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My first true love… Epilogue

My first true love
It has been a month since I moved to Chicago. Marisa’s belly kept growing by the minute. Everyone was happy for her, soon she was going to have a baby and I was going to become an aunt.
As the month went by Marisa kept asking me if I was going to start dating or not. She saw me and saw sadness whenever she talked about me getting a boyfriend.
There was something in me that just couldn’t move on. I found myself thinking on him and it made me sad.
I can’t move one…maybe I was destining to be alone at the end.
As I walked back to my apartment I notice a shadow of a bird flying above me. I looked up to see where it went, but it had disappeared.
It’s just a bird Jane. I kept repeating to myself that it was nothing, but there was something in me that was telling me to keep walking.
My apartment wasn’t far away from Marisa’s house; it was about five blocks away. Although my new apartment wasn’t big, it was cosy and it was home.
I calmly unlock the door and push it open. I could feel the cold air coming through the window.
Which was strange because I left them closed and with a lock.
I immediately closed the window putting a bag of groceries on the table. As I walked to my room I felt a strange presence in my house.
The lights were still off so I wasn’t able to see if there was an intruder in my home. I grabbed a baseball bat from my closet and slowly walked back to the living room trying not to make a lot of noise.
From the corner of my eye I saw a figure move towards the kitchen. I gulped.
Please God, don’t let it be a serial killer.
I grabbed the baseball bat tightly ready to swing it at whoever was in the kitchen. The intruder stood in front of me in the dark, I couldn’t quiet make out his features because he still in the shadows.
I swung the bat to hit the intruder when he stopped me. He grabbed the bat and pulled me closer, I screamed and hit him over and over again on his chest.
He pulled us towards the light and that’s when I gasped.
No…he can’t be.
I let go of the bat abruptly. My eyes held his for a moment trying to process everything that just happened…
My heart and heart started racing and accelerating at the same time.
Time stopped for us there, it was as if the past came rushing back to find me. Alexander stood in front of me just the way I remember him. He now looks more handsome and older.
But his boyish face was still there behind his now older features. Our eyes met and there was nothing that could stop us from pulling apart.
“You came back” I whispered still regaining my mind back.
He blinked and let me go slowly. I took a step back and turned on the lights.
I gulped as soon as I saw his full figure in front of me. He was taller and muscular.
He was perfect.
“I looked everywhere for you…I had to see you” he said.
A hint of happiness spread all over me, there was nothing in the world but him and me.
But then I realized that he might not be here to stay.
“What do you want Alexander?”
He looked taken back at my tone. He gulped and rested his body on the wall.
“I never stopped thinking about you. I wanted to reach out to you, but I thought you moved on”
“So you just let me be instead of coming here and see for yourself?”
“I thought you had moved on and it was hard to come back”
“Why now? I…I don’t know if I’m ready to bring my past back”
He walked up to me and stood in front of me.
“I know this is hard for you understand, but everything that happened before is over. There is nothing that will keep me away from you now”
I didn’t what to say, my mind kept drifting of to the past. To the past that wanted destroyed me and crashed my heart.
There wasn’t any second in my life that wasn’t thinking about him, but it always brought unhappiness to my life.
I couldn’t move on…I wasn’t able to.
“You’ve been saying for long time now that things can’t work between us. That we are not meant to be together and I didn’t want to hear you, but you’re right. We live in different worlds, you can’t be like me and I…don’t know if I can be like you”
We both stood in front of each other in silence. Alexander looked pale and sad.
I on the other hand wanted to cream at him that I loved him and that I wanted this pain to go away.
But I couldn’t…I froze and wasn’t able to say anything else.
“All those things that happened to us made me realized how much I want us to be together. But I guess things did change between us…take care Jane” he said almost crying before disappearing in front of me.
I didn’t notice the tears running down my face until later. I started sobbing falling to the ground.
I didn’t know how to calm myself; this pain was greater than anything that I’ve ever felt in my life.
I cried for all the things that happened.
I cried for the pain that I was feeling at that moment.
And most of all I cried for the love that I have for him.
I let everything go; I lay down on the floor not caring about anything else.
I heard a crash by the living room; the lights dimmed almost darkening the house. I got up and saw Alexander in front of me with tears streaming down his face.
“I spent the last three years thinking about you, trying to close and end my feelings for you. But I can’t anymore. I can’t let you go. Every single thing that happened during those years made me realize how much I love you and how I can’t deny my feelings for you. All that matters right now is how we feel about each other”
“All those things that I saw around me all this years…did you do that? Did you plan all of this?”
He walked up to me, our bodies almost touching. I could smell his delicious sent going around me. I felt his hand pulling me to him so that there was no space between us.
“Yeah, I was not going to let you go”
“Why?” I whispered looking at his eyes.
“Because I love you” he said crashing his lips to me. My lips parted and felt his soft and perfect lips moving against mine. I pulled him closer, our bodies molding each other making one.
There was a thing that I didn’t notice until now. Our bodies fit with eachother…we are meant to be together.
I pulled back and smiled. “I love you Alexander”
He smiled and kissed me again, this time he carried me back to my room where we loved eachother and dreamed about our future and a new life together.
Nothing else matter that night. We just shared our love for eachother.
There was a part of me that got completed that night. I now know that it doesn’t matter how far apart we are or how close we are, because all that matters is that our love is greater than anything else in the world.
And then a new door was open, a door filled with dreams and possibilities.
A year had passed now. Marisa ended up having a baby boy which she named Zach. Alexander and I got married in Romania, and we were now leaving in his mansion. So many things changed during the last few months. I for one turned into a vampire. It was hard leaving my parents behind, but I was now with the love of my life.
He had giving me so many things, but there was one thing that he give me that was going to make our lives unite forever.
A pregnancy
I’m expecting a baby; a little piece of Alexander was growing inside me. If there was one thing that I can say I learned during all these years is to never give up on love.
I thought I had lost myself, but there was always love, hope and my first true love there for me all along.
The End
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