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A Journey Of Love… Episode 9

A Journey Of Love
(Mummy Why?)
Episode 9
Written by Prince Daniel
Mrs. Emily was just coming out from her bedroom
she heard the house telephone ringing. she quickly
pick it up.
“Yes, hello. what? when? is he alright? oh my God
really? I’m coming there right now. Yes I will be there.
I’m coming” She dropped the call breathing heavily.
At John’s Hospital.
Mrs. Emily was seen sitting beside Daniel who was
lying on the hospital bed unconsciously, as she kept
doctor mike examine her son.
“Doctor. Please tell me the truth, How serious is my
will he survive?” Mrs. Emily asked.
will survive alright. There wasn’t much physical
done to his body. I’m sure when he regains consciousness, he will be
alright” Doctor mike said.
“And when will that be?” Mrs. Emily asked.
I can not tell you. Your son- from what we gathered,
luckier than the other victims” doctor mike told her.
victims?” Mrs. Emily asked.
“Yes” Doctor mike answered.
“What other victims?” Mrs. Emily asked.
son and two ladies were in the car when the incident
occurred” doctor
mike confirmed to her.
“Two ladies?” Mrs. Emily asked surprisedly.
One of them died instantly. The other one has a hip
I just hope, she will use her legs again” Doctor mike
Mrs. Emily thought for a while.
they been identified?” Mrs. Emily asked.
the one that survive was conscious. She was the
that identify your son” Doctor mike answered. Mrs. Emily
stood up angrily.
“Doctor. I want you to arrange for my son to be move
from this hospital immediately” Mrs. Emily said.
mike glance at Daniel again.
“That won’t be much a problem. I will just have a
with the medical director. I’m just a surgery consultant” Doctor
mike replied.
“Very good” Mrs. Emily replied walking to the door.
“Madam” Doctor
mike called making her to stop and stare backward.
about the other lady?” doctor mike asked harmlessly.
Emily gave him a deadly and scaring look.
does that concerns me?” Mrs. Emily shouted angrily
doctor mike and stun out. It came as a surprise to doctor
He Was just dumbstruck, staring at the exit door.
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Ella was lying on her hospital bed, crying and whispering
pains. Her legs was badly Injured as one could see
all over her body with a swollen face. Mrs. Emily open
door to Ella’s ward and walked in with a straight look.
“Good day
ma. How’s Daniel? is he alright?” Ella asked sorrowfully.
Emily gave her an annoying look without a speech.
while adjusting closer to her.
“Please talk to me. is he alright?” Ella asked again.
what I have gathered. You should think much of yourself
leave my son alone. The doctor tell me, you will not be
to walk again” Mrs. Emily broke the news to Ella.
“No oo oh ” Ella broke in uncontrollable tears.
“Yes” Mrs. Emily replied.
“It’s a lie. I will walk again” Ella replied, giving herself
confidence even when all hope was gone.
won’t my dear. Just imagine, not being able to walk
for the rest of your life” Mrs. Emily exercise further.
cried and suddenly stopped.
“I will walk again” she responded. Mrs. Emily stare at
angrily. She pressed and dragged her broken leg
Ella to shout and wallow in pains.
have considered you. I can still help you and take
to the best hospital in this world and to the best doctors.
the comfort that you need, I will provide. Just leave
son alone. you hear me? don’t play dumbs with me.
can’t walk again.You’re disabled” Mrs. Emily make
mockery of her.
“I am not disable” Ella shouted back.
“You’re disable” Mrs. Emily answered with a straight
“Why are you doing this to me? why?” Ella asked.
want you to leave my son alone” Mrs. Emily responded
landing her a hot slap.
“You. Leave me alone. Go” Ella held her cheek and broke
in tears.
“Agree to my tones and your life will change. come on
foolish girl” Mrs. Emily shouted at Ella.
“Leave me alone”
“You will only end up destroying yourself” She attempt
strangle her to death.
“Doctor. Doctor, doctor” Ella started shouting at the
of her voice. Mrs. Emily heard some footsteps approaching
and she escaped.

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