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A Journey Of Love… Episode 4

A Journey Of Love
(Mummy Why?)
Episode 4
Written by Prince Daniel
Mrs. Emily and his son Daniel was having their dinner.
asked his mum why she reacted that way towards Ella
earlier today.
Mrs. Emily didn’t say anything rather, she concentrated
on her food.
“Mum, you haven’t said anything” Daniel reminded her
with his food.
“Eeh about what?” Mrs. Emily asked.
Ella” Daniel said. Mrs. Emily went mute for some
“Eat your food before it get cold” Mrs. Emily responded.
try to change subject mum. I need to know what you
think about her” Daniel said.
“Forget her” Mrs. Emily responded. It came as a shock
to Danny.
“Forget her?” Daniel asked curiously, But Mrs. Emily
didn’t say anything.
“Mum” Daniel shouted at her.
“Listen to me Daniel. There’s more to life than what
see. Someday, you will get to see what I see” Mrs. Emily
“What does that got to do with my love for Ella?” Daniel
asked angrily.
“Love?” Mrs. Emily laughed cleaning her mouth with
a towel.
“Anyway, I met chief Okoafor and his daughter Cynthia.
now a big grown now. You know that?” Mrs. Emily
“Mum” Daniel called angrily.
“She’s coming in from America next week. You know
because of you. Both of you will make a perfect couple.
you better reason with me, because that will be the
way of cementing the relationship between the two
And you know what darling! that is what your father
love if he was to be alive” Mrs. Emily said with a smile.
was confused and the same time annoyed. He couldn’t
what his mum just vomited.
“Mum, I don’t understand what this is all about” Daniel
Mrs. Emily stood up from her sit angrily.
to me young man. Consider this matter closed” She
with a frown and walked away. Daniel relax back on his
in a confused state with only one question reading
his mind” what is happening”
The Flowing Day.
Daniel was seen dressing up and watching at himself on
mirror. meanwhile, he was answering a call and it was Ella
on the line.
“Okay baby, I will be there soon. alright baby, I love you too with
my heart” He dropped the call and continued dressing up. Mrs. Emily
overheard his phone called walked in with a straight face.
who was that?” She asked.
“Ella” Daniel responded adjusting his tie.
“You don’t
seem to understand, do you?” Mrs. Emily asked Daniel.
I cannot understand, if you cannot understand my feelings” Daniel
“Feelings? what
do you know?” Mrs Emily asked Daniel.
to know that I love Ella and nothing, not even your so called
can change that” He said walking to the sitting room.
me educate you” Mrs Emily shouted at him. she hurried down
the sitting room and saw Daniel putting on his shoes.
you know what it takes to be a widow at the time of your marriage?” Mrs Emily asked Daniel.
paid deaf ears concentrating on wearing his shoes.
to me young man. I’m talking to you” Mrs. Emily shouted at
Danny paused and stare at his mum.
listening mum” Daniel responded.
“Do you know what it takes? the sacrifices of raising an
son? it’s not everyday that you see a woman start a difference
the crash like I have done and you know why?” Mrs. Emily asked
down beside Daniel on a cushion.
“mum what”
“I will tell you why. I made all the sacrifices because I knew
one day, it will all be yours. Daniel, you’re the center of My life” Mrs
Emily said.
“Mum, and if you love me and you want my happiness, then,
will let me marry Ella” Daniel said. Mrs. Emily frowned on hearing that
from Daniel.
“Oh come on. she’s nobody. She’s not from our class. she’s
pay degree” Mrs Emily said.
“I don’t care. I don’t care if she’s somebody or nobody or pay degree or degree pay or whatever.
love her and that is period. mum please excuse me, I’m late
work” Daniel said and stood up to leave for work.
where do you think you’re going to young man? I haven’t
finish” Mrs Emily asked angrily.
“Mum, I’m late for work please” Daniel responded and left.
“My son
who have never disobeyed me before, is now actually slipping out
of my hands.
At Ella’s House.
“You know mother’s are usually possessive about their son” Ogechi
friend told her.
“Hmm. possessive. this one is hotcake, hot factual” Ella
“What about Daniel. How does he feel about this?” Ogechi asked.
will he feel if not bittered. She seems impossible” Ella’s eyes
to the door and behold, there stood Mrs. Emily. she used her
to cover her mouth. she stood up and rushed to Mrs. Emily.
“welcome ma” Ella greeted
“Good afternoon ma” Ogechi also greeted. Mrs Emily ignored their
giving Ella a deadly look that sent shiver down her spam.

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