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Summer Campus… Episode 10

EPISODE 10 & 11
**Zic’s pov**
Freya breaking up with me was heart breaking, we’ve been together for years now, and now she’s breaking up with me just because she’s in love with some random guy I don’t know, who the hell is..
When she told me to leave her alone that we are not good for each other I didn’t know what to do but then Frankie showed up, I became more angrier because she’s an annoying nerd, who seems so naïve,
I had a thought about making Freya a little bit jealous so I walked up to Frankie who was scared and was about leaving but I pulled her back and kissed her, I felt like puking, I couldn’t believe I was kissing Frankie but I need to make Freya take me back..
When I pulled away from the kiss, Frankie was as stiff as a board, her eyes wide open feeling surprised, and her lips swallowen and parted open,.. I turned to look at Freya she had a surprised look on her face, but I didn’t see the jealous look I wanted to see.
Damn it.
“wow.. Dude you got me there, hope you strip her naked also” Freya laughed and walked away,. I just wasted my fucking time and kissed Mrs ponytail, how I’m I going to explain this.. I turned to Frankie, and thank god she’d regained some of her senses, and the the only way I can get out of this is by telling her the truth..
She tried to say something but I quickly said.
“look don’t think I have some sort of feelings for you, I just kissed you to make Freya jealous, and you’ll know why since you’ve been eavesdropping on our conversation” she suddenly flinched like I pinched her..
“so don’t get any wrong idea” I remarked rudely and walked away,
** Frankie’s pov **
Oh, my, goodness!!!
Did Zic just used me as his puppet to make his ex girlfriend jealous? that is so low of him .. He is such a jerk, I just stood there not knowing what to do.. He’s the worst person ever..
And he also ruined my first kiss, I wanted my first kiss to be with someone I love, not someone like Zic he’s such an asshole..
As I walked back to the building sadly feeling like I’ve been used I ran into Alex..
Oh, Alex
“hey” he smiled as he got to me
“hi” I replied and stopped on my track,
“so.. how you doing” he asked
“great.. I guess” I lied, I’m not great, that good for nothing dark cloud kissed me..
“okay, so.. Frankie, I um want to tell you something I just found out today ” he said
“oh.. Really? Well go on” I said politely..
“it’s Craig” he said
“oh Craig what about him”
“do you know he has a crush on you” he said
Why is he telling me this..
“yes, yeah I know it’s been like ages, he doesn’t anymore its when we were kids he told me that today” I explain
“oh he told you that? Only that” he asked and I nodded “is there more” I asked back
“he said he likes you” Alex said
“well I like him too” I replied
“no you don’t understand he likes you not just any like, but the love like” he explained and grinned
“okay, but he doesn’t anymore” I grinned back..
“no it’s just a new feeling” he. Said
“Huh?” I seriously don’t understand stand him, is he saying that Craig “loves me” Like the present..not in the past..
“he still likes you both now and then, and I think you two are good for each other” he said
Why Is he telling me this?
Or does he wants me and Craig to be in a relationship or what.. Oh no.. If only I could tell him I like him not Craig
“well I don’t think we’re good for each other, Craig’s a great guy and doesn’t need a girl like me” I said and smiled
“aww come-on don’t say it like that, you two are made for each other” he whined
No, we’re made for each other Alex, I wanted to say it but I can’t, I cant believe he’s indirectly telling me to date his best friend, I wish he was indirectly telling me to date him, I won’t have a problem with that.. But Craig, Craig’s cute though with his thick eyebrows sparkly eyes and baby lips, but no we’re not made for each other.. I don’t even know who’s made for me but all that matters is I love Alex .
“well I know it will hurt his feelings but I don’t really like him the way he does for me” I say and his eyebrows arched..
“oh” he breathed out and I nod
“can I go now” I asked as if he was my mom.. “oh yeah” he nodded rapidly and I walked away, for the first time in eight days I didn’t want to be around Alex, today is too crazy, first Zic used me as his puppet, now Alex telling me the things I don’t have to hear, why didn’t Craig tell me this himself, all guys are pathetic….
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I head back to the building and to our room, jasmine was taking a nap, and was the only one inside..
I jumped on my bed and sighed heavily.. “hey” Jasmine called I guess I was wrong she is awake
“hi” I stared at the ceiling
We both stayed quiet for a while before I said
“Jasmine, have you ever been in love before”
“not really” she replied
“why asking, have you? ” she added
“maybe” I said, she quickly sat down straight and stared at me
“really? Who is it” she asked
“Alex” I replied, she scoffed and seethe
“who doesn’t like Alex, everyone loves Alex,”
“yeah”.i breathe..
“do you want think you love him or have a crush on him” Jasmine asked
“I don’t really know, I just like him for him but I want him close to me but not with me” I explain my feelings
“that means you have a crush on him, there’s a difference between loving someone and having a crush on someone, love lasts forever but crushes they just fade one day, there’s something Alex can do that, the crush you have for him might just disappear, so don’t think too much, when you love someone, you prefer to be with only the person, and no one else, so you definitely don’t love Alex” she explained and I quickly sit up straight..
“wow, you know a lot about love, what are you some love expert or something” I tease and she laughed and then shrugged
“well anyway thanks for the advice” I said and mean it
“well it’s nothing don’t follow your crushes but your heart” she laughed
“whatever, but don’t tell Brianna and Liliana about all this” I say and she nods and said “I don’t kiss and tell” immediately she said that the door flung open,
“you don’t kiss and tel” Brianna repeated,
“wait.. We’re you two kissing or something” Liliana said
“no.. What!!. no way” I said and jumped up from my bed startled by the question..
“yes.. Yes we were” Jasmine said and Brianna gasped.. And so did i…
Jasmine burst into laughter holding her stomach, “I was joking I was seriously joking we weren’t kissing, oh Frankie you should have seen your face” she said still laughing..
“you’re crazy” I roared and threw a pillow at her, “okay you know what you girls just keep the craziness to yourself” Brianna said..
Suddenly we heard the whistle which means lunch time..
“about time” Liliana said and we all hurried downstairs, the table was already set and some students were already seated.. As the four of us spotted a sit at the end of the table, Liliana friends, quickly drag her. “come sit with us lily” one with blond hair say
“oh, Vera no actually it’s okay” Liliana said
“why, but this sit was meant for you” another one said with short black hair
“wow, really I wish I could sit down there but I have to explain something to them which is very difficult to understand” Liliana lied
“I don’t get why you hang out with them, ” another one with long black hair say they’re actually three..
“I don’t really hang out with them” she lied again
“okay but make sure you come to our dorm room tonight to make up for our friendship” the one with short black hair said “okay no problem Naomi” Liliana said and started to walk away and we followed her and finally sat down, on the four chair we spotted, Liliana breathed in and then out before Brianna said
“so are you going to sit there or tell us why you lied to your friends”
“well it was worth it, they actually bought my lie” Liliana said proudly titling her head left and right.
“still don’t get you” Brianna said
“my friends, I’ve been wanting to break my friendship with them ever since the first day in camp,” Liliana said
“why? ” I added and she turned to me
“see the one with blond hair, that’s Vera the one with long black hair is Jane and the one with short hair is Naomi, ” Liliana paused then continued,
“anyway, they want me to be more like them but hell no”
“what do they do” Jasmine asked
“they? I find out they have sex, with like different guys everyday they first started in school but I didn’t know they didn’t, I decided to wait for them one time after school but they didn’t know I was waiting I went to rest room and when I came back to class, they were all naked right before my eyes with three douchebag on each of their body.. The sight was disturbing too much and they didn’t care to stop while seeing me since sex is the one thing megal academy value so much” Liliana said with disgust in her voice
“wow that school is fucked up” Brianna laughed and I hit her playfully on the arm
“they even have sex here in camp and they want me to do it with them but no way” Lily huffed and my lips curved
“wow” Jasmine breathed out
“I’ve been trying to back away from them, you guys are great that’s why I hang out with you guys, like you said Anna that school is fucked up, the reason they invite me to their dorm tonight is because of the X word but lord knows I’m not going” she said fiercely and we all laughed..
T. B. C
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