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My Heart’s Choice. {Season 2}… Episode 1

My Heart’s Choice
Story by, Christiana.
Season 2.
#Chapter 1.
…….*Two days later *……..
……….* Nycole point of view *……….
The bright light from the sun ray struck my eyes lightly which forced me to groan slightly.
I stood up straight on the bed, another stupid beautiful bright day without Alyse.
I’ve missed her so much.
I stood up and tried to walk to the mirror but a sharp pain entered through my leg to my entire body .
I winced and sat back on the bed. I looked at what could have hurt me. It was a piece of broken bottle from yesterday.
I don’t blame the pain, I mean this room is a mess.
I’ve been drinking for the past two days and ruining the room even when nanny tidied it up.
I removed the small broken bottle and instead of dropping it in the waste bin, I dropped it on the floor again and walked to the mirror.
I looked at myself in the mirror. I can’t believe this is me. The disappearance of Alyse has turned me into someone else even I never think I could be. It has messed me up.
My once perfect brown hair is now all messy. My face looked really pale so does my dried lips. My blue sparkling eyes is now dull and full of sadness.
My life without Alyse is just like peanut without butter.
It’s just like life without earth.
It’s just so meaningless.
The past few days was the worst bit even worst I just can’t find the right word for it, it’s just the most saddest and baddest days of my life.
…..*The first day was not that bad cause I thought she might come back the following day and I might see her again. I thought maybe she just had to go somewhere*…….
Right after she took my headphone and told me she will be back.
I knew something was off. I knew she was acting weird so I decided to follow her.
I followed her but I couldn’t find her. I wondered where she could have gone within seconds so I thought maybe she thought I might have left for the class and she also went there. So I decided to go to class fortunately for me we had no lecture at that time but unfortunately for my heart Alyse was nowhere to be found. I searched the entire school but I couldn’t find Alyse. I tried to call her phone but it was switched off.
That was when I realised she isn’t in the school compound but I thought she might had gone home.
I went to Linda’s house but even my mom wasn’t there anymore, she must have gone to my house, I thought.
I decided to go to the coffee shop but she wasn’t there.
I went back to school and was about to walk to class when I felt a sharp pain in my chest.
I knew something was wrong with Alyse.
I knew she wasn’t here anymore.
I knew she has gone far away from me and I cried till my eyes almost popped out.
Back to present
I missed Alyse so badly .
Not believing she has really left me.
…….The second day was more worse…..
I wanted to see Alyse so badly. My passions and desire to see just her face grew even stronger.
I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t even go to school. All I did was lock myself up in the room and cried all day..
Today marks the third day without Alyse.
If only I could turn back the hands of time. I’ll have told her not to ever leave me.
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I sighed and walked back to the bed and something sharp and pointy struck my leg again. I sat on the bed and took a look at it.
It’s that same piece of broken bottle.
I threw it away angrily and buried my head in the pillow.
The sound of a knock came in. I groaned ,stood up and went to open the door.
There stood my mom.
I opened the door wide and walked back to my bed.
I felt someone touch my hair.
“Nycole, won’t you go to school darling? “My mom said.
“I’m not leaving this room until I see Alyse “I said.
“But….. “She tried to say but i cut her off.
“I’m not going anywhere until I see Alyse mom! “I yelled.
“When are you going to stop this craziness of yours Cole?
This is so stupid of you to do.
Are you gonna live the rest of your life in your room?
Is this what you think Alyse will want?
Do you think Alyse will be happy if she found you in this state, drinking and sleeping even crying every single day.
If I’ve known Alyse even fit a bit, I surely know that Alyse won’t want you to be like this.
I know that you love her so much, I know that you can’t bare not to see her. I know that you miss her so much but If you wanna make Alyse happy wherever she is, it’s for you to move on.
Even if you don’t wanna date any other girl except her then at least live your life like before cause she will surely be back for you.
Just don’t kill yourself before she come back for you.
Live your life Nycole. “She said and went out.
I sighed and laid on the bed allowing the sleep to come.
I’m never gonna be able to live my life properly without Alyse. *
……….* Alex point of view *……….
I groaned slightly on the bed and moved to the other side but I felt something as if someone is there.
I stood up immediately and was surprised to see that ghost girl again.
“Hey what are you doing in my room? “I yelled.
“I’m here to kill you, dummy I’m sleeping of course “She said and rolled her eyes.
She seemed to have some things in common with Alyse.
Speaking of Alyse, I haven’t see her for the past two days same goes to Cole.
“Hey what are you thinking about anyways I’ve been waiting for you to get up we should go shower so we won’t be late for school “She said sarcastically.
My eyes went wide.
“You and who? In what shower? Come on get out of my bed. I don’t know what you are doing here or how you got here or what rubbish you are saying but first get up from my bed “I said.
“What’s so special about your stupid bed that you are yelling at me? “She said getting angry obviously.
“Hey don’t you dare call my soft bed stupid “I said.
“And don’t you dare point your finger at me “She said and got up.
“And what are you doing getting up? Do you wanna fight me? ‘I said.
“Yes I can “She said and before I could talk a knock came in.
We looked at each other.
“no need to panic. They can’t see you. I mean you are just a ghost “I said and smirked.
She rolled her eyes.
I ignored her and went to open the door.
It was my sister, Lisa.
“Hey what are you doing here? “I asked but she ignored me and walked inside instead.
I sighed closed the door and went back to Lisa.
“Hey Alex who is that? “She said pointing to the ghost girl.
My eyes went wide.
She can also see her?
Hey cuties!!!
How was the beginning??
So I guess Lisa can also see the ghost girl?
Drop something sweet.
Ya sweetest author.

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