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Jay… Episode 12

# Chapter 12
Story by, Rejoice
# Jay ‘s POV
“Hello Sir.” Nana said as she picked up the call.
I watched her. She drove with the one hand and held the phone with the other.
I saw her inhale after few seconds..
“Im sorry sir.” She said.
“Okay sir. Thanks.” She said before dropping the phone.
“Who’s that?” I asked.
“My boss.. Im suprised he didn’t shout at me, but im sure gonna answer some query by next week.” She said.
Today’s friday.
“It’s fine. He won’t do anything. Trust me.” I said.
She chuckled.
“How can I trust you Jay? you’re vanishing soon. Don’t you get it?” She said..
It’s fine.. I could stay a little while with her before vanishing..
At least if I vanish, Im vanishing back to my body right?
“You not saying anything about what I just said gives me creeps!” She said and slam her palm on the steering.
She’s annoyed.
“Im sorry” was all I could say.
“You’re the one to be told sorry by me cos you so freaking stubborn.” She said.
I smiled.
“Im not stubborn Nana.” I said with a smile.
She rolled her eyes and turned into a white not-so-large bungalow.
“Your house?” I asked.
“Yeap.” She said.
“You stay with your parents?” I asked.
She pulled to a stop, tucked my hair behind my hair and inhaled.
“Dead.” She said.
I understood. Her parents are dead.
Just like….
I arched an eyebrow.
“Im sorry.” I said while staring at her.
“It’s fine..” She said and turned off the car, pulling out the keys.
“Do you see them just like you see me?” I asked.
She glanced at me before going for her bag.
“No.” She said and took her bag.
Then she opened the door and went out,
“Keep staring. Im in.” She said and shut the door.
I smiled and she began walking towards the house porch and I watched her slow gentle walk style.
And she got such a sweet nice figure just like Vitoria.
Sweetlooking hips..
Umm.. Jay! Just get out of this car..
And her brownish straight hair flapped sexily behind her back as she walked.
I gotta go… She’s almost at the door.
I vanished and appeared beside her before she even got to the door.
“You know you should quit booming in just like that. You wanna be a human, so act like a human. Don’t scaring the freak outta me.” She said and searched for the right key for the door.
I smiled..
“But you not scared anymore.” I said.
She ignored me and opened the door.
I could now appear at anywhere at just thinking about it ever since I found out im a ghost.
I could wish to be at home now and I’do find myself there but I don’t want to..
I’do rather spend the rest of my time left here with Nana..
She walked in and I followed behind her.
Okay, don’t blame me, I was checking her a*s.
She dropped her bag on a couch and turned to me..
“How do you see my home?” She asked with a grin.
Wow.. she actually grinned and it made her look like a sweet eighteen year old…
I wish she’s not twenty-three.. I wish she’s just eighteen or ninteen or twenty, not twent-three!
Then she stopped grinning and frowned her face.
“Why you grinning like that?” She asked.
I raised my eyebrows.
Was I grinning along with her?
“You were grinning too Nana.” I said… Then decided to tease her abit.
I licked my bottom lip.
“Im hungry” I said.
She raised eyebrows seriously suprised.
“Do ghosts eat?” She asked.
I chuckled.
“You asking like i’ve been a ghost all my life. I don’t really know what ghosts can do or not do..” I said and pushed my hands into my hoodie pockets, smiling.
She blinked her eyes twice.
“I know ghosts can’t eat.” She said.
“Yeah.. Did I say I wanna eat?” I teased.
She glared at me.
“Were you this punky?” She groaned and rolled her eyes.
“What again can ghosts not do?” I asked, ignoring her question.
She tucked her hair behind her hair, came close to me with her eyes steadily on my chest.
What’s she checking?
Then she pulled back and looked at me.
“Ghosts can’t breathe.” She said.
“Uh? Ghosts can’t breathe? Does that mean Im not breathing?” I said, freaking scared.
I just hope im not fucking dead. I need to find my body and get back to life.
I can’t be all dead and gone forever..
“Ugh.. Can’t you find out yourself!?” She said, turned and fell on the couch. Her bag beside her.
“I never found out I wasn’t breathing. Never thought of it.” I said and went behind her.
She turned her head to me.
Her eyelashes flapped.
“Don’t stand behind me.. I don’t wanna imagine things.” She said.
“So where do I sit then?” I teased.
She looked like -Are you really asking me huh?-
I smiled.
“Can I sit beside you?” I asked her.
“Just sit anywhere you want but not here at my back. Gives me creeps!.” She said.
I sighed.
She’s still scared of me..
I vanished and appeared sitting beside her but not so close.
She glared at me.
“You’re such a freak! I told you not to do this!” She said.
I raised eyebrows, “Do what?” I asked, even though I knew what she was talking about.
“Stop vanishing and appearing in such a scary way.. Makes me sick!” She said looking at me.
I smiled and rested my head on the seat back.
She did same and crossed her arms.
I stared at her, but she was staring at the blank flat-screen TV.
“Wouldn’t be too boring just staring at a blank Tv screen?” I asked with a smile.
Her eyes diverted to up the ceiling.
“Now, that isn’t better.” I teased.
“What?” She said and looked at me with furrowed eyebrows.
“Yes… This would be much more better but don’t make your eyebrows that way. Make you less beautiful.” I said and she frowned and looked away at the wall,though same tv side.
“Don’t mind me Nana. You’ve been really beautiful ever since I met you. Even when you frown, you’re beautiful too. You got my head spinning… No kidding.. I can’t p_”
“Hey!” She interrupted the song.
“Im sorry” I said.
“Why being sorry?” She asked.
“Cos you don’t like my voice.” I said.
She chuckled and flashed amazing eyes at me.
“When did I say that?” She said and laughed, then sat up.
I did same.
“Jay?” She called.
“Nana?” I answered.
She looked at me.
“What do you think of me?” She asked.
I blinked my eyes and licked my bottom lip.
What can I just answer?
“Amazing Person..” I said.
Is she really amazing?
She smiled and rested her head again at the seat back.
I did same.
“Am I really gonna go to that forest with you?” She asked.
It was an unexpected question.. Even though we’ve talked about it few hours ago.
“You said you can’t.” I answered.
Then she looked at me.
“What If I say that I can?” She said.
I smiled..
“Amazing.. It would be amazing just like you.” I said and she just stared at me.
“But..” She said.
“What?” I asked.
“I’do be freaking scared.” She said.
I licked my bottom lip.
Just then, we heard the doorbell ring..
She looked at the door, then back at me.
“I’ll go check.” She said and got up.
I didn’t sit back, I followed her.
“Why coming with me?” She whispered.
“Nothing.” I answered, smiling at the way she whispered that.
She opened the door and there stood the guy who took her to the hospital.
He had a bouquet of flowers in his hands and his cute smile got me really jealous.
Okay. A bit! Not much.
Is he her boyfriend?
Nana got a fiancee?
I checked Nana’s expression and found out her face was in a really ugly frown.
“Nana… Babe, please.. Just let me in. Im seriously gonna explain everything to you.” He said and she crossed her arms.
“How the hell did you know im home?” She asked, frowning really bad.
They must be in a bad misunderstandin
“Checked you at your work place and was told you ain’t at work. So I had to come here cos I was freaking worried and concerned, recalling what happened to you yesterday. I really care.” He said, the bouquet of flowers still up in his hands.
“Why you here?” Nana asked.
“I just answered that Nana…” He said.
“Why are you here!” She yelled.
He paused for few minutes.
“Nana.. Have this please I beg you.. Got it for you. Just let me in, so we talk.” He said with a really sad looks.
Nana scoffed before angrily pushing the bouquets of flowers out of his hands and it fell and scattered.
“Get away. And don’t ever come here again..” Nana growled, pointing at his car and tears were already gathered in her eyes.
He backed away and stared at her.
She took a step to push him away and I don’t know… she… she slipped and fe…
No way! I can’t watch this happen to Nana!
I swift to her and she landed on my body and instead of landing with her back on the steps..
I wrapped my hands around her to hold her.
The guy eyes went wide open and he gasped.
“Nana… You.. you hanging! You hanging like a statue.. You were falling and then you hanged!” He said with terror still standing perplexed.
I guess Nana got herself and quickly yanked away from me!
But then, she lost her balance and staggered back onto me.
I smiled happily but she yanked herself away immediately again.
But this time she didn’t stagger back again..
We both watched the guy who’s mouth and eyes was wide open, staring at Nana.
“What just happened Nana?” He asked.
“Just tell him about me if you don’t know what to say.” I told her.
What do you think would happen guys?
Would Nana tell Jardel about Jay or frame up a good lie?
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