so
handsome as he moved closer
to mom and knelt down in front of
“am sorry for everything I’ve done
Livvy. I want you back in my life for
the sake of our children. I want to
spent the rest of my life with you
again, i promise
never to allow you slip away from
my hands. Our love will be
everlasting, this i promise you
Livvy. I realise you were the right
woman for me but i was so foolish
have know that before. I still love
you my darling wife,” he said while i
just smile looking at them, i hold
back those tears in my eyes not to
ruin my make up.
“mom, just say yes, dad is
proposing to you again, isn’t that so
sweet,” I whisper to her smiling.
Livvy’s POV
OMG, i guess Delphine plan this
with her dad. Why would Morgan
need me back again. My eyes were
filled with tears as i remember
those days he signed the divorce
papers, when he sent me to jail and
how he betreyed me by getting
married to my friend Maria. I felt so
much anger in me remembering
those moments i quickly stood up
to leave but remembered i still
have a soft spot for him, i
remember those happy days we
shared with our kids before Maria
came into our lives. I looked at
David who
was smiling. Celyn and her family
also seems to be excited, i could
say Delphine was so happy but will
be so disappointed if i turn him
down. I looked up to Morgan
then tears flow down my cheeks,
he held me close to him then wipe
away my tears.
“we all are human and we do make
mistakes. Am sorry Livvy,” he said, i
couldn’t hold those tears as i hug
him so tight.
“Morgan, am so happy you’ve
realise your mistake,” i said the
smile a bit.
“so sweet,” said Delphine while
everyone clap. Morgan sigh, then
peck me.
“thank you Livvy, thank you so
much love,” he said then hug me
again so close to him. Now i know
when a door of happiness closes
another one open, i could say
is really a changed person now and
now i know friends can sometimes
to so wicked.
“i love this,” Delphine yelled in
excitment then moved closer to us.
David also came up and we hug
each other dearly, it was such a
perfect reunion and i really
thank God non of my children died.
“Celyn, thank you so much, it all
because of you we are complete
again,” Morgan said to her while she
“you know my mom always tell me:
Celyn you need to fight for three
things in life.
*Fight for the one you love in a
right way.
Fight for the right thing
Fight to get justice for others if you
can* I never forget those words
because those were her last words
before she passed away,” she said
as her mood changed.
“you’re so smart Celyn, thank you ,
thank you so much,” Delphine said
aloud while we all laughed.
Delphine’s POV
I walked to the hallway when i saw
Celyn and David kissing.
“oh, seems i just disturb you,” i said
closing my eyes with my palms.
“oh come on Delphine. Celyn and i
are actually dating,” David said while
i moved closer to them then
“really, i could see so much love in
both of you. My brother is so lucky
to have such a smart girl as his
girlfriend you know,” i said while we
all laughed.
“am also lucky to have David, cos it
wasn’t my idea alone, David was
the one who encourage to do this
and he gave me much idea on how
to tackle your enemies. For
this i so much love your brother,”
she said smiling.
“so sweet of you,” i said smiling
when i heard mom calling my
“i need to leave you two to enjoy
yourselves,” i said then quickly left.
“she’s such a nice person,” I heard
Celyn saying that to David.
“the best sister ever,” he said to
her, but i just smiled then left.
“mommy,” i said then sat beside
“aren’t we going to paris again,
even for vacation? i ask looking so
“Delphine sweetheart, we can’t go,
not now,”
“but why? i half yelled.
“we can’t leave Clark behind, cos
he need a happy environment, he
need someone to help him forget
all this pains, you know Jamie is
even yet to know him,” mom said
holding my hands i know she has
always wanted Clark for me.
“mom, that means we can’t go to
paris again because of Clark? i said
so sad.
“sure, we can’t be happy while
Clark is still sad. Jason has really
done a lot to me and i feel i need to
help his son now that’s he’s not
here for him. How can i
ever forget Jason. Each time i
remember he’s no more i felt so
empty deep inside of me,” She said
with tears in her eyes.
“it okay mom, we gonna help Clark,
i want everyone to be happy again,”
i said then hug her.
I arrived to Clark’s house later in
the evening and meet Jamie his
“Delphine, thank goodness you’ve
come Clark has been dying to see
you,” she said while i just said
“he’s at the garden. Clark is actually
going throug a lot, please don’t
abandon him not this time,” she
said while i still kept quiet. I walked
outside to the
beautiful garden, my heart was
beating faster which i don’t know
why, i don’t think am ready to see
Clark. Well i compose myself then
walked up to him at the garden.
“Clark,” i called out in small voice
then sat beside him.
“i know you’ll come back for me,”
he said as he turn to me. OMG i
can’t believe this is Clark, he has
really lose so much weight, he
looks so poor even thou he lives
in a mansion, his eyes were
“Clark, you need to stop hurting
yourself this way. I know you were
so close to your dad, he’s such a
nice person, but you have to move
on right, you still have
to,” i said to him while he moved
closer and hug me so tight to him, i
felt so uncomfortable with his hug.
The sky was filled with much clouds
which may likely rain,
the wind blew heavily while their
was lightening up in the sky, i tried
to disengaged from the hug but
Clark held me so tight, his face
became moist with tears and i
couldn’t stand it to see him
shedding those tears. I quickly
disengaged from the hug then
stood up, then left, i could hear him
calling my name but i didn’t turn to
look at him. My eyes were filled
with much tears. Am not angry with
him but i just want to end this all, i
don’t want him in my life again. I
walked down the street
and it became to rain immedaitely,
tears flow down my cheeks. I really
don’t want to see Clark that way
maybe i’ll just search for Sarah
anywhere to help him out. Cos
I’ve given up on him..
To be continue

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