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My Dream High School… Episode 1

My Dream High School
#Chapter 1
Written by, Rejoice
Olivia’s POV
Who has that leg? Ahh! That leg on me. Oh I know it’s Gboy!
This silly boy!
Why would a six years old brother be disturbing my sleep?
And oh… It was such a sweet sleep Dream. I was already taking over from Ella as the queen of MacHills High… Sam was already crushing on me!
But now this!
I hissed and yanked his legs away.
‘Disturb me again, I kill you’
I sighed and fell back to sleep.
But as some witches would love it, Mom came in.
“Are you getting up from there or not!” I sighed and did, flinging my hair back.
“Ella is about to wake up. Her food is not ready yet!” She said and slapped her forehead. I gasped and rushed out of the bed.
“Oh no! Big trouble.” I said. We rushed out..
No. I came back and hit Gboy hard on his leg.
‘You idiot’
“Olivia!” Mom called.
I rushed out, forgetting my slippers.
I met mom in the large kitchen. She was about pouring the mixed eggs into the hot frypan on the cooker.
I stood at the door as my stomache danced in excitement of the sweet aroma that filled up the kitchen immediately the eggs got into the fry pan.
“Olivia, come help out and quit standing there like a statue.” Mom said.
Ahh! Mom got a bad mouth atimes.
I walked over to the counter, and began bringing out dishes from the drainboard.
‘For Ella
For me.
For Dad
“What’s all that plates for?”
I frowned, “Mom… Won’t we have brea —” She cut me short with a ‘shh’
“Shh.. Ella is at the door.” She whispered.
I gasped and placed back the rest of the plates.
Keeping just Ella’s.
“Now! Why do an ordinary fried eggs and bread take a life time to prepare!” Ella voice yanked from behind.
“Im so sorry Ella. My alarm had to spoil.” Mom said, scared.
I know mom lied.
“What an excuse! Mom is definitely hearing this. Nonsense!” Ella hurled.
My mom turned to her in a swift, “Oh no Ella. You can’t let your mom hear this. She’ll have ten percent of our salary deducted pleasee.” Mom begged hurriedly.
Ella rolled her eyes proudly.
“Well, Just get done with that in the next ten minutes.” She said and walked out, shaking her butt.
Argh! I felt like smacking it.
“Did you have to lie about the spoilt alarm?” I asked.
Mom raised her brows at me, “Stupid you Olivia. Do you want ten percent of our little salary to be deducted? Then be ready to stop school for awhile.”
Ahh! That would be soo better.
While Ella was having breakfast, I
quickly went to my room which I share with my brother, Gboy, and had my bathe. Then pulled back into my Pajamas so she doesn’t notice I had my bathe already.
‘This’ I do every morning.
Dad do sneak my school bag which I always place my school uniform and shoes inside to the car and put them right inside the car trunk.
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I came out minutes later with a mop to tidy the living room and Ella was still eating. She spends like forever on her meal. Eating and busy with her phone at the same time.
“Have you arranged my bed?” She asked.
“I’ll do that before heading to school.” I answered politely.
“Whatever” She yanked.
That’s just her.
Mom came out from the kitchen.
“Olivia leave that to me. Go to the kitchen and clean things up there.” Mom said and winked at me.
I understood. She was backing Ella so Ella didn’t see her wink at me.
I left the mop happily and rushed to the kitchen.
I know mom has something for me there.
I got in and met Gboy eating up the egg and bread already.
I rushed to him and grabbed the plate from his hand.
“You silly thing. When did you wake up, Were you dreaming about food?” I asked and began throwing the eggs into my mouth till my mouth got filled up.
He frowned and made to cry.
Oh no! This will Alert Ella.
“Here. Have it.” I pushed the plate to him.
“Better.” He smiled and consumed the remaining eggs.
“So are you hiding inside the boot today again?” He asked after dropping the plate in the sink.
“And who did you drop that for?” I asked.
“Mom. Not you.” He said.
“Good.” I said.
“So my question.” He said.
“Go and take your bathe.” I said and walked away.
Ella wasn’t at the dinning when I got back to the dinning-room.
She had gone to take her bathe and prepare for school possibly.
Mom was mopping.. But she dropped the mop immediately she saw me.
“Get back to work.” She said, inhaled and walked away.
“Argh argh arghh!” I slapped my forehead.
I should have slept at the kitchen.
Minutes later, I had a running footsteps.
It was Mom.
“Olivia, go now. Go right now. She’s done. Give me the mop!” Mom whispered hurriedly. I dropped the mop ans rushed out to the exterior… Creep through the wall till I got to the garage.Dad was leaning on the car bonnet. He rushed to the boot, opened it and I crept in hurriedly.
He closed it.
Just then, I heard Ella’s voice.
“Mr Greene open the door. Im late already.”
The door opened and was closed back.
I inhaled. Here always feel hot and sweaty.
Too sweaty.
The car dove off.
Fifteen minutes later, the car stopped. I could hear voices at a distance.
I could percieve the rich scent of ‘MacHills High school.
Soon, the car door opened and slammed back.
Minutes later, The boot opened and I crept out with my backpack and rushed into the backseat of the car.
Dad always made sure he parks where I wouldn’t be seen.
Ella’s expensive perfume filled my nostril in the car.
Dad came into the driver’s seat.
I wind down the window glass a bit and stared at the magnificient and luxurious beautiful school.
There were few students in their rich looking school uniforms heading into the school hallway.
Only the school uniform would make you wish so much.
Grey flare skirt that barely covers the thighs for girls… A navy coloured long-sleeved jacket over a white shirt… With neckties, long navy socks that reaches the knee and black sneakers..
It looks just great!
Every guy here is handsome. Every girl here is beautiful and takes careful steps.
They all were heading into the hallway.
I’do wish to go in there some day.
Im damn sure, the classes would be super beautiful with everything!
Not like my dummy school!
Wow… Who is that girl?
They said Ella is the school most beautiful student and also the current school Queen but if only I would doubt that.. I mean, Look at that blonde hair girl. She’s just super beautiful.
I’do place her as an Angel..
She’s so beautiful and glows.
I’do wish to be her friend. Maybe her name would be, Scarlet or Sophia or even Olivia!
Hahaha… These are my most favourite names..
And Sam.. If only I’do see him.. He’s so cute.. but I shouldn’t crush on him so much.. He’s Ella’s boyfriend.
How is the start?
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