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Jay… Episode 1

#Chapter 1
Story by, Rejoice
#Nana ‘s POV
“..He left me… He broke up with me for Becca..” I cried as I droped petals of flowers on my mom’s grave..
“Mom.. I love Jardel. I love him so much. I can’t believe Becca could do this to me.. She took him away from me..” I dropped another flower on her grave.
Tears rolled down my eyes uncontrollable.
“You and dad should do something… My heart is broken.. I can’t sleep. I can’t do anything. I feel so down. Im loosing my job cos I don’t focus anymore.. Help me mom.. bring back Jardel to me. I love him so much..” I said.., and I threw another flower..
“I got to go pick Kiania from school. She’ll be waiting.. Bye mom. Bye dad. I love you both..” I threw the last flower, turned and left..
Out of the grave yard.
I pulled into my creamie..(My car) and zoomed off with tears still rolling down my cheek.
It’s okay… I will tell you my story..
My name is Nana Santos… I was still in college when dad and mom left…
Kiania, was just a year then.
They had a terrible car accident…
I cried for weeks,months and wished they’do come back.. But they couldn’t.. And all I could do is visit their grave all the time and tell them anything I wish to.
I met Jardel at my last year in college. Gosh! The way he approached me… The words he said. Everything about him was just beautiful.
He made me happy… Kiania liked him alot and I fell inlove with him deeply.
He loved me so much..
Till Becca came back from New york months ago..
He said he knew her and Becca said same thing.
Then…. Just few days ago..
[Tears..] I met them at Becca’s house, kissing..
God! At fitst, I thought it was all a dream..
I thought I was dreaming…
But it wasn’t.
They were truely kissing. Lips to lips..
I stood transfixed and watched them as I felt my heart shattering bit by bit..
When they finally saw I was there..
Becca did the most heartbreaking thing.
She gave me a mockery smile and pulled Jardel along into her room, leaving me to stand there and stare..
I felt hot tears run down my cheek..
My legs wobbled, shaking.
I picked up my shoulder bag which had dropped down my hand when I met my boyfriend and my best friend kissing..
I picked it up, took a brief stare at the entrance to Becca’s room which they went in through.. and then I turned and walked away with so much tears…
When I got into my car and drove off.. I bursted into loud cries.
Kiania kept asking me what’s wrong with me.. Why I’ve been crying..
I couldn’t just tell her..
She’s only five.. Five and knows nothing of heartbreaks.
I saw Jardel text messages, later that night, telling me it’s over between us cos he is inlove with Becca now and she’s more better than I am..
I know…
Cos she was giving him sex and I was keeping my virginity till I get married.
I told him this and when I did. He showed no sign of anger..
He told me, he accepts whatever I wanna do..
That he loves me alot and respects my decisions..
But he broke my heart.. With my best friend cos she gave me what I can’t..
I cried hard as I drove on…
I need to go to Learners Academy to pick Kiania from school.
People say, spirits could hear, listen and help their families.
And that’s the reason I’do go to my parents grave..
They have to do something…
I can’t help to loose Jardel to Becca… I really Love Jardel.
I love him and really want him to come back to me…
I was crying, and my vision were blur.. I thought I saw someone sitting in the middle of the road.. and… and I was just few drives away from him!
“Jesus Christ!” I yelled out and did my best to stop my car before it hit him.
My car was just inches away from him..
I almost hit him!!
What would a sensible guy be doing, sitting in the middle of a road!
He immediately stood up like he’s suprise and confused and rushed to my car window.
Is he mad?
But he doesn’t look like someone out of his mind.
I drove to a safe spot and stopped.
He followed and began knocking on the window..
I wind down the glass a little..
“What the heck is wrong with you!! Why would you sit in the middle of a road huh? Are you crazy??” I screamed at him with anger.
He pushed his front hair back like a frustrated being and looked upwards and swallowed… I saw it by the way his Adams apple stuck out and then went back in just immediately..
He had a golden hair that was barbbed just in a bad boy’s style.
Then he brought down his face and looked confusely or was it pleadingly at me… and there, I saw such sweet golden eyes i’ve never ever seen before.
He’s so handsome….
But huh! I shouldn’t be thinking about such rubbish… Right?
I should better just wind up my window glass and drive out of this Highway..
“Please.. you gotta help me.. I kinda lost my way… I need to get to Tur Moel.” He said, putting his hand together in a pleading way.
“Huh?” I raised my brows..
I wanna understand where’s he’s actually going to.
“Let me come in..Please. Im stopping at Tur Moel. I kinda lost my way.” He said..
“You.. Lost. Your. Way??” I asked.
Tur Moel is such a far distance.
How did he lost his way.
“Yeahh.. I can’t really tell how. But you just gotta help me.” He said.
“How do you expect me to help you when you don’t even wanna explain yourself well?” I asked.
This guy scared me.
He has tatoos and when I got myself and senses, I couldn’t help but think he’s a Highway thief.
My heart began beating..
He pushed his front hair back.. He’s been doing that.
Then brought his face to the window..
My heart jumped.
“I can’t really explain babe.. I just need a damn help. Can’t you see? Please?” He said.
I didn’t see any truth in whatever he was talking.. And being alone with this guy on a lonely highway scared me and all I could do was wind up my window glass.
He began knocking and talking at the same time but I wasn’t hearing all he’s saying..
I took my eyes away from him, got my hands on the steering and made to drive off… but just in a swift, I saw him standing at the front of my car.
My eyes went wide open and I stared at him through the windscreen with agape lips as I tried to recollect what just happened.
How did he got there so fast?
I swallowed and tried hard not to over think and over imagine nonsense.
He was talking and I wind down my window glass to hear him.
“…If you dont wanna fucking help me, then you just gotta fucking crush me with this damn car of yours..”
Damn car of mine?
I made to turn right and drive away but he was more faster and stood in the front.
I pulled the brakes!
I almost hit him again!
“What’s wrong with you! Are you outta your mind!!?” I screamed at him.
Kiania… I need to go pick her up! Time is fast going.
He spread his hands wide.
“Help me or kill me. Two things. Pick one. You get that huh!” He yelled..
I breathed angrily and stared at the passing cars and none stopped to just find out what’s going on..
None even looked our way.
Well, everyone’s minding their business. Right?
After staring briefly at the crazy guy, I had no other choice but to help him..
He seemed like he’s not gonna give up.
“Fine! Get into the car but Im not reaching Tur Moel. Im stopping at Danar. ” I said to him.
He laughed out and rushed to the door, pulled it open and jumped into the passenger’s seat, beside me and faced the windscreen.
I first looked at his tattoed arms… then stopped at the side, where his polo sleeve ended. Then my eyes went up his Tattoed neck.
Every part of his skin had tattoos.
Stupid tattoos but they fitted him.
He had a black ear-rings on and God really blessed him with such a sweet looking pink lip.
I rolled my eyes and turned to the steering wheel..
I can’t keep staring at this weird guy like an idiot.
He looked like he’s just eighteen or maybe nineteen.
He can’t be above that..
Im twenty-three..
Now start driving Nana..
Kiania is waiting!
I breathed in, then out..
Ignited the engine and zoomed off..
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