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A Journey Of Love… Episode 16 & 17

A Journey Of Love
(Mummy Why?)
Episode 16 & 17
Written by Prince Daniel
Doctor mike opened the sitting room’s door to see
crying and sitting on a cushion.
How long are you going to cry?” doctor mike asked.
you won’t understand” Ella responded still crying.
You don’t understand young lady. you should be
to God, for being alive. Not only alive, you can now
again with your legs. will you kill yourself because of
love?” doctor mike asked.
“I love him” Ella responded.
“fine. go on and kill yourself then” doctor mike said angrily
throw a newspaper on the table. Ella gently took it up.
eyes almost poop out of it’s socket when she saw the
of Daniel and Cynthia getting married tomorrow.
she forcefully dropped it back on the table.
dear girl. when love ends, life continues” doctor
said and left. Ella took back the newspaper and
tears roll down her cheek.
On The Wedding Day.
Daniel and Cynthia was seen standing at the altar in their
wedding attires.
“Do anybody here have any reason why this people
not be married? let him or her say now or forever
remain silent” the
pastor asked the congregations. they were cold
ice block- beaming with smiles.
to the bride groom. You repeat after me. I Daniel Edward”
“I Daniel Edward”
“Do take Cynthia Okafor”
“do take Cynthia Okafor”
“as my wife in the presence of the almighty God”
my wife in the presence of the Almighty God”
“for richer for poorer”
“for richer for poorer”
“in sickness and in health”
“in sickness and in health”
“To cherish and to hold”
“to cherish and to hold”
“till death do us part”
“till death do us part” Daniel responded after the pastor.
Just then,
Ella walked into the church premesis. She went and
herself between the congregations.
the bride groom can fix the ring on the brides finger” the
said and Daniel fixed the ring on Cynthia’s finger.
“The bride. you will repeat after me”
“I Cynthia Okafor”
“I Cynthia Okafor”
“do take Daniel Edward”
“as my husband in the presence of the lord”
my husband in the presence of the lord”
“For richer for poorer”
“for richer for poorer”
“in sickness and in health”
“in sickness and health”
“To cherish and to hold”
“To cherish and to hold”
“Till death do us apart”
“Till death do us apart” Cynthia repeated with joy.
removed the ring Daniel once fixed on her finger and
it on the ground with tears.
the bride can fix the ring on the groom finger” Just as
was about fixing the ring on Daniel’s finger, Daniel
Ella from afar and withdraw his hands. He was shocked
the same time, dumbfounded. Mrs. Emily was also
to see Ella. she removed her glasses to take a good
again. Ella stood up and started running away with tears.
Ella” Daniel called running after Her. Cynthia fainted as
could see Mr. Okafor rushing to his daughter. The
were murmuring in confusion as noise filled the air.
come back here” Mrs. Emily shouted running after
likewise Richard. Daniel’s best friend.
Ella was seen running, trying to cross the bridge.
“Ella” Daniel
shouted still running after her. Ella got tired and stopped
“Don’t come close to me. I will just jump into the
river” Ella threatened with tears.
do it Ella” Daniel responded- pleading.
do you care? what do you care? go….go and marry
love” Ella shouted at Daniel tearfully.
my one and only true love and you know that” Daniel
responded sadly.
“I gave you my heart. And you promise me. you
me. Why did you break your promise?” Ella asked in
“I’m sorry I did not know. I swear to God I did not know.
mother lied to me. she told me that you were dead.
was I supposed to know? I even saw your grave.
showed me your grave. oh my God. I didn’t know
still alive. I love you Ella. please. the only thing you
to do is to just take my hand and we can start afresh
okay” Daniel
explained with tears. Stretching his hands to her.
I’ve to end it Now. let me jump into the river and
everything” Ella said crying.
“Just give me your hands and I will heal your
wounds” Daniel
responded still stretching his hands to her.
too late. is too late. I want to end my life right now” Ella
“The very first day I met you. You brought sunshine to
life. You’re my life Ella. My final destination. take my
please. I don’t want Cynthia. It is you I love. I love
very much Ella. please don’t do this to me. Take my hands
please” Daniel pleaded. Ella stretch her right hand
forward to him.
just then, Mrs. Emily arrived. immediately Ella saw her,
mixed her steps and fell into the river.
“No oo oo ooh” Daniel cried trying to jump into the
river too.
But Richard hold Him back. He tried to free himself from
and die with Ella, but Richard hold him back to avoid
jumping into the river. Daniel gently went down in
tears with his heart broken.
“Mummy why?”
Final episode coming soon…

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